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Y'all HELLA jel · 2:38pm Mar 4th, 2016

Not that much has changed I guess but whatever :V Got all the stuff for muh new bed so that's rad

edit: Actually wow I guess a lot changed. New lights behind my desk, lots of new stuff on my shelf too.

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Not even the website creator knows of the image breaking.:raritydespair: We're all doomed!

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3790827 Actually I do, this is postimg instead but I guess they don't allow hotlinking...godddd



And yeah, I had a feeling you knew.

Author Interviewer

How do you live with all that light? D:

... What's the bus speeds on the mobo and GFX card? Cause right now, I think your ram might actually be slowing your computer considerably...

3790837 Shhhhh.
Just ignore the non-vampire plebian, PP.
He's not worth the trouble:duck:

Yes I am. Dude that's awesome! Looks like my dream YT/gaming setup.:pinkiehappy:

That's neat pal, what brand headset is that?

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3790838 Yup it definitely is. I'm actually currently looking at what new RAM to get :P

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3790864 Audio Technica ATH M50Xs with Modmic for the microphone.

3790870 Awesome, thanks. Would you recommend them?

Actually, postimage does allow hotlinking/embedding, you just have to open the image twice to get the right URL.

Here's the URL you used: http://postimg.org/image/5gfmd7qz7/

Notice how it isn't just the image, there's some stuff at the bottom of the page. When you open the actual direct image link, it will provide you with a different URL: http://s29.postimg.org/twxs7orpx/04_03_2016.jpg


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3790873 Yes they're fantastic and frequently considered to be some of the best headphones you can get in that price range.

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3790837 > Not enjoying the majesty of natural light (as long as it doesn't reflect off a screen, in which case I'd shut the blinds :V)

3790880 I'll check them out then. Thank you

Accurate blog title is accurate...

That had to have run you good chunk of coin...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Screw the computer, I wouldn't mind the rest of the stuff. I'm happy with my gaming laptop, it goes places with minimal effort (other than being slightly heavy)

Holy crap your apartment/house is spotless and clean. It could literally be in a magazine!

Also, insert Fluttershy listening to dub step. And the two Fluttershys making out.

That's an awesome ass room and a pretty sweet looking build too!

You're not fooling anyone with this 3D render. No room is that tidy.

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Discipline m8

Damn straight, thanks

Wait til I actually get my new bed and my sofa :V

Postimg is kind of rubbish honestly.

They keep moving the images and force serving you html pages so embeds never quite work correctly.

This might be a good replacement though: cubeuploads

3791266 I just realized the pun on your title. It made me giggle like a gay guy.

Yes. I want screenshots of it all! Your room makes my inner fashion queer titter!

I have no fashion taste.

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3791311 What pun? I genuinely don't know what pun I made :V

3791312 Lord Al-knightly.

More like knighting Fluttershy through frosting, Amerite?

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3791349 Oh, THAT title. And yes :trollestia:

1 GB Flash Drive

One of these things is not like the others. Seems you're in need of a Flash Drive upgrade. You can get 8 GB ones for like $5-$10 USD and 32 GB ones only run about $25-$30. Also, no disc drives? How are you supposed to burn CDs and DVDs for road trips without a disc drive?

How many cores does that model of CPU have BTW?

As I said on Twitter, pretty~

Don't think I'd ever be able to make a room that organized.

3791460 I got a 128 GB one for $30 USD just a few months ago, during Black Friday.
Here it is, in fact. It's even got USB 3.0. Made of crappy plastic, but it's totally functional still.

3791503 I was just giving every day rough prices. I barely even use the two 32 GB ones I have.

3791357 Knightly molests Fluttershy, 2016.

A bit jealous, yep. My room is much more Spartan chic. Also contains far, far less pone.
My brother, in the first case of my being outranked in tech, found a USB 2.0 1 Terabyte flash drive for like $20 bucks off some app called "Geek." It has a standard USB on one end, and a micro on the other so you can jack it into your tablet or phone*. It's kinda nice. I think that was a sale price, so not sure what it would be standard.

*Unless you're an iPhone user, in which case I'm sorry. Though props to Apple for fighting the FBI. That takes balls.

That reminds me I should do something about that barren walls behind my monitors and a tv set... Some shelves, like you did (except for the lightshow of course :rainbowlaugh:), look like a fine idea.

3790869 Well, good luck with that. I would recommend anything with a clock speed that matches the busses on your mobo. Any more and you're wasting cycles.

i am jealous of all your plushies:raritystarry:

Your room is truly elegant. The lighting is soft, the contrast of the wooden desk and walls is beautiful, and the simple organization intermixed with personal touches brings such warmth. Thank you for sharing your space with us, it certainly has set a bar i will try to live up to once i finish with university

hmm, I won't say too jel, but I will say you're set-up is a lot cleaner than mine. I really need to set aside a day to just dust/wipe down everything.

Ain't gonna lie, your room is pretty sick. I looked at your system specs, though, and saw you were running DDR3 RAM at only 666mhz. Why not get some running at 1600mhz or 1866mhz? Your RAM being so slow might be causing a bottleneck for your system. Intel's website about your processor shows you can run 1866mhz RAM no problem.

Very nice set up there (envious of those screens), not to mention a nice, tidy room. I wish I had a nice snazzy desktop sometimes instead of a laptop.

there are many sites which you can try, here some of the best are mentioned https://toptenalternatives.co/imgur/ hope the resource will be helpful, i normally like to use flickr, because it is free and most secured.

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