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Anon and Pinkie have active imaginations, so they decide to use them together in a public place.

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This story is a sequel to Bounty Hunter Anon II

With enemies on both the Republic and the Sith, Anon and Sunset must mend bridges and prepare themselves for a war that puts the entire galaxy at risk. The only hope for peace is to convince the Republic and the Mandalorians to form a truce.

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When the rebellious and power-hungry Sunset Shimmer steps through Canterlot's magic mirror, she enters a world that is more... unforgiving than the EQG-verse we are used to. One completely devoid of magic.
Very quickly, she is humbled by force, and eventually finds herself living on the streets, begging for scraps from unkind strangers, just as winter is around the corner.
That is, until she meets Anon.

Originally written in 2014 on /mlp/.

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This story is a sequel to Bounty Hunter Anon

About a week after their trip to Alderaan, Anon and Sunset receive a dangerous contract from the Republic worth a lot of money. In order to track him down, they need to make new friends, and break some rules. In the process, they uncover a secret plan that could place the entire galaxy at risk.

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Approximately three thousand years before the events of A New Hope, Anonymous and Sunset Shimmer are a pair of Mandalorian bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy. With their friend Rarity, they work together to hunt down wanted individuals for anyone willing to pay, while dealing with the corrupt Republic, the hidden Sith, smugglers, crime lords, and nosy Jedi.

Originally a greentext story for /mlp/, I decided to post a non-greentext version here.

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