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The last few weeks of summer are fast approaching and Twilight's plans to spend it with her friends have sadly been dashed, however, when Twilight learns that her princess counterpart is in desperate need of some R&R she arranges a beach day for the two of them, together!

Cover Art designed by: LifesHarbinger

Big thanks to Drache Schatten for proofreading and EverfreePony for pre-reading/editing.

Featured: 15/04/2019

Also, I'd like to give huge thanks to Lonely Fanboy48. This was originally his idea but has chosen to offer it up and I was happy to accept. I hope you enjoy it, my friend.

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After discovering that Twilight will not be spending Hearth’s Warming with her family due to a recent snowstorm that has forced every railway station across Equestria to close down, the Apple Family plans to give the Princess of Friendship a truly memorable, heartfelt, and magical Hearth’s Warming she will never forget.

This is my entry for the NaPoWriMo 2017

Also, I'd like to thank VanilliaGhosties for allowing me to use his image for the cover and also I want to give huge thanks to Honey Mead, Level Dasher & ToXikyogHurt for help in editing.

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After having fallen asleep Apple Bloom finds herself at the Golden Oaks Library during a thunderous storm. As the storm grows worse Apple Bloom begins to get more terrified by the minute. Twilight does her best to comfort the poor filly but with the storm carrying on all the way till the morning can the Alicorn princess help the little filly overcome her fears and get her through this long dreadful night?

Cover Art designed by: Cayfie

Proofread/Edited by: PoisonClaw & Level Dasher
Pre-read by: NavelColt

Note: This story takes place during Season 4.

Featured: 26/07/2017 - 02/02/2018

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After waking up from a nightmare she has little memory of, Apple Bloom is stunned to discover that she has become a fully-fledged alicorn! She quickly heads to Twilight's castle, in hopes that the princess will be able to shed some light on her sudden transformation.

Unfortunately, Twilight is just as baffled as the new Alicorn filly, leaving only Celestia herself to possibly have the answer. But both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have gone missing, leaving more questions than answers.

Could Apple Bloom's dream have a connection to their disappearance?

Is there a dark force behind it all?

And most importantly to Apple Bloom; does she still have to go to school?

Cover-Art designed by: Novaintellus

When your whole life has changed, who's going to remain by your side? - Novaintellus

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Apple Bloom is overcome with emotion. A simple slip of the tongue in front of one of Applejack's friends leaves her wondering how to deal with this sort of embarrassment. Will she be able to face her fears? Or will she keep her feelings bottled up inside of her, as long as she can avoid telling anyone about her little slip up?

Edited by: Arcelia and Word Worthy

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