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I enjoy spending my free time jotting down ideas for new stories, though most of them either go into the trash bin or are left unfinished. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the works that I publish.

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    Created by Nightlock106
    - October, 2014
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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Factory

Cloudsdale Weather Corporation has been running without incident for over twenty years. That is, until two foals manage to avoid being processed and find themselves in the haunted bowels of the massive facility. Can they make it out of the abandoned factory with their sanity intact? Will they uncover the secrets even a company as dark as the CWC is ashamed to keep? And what of the workers who help ensure that, in the end, not a single soul gets through...

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All her life, Strata has been driven by her thirst for discovery and the sense of worth gained from unearthing the history of the world. However, when she risks everything by venturing deep into the Everfree Forest on a hunch, fueled by pride and dreams of grandeur, she doesn't consider that the object she seeks might just be seeking her in return.

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"When I read their letters... I think about how temporary everything really is."

A lonely princess pores over her studies in a frigid castle, desiring nothing more than the warmth of an old friend. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria, wears a heavy crown wrought of burdens too numerous to bear, but perhaps a special visitor can ease her pain, if only for a moment.

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There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Her irrational fear of the sun. Her nocturnal habits of locking herself in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing her sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.

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"Who are you?!"

Lyra wrenched her hands together, strands of teal hair falling over her golden eyes. Suddenly, she seemed so small. She didn't answer. Couldn't? It hurt to remember, hurt to say. She was lying, or maybe it was the truth, and she really didn't know.

Cover art done by the amazing Conicer and bunnish!

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It was a beautiful summer night in Equestria. Everypony was in bed and sleeping the night away. That is, except for one silly filly who decided to run off into the woods to play. As it got darker and darker, the filly saw another pony off in the distance. As he stared at the pony, he began to feel faint and heard a static noise. Figuring it was just his camera, he just shrugged it off and went closer and closer. The pony turned around to reveal no face. The next morning, the news network put a story about the filly, who has gone missing. Everypony thought he was just lost and would come home the next night. He didn't. Then, two more disappearances were reported on the news. Twilight decided to do some research and found a very old myth called the Slender Horse. A frightening creature that has no face, extremely long limbs, and tentacles coming out of his back. Twilight warned the entire kingdom about it. They all barricaded their doors. Praying that the night will pass and they can escape to another country. But will they survive? If you guys don't understand the lab reports, I will explain. After the Slender Horse case, Twilight and her friends have gone insane from Slender sickness. They are in a mental repair institution. The lab reports are the doctor's progress on the process of restoring the Mane 6's sanity, as well as their progress to finding out what happened though their eyes.

Edit: To clarify, Subject 46523 is Twilight, Subject 165 is Rainbow Dash, and Rarity is Subject 3614. I will update for the others if I include them.

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