Trixie Lulamoon is a struggling student who has always dreamed of becoming a great and powerful magician. Unfortunately, she is now in her final year at Celestia and Luna's Academy for Young Sorcerers and still further from her dream as she has ever been.

However, Trixie's fate takes a change for the better when she is given a chance to become everything she has ever wanted to be. They say power corrupts, but Trixie doesn't care. She will become the top student and the best magician in the academy, even if it means borrowing a power she doesn't fully understand from someone she doesn't fully know.

And in the wings, something far more sinister stirs...

This is the first story I have written for this site that isn't connected to the Bloodlines Continuity. Tell me what you think, and if you want more!

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Because of a line of increasingly idiotic and life-threatening dares, Rainbow Dash consumes an expired cupcake that even Pinkie Pie wouldn't touch. Naturally, her consciousness and rationallity blacks out for 3 days and when she wakes up, the sports star of Canterlot High finds that she has somehow left quite the mess in her wake.

What follows is a truly outrageous adventure the likes of which you have never seen! With their path spanning across the entire globe, the Rainbooms shall have to make their way through everything from temples of doom to suburban annoyances.

This thrilling journey is filled with action, suspense, comedy, ninjas, sugar-rushes, sword fighting, explosions, lovecraftian horrors, superheroes, time travel, dimension-crossing, columbian druglords, a guy named Steve, and a surprising amount of swedish pop music!

Why? Who knows? I sure don't, and I'm the freaking author.

This story is pure, concentrated, creative madness is what I'm getting at, born from the sick, twisted, demented realm that is my mind. If you're looking for order, consistency, and any resemblance of sanity, well... You've come to the wrong place, bucko!

You have been warned.

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During a Simulation Training, KLA 12th Army; which contains Tanks, Aircrafts, and Infantries were teleported 80 years back when their camp site was covered by a mysterious cloud. Now, finding themselves in the bloody battlefields of WW2, who would they react? What will they do? What changes will they make to the history?

It is time to avenge the fallen.

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It's been about a year since the friendship games. The fall formal is coming up and Sugarcoat is wearing the same plain blue dress she always does. That shall not stand! Sour Sweet insists she help her pick a new one, but does she have an ulterior motive? Even if she does it's unlikely Sugarcoat will pick up on it. Subtly isn't her strong suit.

Please note that the humor of this story is very much based in dry wit and sarcasm.

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This story is a sequel to Piece by Piece

Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer are used to controversy. Ever since Sunset was added to the others' marriage, ponies haven't stopped talking about them, and not in the way they would have liked. And being the newest member of the royal trio, Sunset's gotten the brunt of the public's ire.

So, when three royals and their draconic little brother decide to get away from it all for a while, it's no surprise that their first choice is going to be a road trip... to the human world!

So, the four embark on a journey, riding atop Sunset's motorcycle to fun, beaches, adventure, friends, and whatever else might lie before them! After all, what better place to lose oneself, if not the open road?

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Want to read this story without reading everything up to this point? You can catch up on what happened here!

This story was workshopped with Wendy Gowak, who came up with the outline with me based on my ideas.
Shoutout to Ice Star and Ninjadeadbeard who helped me with the description in the A/B Testing group.
Thanks go out to Gowak, Moonlight, TeamSpen210, Krixwell, and Sapphire for proofreading.
Cover art by Pasu-Chan.

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Twilight Sparkle is many things, as Princess Celestia is about to learn. Will her newest Faithful Student finally serve a higher purpose?

The 2nd place winner of the 11th Bi-Monthly Twilestia 'Burning Bright' contest. Cover art is by Evehly (link). Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Derpy always considered herself an unusual pony, but then so did everypony else. They just don’t know why: she talks to ghosts. As would befit an unusual pony, she encounters a most unusual ghost. Of course she’d want to make it her friend.

An A Most Delightful Ponidox entry.

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Principal Celestia always has wings in her dreams.

They got her into trouble, once. She let herself believe that they meant she was an angel. Then she grew up, and learned some hard lessons about what being an angel really required.

Now six magical girls have just fought a demon in front of her school. And her phantom wings are itching.

Her life is turning upside down ... and she hasn't even heard about Equestria yet.

Highly Recommended (Top 15 stories sitewide) by Present Perfect! "It's f**king flawless, you guys. … The first [6]00-word chapter by itself is a masterpiece."

"Literally the single best EqG story on the site." —Professor Plum
"[One] of the best stories on the site, period." —Pearple Prose
"One of my all-time favorite pieces of fanfiction." –brokenimage321

Rated 5/5 by csquared08! "The opening chapter here was truly something else. ... Then I hit the end of chapter 3. holy crap."

Rated ★★★★ by Louder Yay! "A lesser writer might have made a horrible, cliché-ridden mess of this story, but fortunately horizon is not a lesser writer. For a start, it's by some distance the best portrayal of the human world's Celestia I've read."

Third place in the "Under the Sun" June 2017 Writeoff!  (That first draft has been revised and expanded for FIMFiction.) Praise for the Writeoff version:

"Holy cow ... That's how you write an EqG fanfic! You captured the heart and SOUL of this/your version of Principal Celestia, wrapped it up in bi-universal consistency, and sold me on an idea of redemption I didn't even know I needed." —Xepher

"This is gorgeous. A thorough, exhaustive, incredibly moving portrait of a character who I don't think I've ever seen get quite this much development or attention." —Posh

"This is actually, after all these years, an original take on a story on Luna's banishment. If that's not something to be celebrated I don't know what is." Quill Scratch, Radio Writeoff

MORE REVIEWER PRAISE: Rated "Definitely Read" by Super Trampoline! Reviewed by City of Doors! Reviewed by Titanium Dragon! Featured on Equestria Daily!

Rated T for brief cursing and alcohol use. Cover art by Seniloko, used under Creative Commons license.

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Rainbow Dash has been struggling with her sobriety for a while now, and as she nears her breaking point at a party, she learns that it's ok to lean on her friends for support.

Rated for mentioning/ relation to substance abuse.

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When Princess Celestia had not only denied her what she deserved, but cast her out as well, Sunset Shimmer would not let that deter her. She would have what she so desperately sought, even of she had to risk it all to get it. That’s why, armed with only a set of saddlebags full to bursting and the vague, unreliable knowledge on the magical mirror that had shown the unicorn her destiny, she had traveled to the realm beyond its surface, hoping to gain something that would prove the Princess wrong.

But what she found there was nothing short of a nightmare, a hellish realm beyond most ponies ability to imagine....

For those that have read it, this is technically a one-shot that takes place in the same continuity as my main story Cross the Rubicon, though this takes place some years before that...

Originally written in response to a monthly writing prompt on Krickis’ Discord server, I wasn't satisfied with a paltry 1000 words that only scratched the surface of the idea. So I ended up taking it and expanding it. It's a tad unnerving, given that the original prompt was inspired by Halloween month, but its less Modern horror, more dread and suspense.

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