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Taking prompts for fluffy ficlets · 8:31pm Oct 24th, 2018

Before I get to my point, gonna take a quick sec to PROMO THIS GOOD STORY from my dear friend Ebon. It's a mystery/horror story set in EQG, and a lot of hard work went into it.

Anyway, I realized the other day that I haven't actually written a fun/fluffy canon universe oneshot in forever, so if y'all have any prompts to throw my way, that would be swell.

Limitations is mostly please keep it G or T in rating, please keep it in canon universe setting, please suggest something that can be a oneshot rather than something that might take me more than 2-5k (such as Rarity and Twilight Against the Vikings of The East), and if it's a ship fic please make it either RariTwi OR a Rarity ship. If you want a fluffy friendship fic, I'm down with whoever.

TO BE TRANSPARENT WITH Y'ALL, this is just to see if it'll get any ideas going. I might take none, I might take one, I might take a few, or who knows. I just want to see if anything inspires me and we'll go from there.

teeeeeenk u


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Well, since you insisted...

Two Rarities (human analogue, time traveller, changeling lost in the mask, take your pick) discuss their respective lines, sisters, Twilights, etc. Shameless flirting and/or martial arts carnage ensue despite their best efforts. Optional: At least one Pinkie sells tickets, or at least eats popcorn while watching in the corner.

Multiple Rarities? Now I'm picturing Twilight going through something like the season five finale, but instead of global doom every timeline just has a Rarity flirting more shamelessly with her than the last.

something adorable about sweetie belle? hmm... none can resist the cute!

#then again i miss rarilestia

Rarity recognises an undercover Celestia while on holiday somewhere tropical. Which is strange, since she's fairly sure Princess Celestia is supposed to be at a Very Important Diplomatic Event. In Yakyakistan. Shenanigans ensue.

Maud takes Rarity caving for gems but Rarity is distracted by Maud's understated charm and looks.

Rainbow Dash, being from Cloudsdale, can't swim. (X) teaches her how.

Rarity wants to take time off to cuddle with her Solar Powered gf, but life is like "HAHAno."

Celestia decides this is unacceptable and tries to help Rarity clear her schedule.

Fluffy shenanigans ensue.

rariluna - luna shows rarity something beautiful in the everfree forest to inspire her gf when she hits a creative slump

do with it what you want C:

also: raritwi - rarity, spike, and twi spend hearth's warming as cozy family (nothin' but good pure fluff)

Rarity from Equestria tries to explain to Rarity from CHS [EQG?] why <Insert romantic implication in present-perfect-progressive-tense here> Twilight is a totally acceptable, reasonable and absolutely undeniable thing. Or is that out of canon range?

Maybe Twilight tries making a dress for Rarity. That would be interesting!

Rarity helps Sweetie Bell prepare for her date to the school dance.

RariTwi (Possibly Canon)
Rarity has been acting a little too mischievous lately, pulling a series of harmless pranks on the innocent Princess. Well, Twilight isn't as timid as the prankster Seamstress might think, and so she sets about turning the tables on Rarity, and showing her just how a Princess pranks.

"#what about raridashlight tho #HMMMMMMMM"

Rainbow Dash thinks she's in love with Twilight. Maybe. I mean, Twilight is funny, and cute in a dorky way, but when the chips are down, she always takes command, (almost) never loses her cool, and is just all around *awesome.* Not to mention she can just *brain* herself into being an athlete. That's just crazy awesome, right?

Rainbow Dash then goes out on a friend-date with Rarity to keep their friendship going forward after the fiasco at the school, and maybe talk with her about how to handle the Twilight situation, but as they hang out, oh no. Rarity is so sharp, and collected, and determined, and hot. Wow. It's hard not to like her. Plus, Rarity is like the only pony who practices martial arts in Ponyville besides Rainbow Dash, and hey, she can kick the butt of even the meanest manticores when she puts her mind to it. Plus, she's like super hot. Oh no, Maybe Rainbow Dash likes her too.

Now she can't talk to either of them about this and to make matters worse, when Rainbow did try to talk about it with Rarity, Rarity already has someone in mind. Some stallion who's sweet, funny, generous, a real leader, with a wicked sharp sense of sarcastic humor and a tender caring side they show when they take care of their ward. How is Rainbow supposed to even compete with that even if she could?!

How does Rainbow Dash get herself out of this one?

(I tried.)

Majin Syeekoh

Rarity and Twilight have to barter with the Taco Lord to prevent him from flooding Ponyville with spicy and delicious enchilada sauce.

