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You're a letter-sorting unicorn who works at the same post office as Ditzy Doo. Sure, you're both good buddies, but a small part of you wonders if you could be something more. One day, Ditzy gives you a gift...

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The Great and Powerful Trixie has returned to Ponyville with a new act, much to everypony's confusion, especially Twilight Sparkle. Why has she come back to the place of her humiliation? Twilight merely wants to understand Trixie's reasoning, but she quickly becomes just as confused with her own thoughts and feelings. The answers must be in a book somewhere, right?

My fantastic cover image was generously made by nowego. Go look at all his stuff! http://nowego.deviantart.com/
Currently on hiatus. I intend to get working on this again soon; I'm just searching for my muse at the moment. I love this story, I really do; but it makes me feel terrible when I realize how much better it can be. Thanks for reading and I hope you can stand to wait a bit longer, I'm not going to leave you hanging for long.
-Fission 5/6/12

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After Nightmare Night, Luna invites Twilight to tea, and they start spending more time together. Princess Celestia teases Luna about it sometimes.

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It's been five years since she first met them, and most of Twilight Sparkle's friends have found love, leaving her feeling left out and unwanted. The Winter's Eve Ball promises a magical night of mystique and romantic wonder, but will Twilight's romantic notions get the best of her? Based on the song by the Fireman.

Originally published on Equestria Daily November 29, 2011.

Be sure to check out the song by Baron Thyrai!

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