They called me a monster, maybe I am one, but sometimes, in order to protect the innocent, you have to take a few drastic measures, bit that was the past, now I just want to build.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has overseen peace and prosperity throughout Equestria for as long as ponies can remember. During a quiet evening, Twilight tells the tale of her many adventures to her latest student and how she remembers her friends long passed.

But she can't tarry too long, for she has a long-overdue meeting to attend.

*Takes place a couple of centuries after the end FIM*

Edited by the absolutely fantastic Helping Hoof who helped tremendously in getting this story together.

Art is owned and created by kurogewapony All credit for it is belongs to them.

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A slightly more realistic take on the "Human in Equestria" story concept.

... For a given value of "realistic."

Okay, it's barely realistic but it is a hell of a lot of fun...

Now with an image graciously provided by Page Turner, and an audiobook version narrated by multifanficaday and if you prefer it in German, FrankyDoodle has got you covered!

And a TVTropes Page!

Last Featured: 11/26/2019! Thank you so much!

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Vermilion didn’t join the Guard to be a hero. He just wanted to escape the farm and his old, boring life.

But now it seems he may have no choice – his unit is being sent to Hollow Shades, a tiny hamlet hidden in the depths of an endless forest, to fight monsters on behalf of Luna and Celestia. When the mission turns into a disaster and the town is lost, Vermilion finds himself at the forefront of an unexpected war, with all of Equestria at stake.

A new dark age has begun. Heroes must be found to guard the flickering lights of civilization. And Vermilion and his friends will discover that monsters are the least of their worries.

Set in the years before Nightmare Moon’s banishment, The World is Filled with Monsters follows a young hero and his friends as they struggle to protect a newfound nation – and discover the cost of greatness.

Art gallery:



Cloud Fire



Rose Quartz





The gang

Marvelous Needle (Zephyr's spear)

The Nightmare

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This story is a sequel to Business Trip

Upon returning home to San Antonio from his Business Trip to New York City, Mr. Jones makes the decision to move to Equestria.

His journey takes longer than he expected, and whoever said 'getting there is half the fun' didn't have their teenage sister along for the ride...

Additional character tags: Snowcatcher, Rainbow Flash, Ploomette, Tex, Truly

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Tired out after a Wonderbolts show, Rainbow Dash decides to stop at a hotel along the side of the road. Although happy at first, she soon finds out that this hotel is not at all what it seems to be, and only wishes she could leave.
*Disclaimer*: Yes, this story is based on the song "Hotel California". I do not own the song, just this story. All song rights, though the lyrics are never used, are owned by The Eagles.

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It all started so simply. An offhoof comment from Strawberry Sunrise, a moment of righteous indignation, an effort to protect her livelihood...

Then Shoeshine ran into an unexpected extra mare in Princess Twilight's castle, and everything went off the rails.

Winner of the Season 9 Bingo Contest.

Cover note: Daring's not tiny; she's just far away.

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Kevin and Azura, a pair of twins, are sent to their grandparents' house for the summer. Unfortunately, the two typically are residents of Manehattan, so moving out to the middle of the woods for a whole season may present a challenge. However, while they are here, they discover a horror worse than anything they've experienced before; their worst nightmares are real in these woods.

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After months of searching for the entrance of the legendary Temple of Recluse the Alicorn, Firestopper locates it and descends into the earth in this adventure story.

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This story is a sequel to Pony-Me™

Elise Fairchild was your average, run-of-the-mill high school girl. She had friends, she had interests, and more often than not, she'd found herself wondering about the future. One day, she's presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.

It's a good thing she didn't have anything better to do.

Being a direct sequel, it is highly recommended that you read the original first.

Just like the original, this story is based on a chapter from What If. :twilightsmile:

Preread by Thunderous, JetXPegasusWWN, Babroniedad. and Rezyl.

Cover art by myself, using Tr1nks1e's drawing of Luster Dawn's cutie mark.

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