Weekly tea with Twilight and she and Rarity just catch up with the events while they were apart. Boutique issues, Princess Summit events, what Flurry Heart did it Sweetie Belle’s latest idea...simple fluffy purple horse times.

Author Interviewer

Let's see, here's a few Rarity-related ideas that have been floating around in my archives for years on end:

  • Rarity has an epic adventure while trying to change the batteries in her smoke detector
  • Rarity and Flam fighting over a hat
  • Rarity throws a party with punch and zesty cucumber sandwiches; Pinkie doesn't get it
  • Rarity makes emergency edible boots for when she gets in a certain 'mood'
  • Rarity's "turn mane into porcupine" spell is a holdover from her punk phase, and I appended to the end of this one "holy shit, now she actually has a punk phase! how could this be fit in?"

Okay, there you go. :B

Rarity, Twilight, and Zecora have a perfectly mundane tea time together. The fact that it somehow causes consequences, likely fashion ones, when one puts a drama queen seamstress, a shamanistic alchemist, and the living embodiment of magic together to discuss things that overlap is unexpected only by themselves. Spike is likely taking bets on where the hands will fall on the doomsday clock the moment they sit down together.

Sweetie Belle falls in a well. Again.

Human take on Mane Thing About You, except that it's Luna who helps Rarity bring out her inner Punk Rock Goddess. Also, the secret history of Luna's old band!

Celestia wants to bond with her sister by celebrating Nightmare Night in a properly spooky fashion. Unfortunately she doesn't really get it and, worse, has a bad case of Resting Princess Face. Rarity helps her get into the spirit of the thing, while flirting outrageously.

Celestia wants to sail the SS Tuna. She convinces Twilight to ask Luna to the Grand Galloping Gala, saying it will help her acclimate to modern horsiness. Some stuff happens. Celestia spends the entire Gala trying to get her socially awkward sister and her socially awkward student to flirt (maybe by coaching them individually or passing a new law saying alicorns have to lesbian, idk).

#what about raridashlight tho

Rarity develops a fascination for wing hugs after the first she gets as Rainbow's girlfriend. Rainbow is amused that her prim and proper gf develops the habit of burrowing under her wings.

Ex: I quoted raridashlight, derp. Rarity's burrowing under both wingy gfs. Both conspire to see if they can get her to burrow in public. Shenanigans happen.

Rarity and Twilight invent Fashionmancy.

It's Hearts and Hooves day at the School of Friendship, and professor Rarity receive a heart-shaped box of chocolates. She takes it to the restroom to share it with her friends but then Twilight gets mad. Her friends think she is jealous of Rarity because she didn't get anything for Hearts and Hooves day but Rarity sees the truth : Twilight is jealous because she is enjoying a gift from somepony else. It turns out that Twilight had planned to give Rarity something special tonight... :raritywink:

Or what about RariRariTwi ?
Twilight wants to tell Rarity she loves her, but she get scared every time. So she goes to the basement of the School of Friendship to ask the Tree of Harmony to materialize a copy of Rarity to practice (who accept for whatever reason).
After several days of training, she gets more and more confident, but then Rarity hears noises coming from the basement and decides to take a look. She discovers Twilight flirting with a copy of herself and... I don't know where this is going... :twilightoops:

“For the Birds”: Rarity notices that Twilight’s mundane owl Owlowiscious has a crush on Celestia’s supremely magical phoenix Philomena, and sets off to give romantic advice for pursuing an immortal.

So for Nightmare Night flirtation! It's not shameless, it's a little guilty. Because Celestia is dating Twilight. Which is deeply disappointing since BOTH the women she likes just have to be dating each other (WORST POSSIBLE THING!) And she'd never disrupt their relationship of course. So she's just trying to be a good friend and helpful but she can't quite help herself to make a few jokes...and 'jokes'...and then it's just too much fun getting them both flustered...except she didn't expect them to actually start flirting back and the tables have turned! And then she realizes at some point they've stopped joking... and well you can see where it goes from here.

Long story short, spooky horse makeouts ensue.

Twilight and Spike barely had time to register the grassy expanse before they heard the familiar voice. "Another pony!"

Both sighed. Their resignation turned to shock as they took in what had become of Rarity in this timeline, her mane tangled and coat matted. She gave an off-kilter smile, as though she were out of practice. Her voice gave the same impression, accent absent and inflections strangely placed. "I... I haven't seen ponies in... in moons!" She gasped and brought herself muzzle-to-muzzle with Twilight. "We might be the last ones! We have to repopulate the species!"

