Prince Blueblood is many things.

He's a Unicorn, He's royalty, He's a stallion, He's entitled, He's high-class, And most importantly he's not here right now.

If Blueblood isn't here right now, then who's that?

Well, That's Blueblood, the new Blueblood that is, a human in the body of Blueblood.

What will follow the actions of the new prince can be nothing short of disastrous.

Warning, this story contains Jokes, Magical Politics, a human-turned pony who doesn't know about MLP, Prince Blueblood doing Blueblood things, "Wine-Moms", and a very large sum of money.
You have been warned.

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Sora was an average teenage boy, though average was an understatement. At the age of fourteen, he was thrust into a battle between light and darkness, wielding a mystical weapon known as the Keyblade, saving worlds from creatures known as the Heartless and finding his friends, Riku and Kairi. He has saved the universe many times from the Heartless, saved Kingdom Hearts from being controlled by those with evil intentions, and has made new friends in each world he visited.

However, he fails his mark of mastery exam after almost getting himself killed by Xehanort's younger self, needing to be rescued by his friends as Riku and Kairi become Keyblade Masters. Needing more training before he can retake his exam, Master Yen Sid gives him coordinates to somewhere in the galaxy, though the information on what was there or why was unanswered, obeying his teacher. But as he was close to reaching the coordinates, his own gummi ship, which he crafted on his own while on a break a week prior to his exam's failure, malfunctions for some unknown reason and crashes into the world of Equestria.

With no way to make it back home, and Equestria too far from the rest of the worlds to contact his friends or fix his ship, Sora is stranded on this new world until someone realized he's been missing. Until then, he's going to have to fit in, his magic transforming his body into being a part of the world like in many others he visited in the past, and be patient. Little does he know that there were also dangers that lurked in this world, aside from any Heartless that may appear.

Sora's story takes place after the events of Dream Drop Distance, his adventures beginning in Equestria before the season 1 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

EDIT: Those who are new to this story, there are links in a majority of the chapters where they lead to soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts to help build an atmosphere in the story. Sadly, most of them may come up as dead links because those videos had been taken down by the YouTuber for some reason, even if there are some still active by that same person, or they'll be gone as well if they happen again. With how many chapters I've put in this story, and how many links there might be, I don't have the patience to take them down or find new links with the right music I chose for those moments if I can remember which ones. So, up until Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree (Part 3), ignore the links, as much as I hate to say that with the hard work I've done. Hopefully this crossover will be as enjoyable without music as it keeps on going. :twilightsmile:

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Applejack gets an unwelcome visit from the Equestrian Revenue Service. Handed a large tax bill and limited time to pay, Applejack comes up with a creative use of the farm's biggest asset.

No, not the apple trees.

Why Big Macintosh of course.

Can Big Mac save Apple Bloom's college fund?

Read and find out.
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Credit for the cover art goes to cassie-chan55

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One day, Firefly will be a stunt flyer of legend, with fans from all across the land coming to her shows, and Wind Whistler will be the greatest scientific mind in all of Dream Valley. But now, many years before the days of Tirek or Grogar, or of Megan and her siblings, a young mother comes home to find her little filly struggling with the greatest question of her life...

Actually a strictly G1 story, not an FIM crossover or anything to do with any series but the original; there just wasn't a tag for the different gens. (I hope it's allowed; nothing in the rules say it's not!) This is a oneshot with Wind Whistler and Firefly as the only characters.

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At first glance Swift Feather is just an ordinary earth pony who has just moved Manehatten in hopes of starting a new life for himself. What most people don't realize is that there is a reason he moved. And now he has to deal with his past while also starting a new life for himself.

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Plumsweet is your average everyday Earth Pony who just wants more out of her provincial life. But when the kingdom is in need of heroes to defeat an evil force, will she and a couple of other ponies prove themselves?

Characters Tags: Plumsweet, Diamond Rose, Feathermay, Daisy Dreams, Lulu Luck, Rainbow Flash, Bitta Luck, Sweetie Swirl, Dewdrop Dazzle, Starbeam Twinkle, Honeybuzz, Snowcatcher, Cherry Pie, Ploomette, Lily Blossom, Flitterheart

(More tags to be added as the story goes on)


The characters are not mine and are based on the G4 Exclusive brushable ponies and blind bags, along with many allusions to previous generations of MLP prior to FIM and Gen 5.

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It all began when a grown up boy is having multiple nightmares across the nights. Along with some scars on his own body that he doesn't even remember of getting nor doing that to him or anyone else. Anyway, while reading in some crime cases as a young detective, a sudden news report catches his eyes. It was about the disappearances of over 500 people near the sight of an abandoned shrine mansion with no history or record behind it. So, he decides to take on the investigation case of it. What he doesn't realize is while investigating the place, he along with some members will enter a world that's connected to his nightmares.

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While protecting Earth from the Borg, the Enterprise inadvertently fires a blast that teleports both the crew and the Borg Sphere into orbit around Equus. Neither side, nor the citizens of Equestria know what is going on. What will happen?

*This story was requested by Shadowpony300*

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Terra Firma was a simple earth pony. He never expected to be chosen as the first cartographer of early Equestria, before the monarchy came to be. Comments and Ratings are greatly appreciated. I want to know your honest opinion on my first finished fic. If you like it, say so, if you hate it say so. Tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. It all helps me improve.

I've decided to make this a standalone story, instead of tagging it as my OC's fic. The story will not change, just Shadow's name and appearance, and some of his backstory.

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After taking care of Shiny's WereDragon problem, the Skylanders do what they always do: protect the magical world of Skylands. After coming back from the Mesosoic Era in a different dimension, Eon gets a call for help from a Scottish-voiced viking by the name of Duggard the Decisive, chief of the island of Huttsgalor. Spike, Ember, and the rest of the Dragon members of the Extreme Squad, along with Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and other Dragon Skylanders, are ready to help. And while they do that, Shiny gets acquainted with her new powers and the beast inside her, and Cynder continues to hide her fear of any of the Skylanders knowing of her dreaded past.

If you haven't watched this show, then I strongly suggest you do before reading this.

Sequel to Skylanders 2: The Mesozoic Era. With Shiny being infected by a contaminated gift of the Tribal Werewolf.

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