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I dabbed into the abyss and it dabbed back into me


hay yo, ponies tho <333 · 9:02am Dec 21st, 2020

took me forever (a year, then some) to catch up to y'all

2 screwdrivers in, season 9's present time finale against the villainous trio left me an overwhelmed proud hqpp5 crying wreck

and 4 more screwdrivers deep later, season 9's finale finale, future finale left me a sobbing wreck once the song and the beat all dropped and hit me and hit me

I was so happy when Lyra and Bonbon got married
so so happy

what a wonderful show
would sob again

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I appreciate it.

However, I'm on to you, pal.

Oh, okay, fair enough. I support that decision. Thanks for clarifying :twilightsmile:

Ah, yeah it was just my Read Later bookshelf with a goofy name. Didn't know people were notified by stories being added to bookshelves and it just crossed my mind to finally re-private it.

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