Twilight pushed Rarity back until she had a little breathing room. "Firstly? We're both mares. Secondly, genetic bottleneck. Thirdly, there's a minor present."

Spike rolled his eyes. "After the last Rarity, I think we can say my innocence is officially dead."

"Hush, Spike. Let me have my delusions for now." Twilight turned back to Rarity, who hadn't stopped grinning like a madmare the whole time. "And lastly? I can see a stallion literally thirty feet behind you."

Rarity turned to look and scoffed. Her accent slipped back into place as though it had never left. "Please, that thing is wearing stripes with spots. It's sub-equine."

"And quite frankly, if he doesn't take off that hat soon, preferably to burn it somewhere and bury the ashes, we will be the last ponies around in a moment."
"Well, I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight."
"Fashion before flirtation, darling, it's a multiversal constant." :duck:

Rarity wants to spend more time with Twilight and blurts out that she wants to learn to teleport.

Now Rarity is doing everything she can to NOT learn how to teleport, including flirting.

Limestone and Pharynx , after a disastrous blind date, find common ground as penpals complaining about their siblings.

Two ponies cuddle in front of a fireplace, platonically or romantically.

Luna falls in love with the toaster.

A group of fillies makes extra spending bits during the summer by having a cultivating (weed management) business at local farms.

Sweetie Belle falls in a dumpster. Again.

Zecora gets in a rap battle. She wins by rhyming ‘orange’. Everybody who hears the word she used to rhyme ‘orange’ goes insane.

Rarity gets tape stuck to her hoof or horn and panics, cat-like.

The toaster falls in love with Celestia.

Rarity goes to Applejack for dating advice.

Twilight goes to Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash argue why nobody would ask them.

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Teeeeenk u everyone!

I have selected three prompts that I will try to do, and I will come back to do others when and if I ever need more prompts.

ily all

Missed my chance :raritydespair:

I will allow you to suggest one 👀

Rarity introduces Twilight to wine.

Rarity wants to be better with magic, and Twilight reluctantly agrees to help.

Cadance and Rarity have a discussion about growing older, and how some of us do it slower than others... and how age sometimes only brings love/life to a close for one half of a pair, sometimes.

Rarity, a social rogue, needs a wizard for her little adventuring party for a big ruin raid. Twilight is the best wizard she's ever heard of. She approaches her, turns on the charm, and tries to get herself a wizard. Which way? up to you.

Twilight participates in a ritual reserved for Alicorns, and thinks about the ways that she and Rarity are so far apart in some ways, and yet so close in others.

Just one, huh? Then I suppose... Rarity is giving a class at the school with Twilight when they get into an argument, which turns into a flirt-argument, then Rarity declares she'll use Twilight to demonstrate proper smooching. Story presented from the perspective of the Student Six. Gallus tries to play it off cool but he's super embarrassed and blushing. Silverstream is way into this. Yona says it's normal for yak teachers to smash in class (too much?)

EDIT: I imagine it as Rarity saying to Twilight, "You're much too timid with your kisses, darling. I'll show you how it's done," and then half-remembering there are students there but too worked up to think about it, declares, "I'll show all of you the proper smooching methods!"

Wallflower Blush X Junipers Montage?

Rarity is looking at a new cutting edge fad. Colored feather dust. Twilight will be her test model.

A large heap of Rarities and Twilights wakes up and finds coffee while memories return slowly.

In flashbacks, we see how a simple date turned into crisis, drinking, wacky adventures, and severe duplication spell abuse. Meanwhile, in the present, the Purple Collective has to deal with various problems, like the divergence that prevents them from being collapsed back into one pony each again, and the prospect of there being enough Rarities and Twilights around in the future to populate a small, if both powerful and fabulous, village. And even more troubling than the question of whether they should pair off, or does the duplication mean that all of them are now dating all of them, among the Raritwi majority are small Rarirari and Twitwi minority groups. Well, troubling to Twilight, at least. Rarity is rather more troubled by the sheer difficulty of color-coordinating all of herself.

Pinkie eats popcorn, and (since this should happen after Too Many Pinkie Pies) is mildly ironic.

A rarilight fusion prompts - twilight finds potara earrings. So twilight goes of to her marefriends place to celebrate their two year anniversary. Rarilight shenanigans ensure. 😄

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