Bounty Hunter Anon III

by Sunny Solaire

Check Those Doubles

How? How did they find out?

Applejack readies her blasters. "If they know about us, why aren't they comin' in here to kill us? Why're they all just waitin' outside?"

"They're only covering the exits." Mandalore points out. "They know we're in here, but they don't want us to leave. We're trapped."

"That doesn't make any sense though." Rainbow says. "They could easily overpower us with all those troopers. Why all this? Why lock us inside the building?"

"Chrysalis probably wants to limit collateral damage." You reply. "No doubt she knows she has the upper hand on firepower with those troopers at her disposal, but this is a pretty important building to the Sith."

"I wager she'll want to pick us off one by one." Mandalore cocks his weapon. "We'd better all stick together for now. Let's make our way to robotics, destroy this program, then find a way out of here."

"Wait! One sec!" Pinkie says. She goes to the terminal and presses a few buttons on it. The screen flickers and one of the computers sparks once before everything onscreen goes black. "There! I just took out all the cameras for the whole base!"

You ready your blaster. "Hopefully that slows them down."

She gets up from the terminal and follows you out into the foyer. The two of you stand with Applejack, Mandalore, and Rainbow as you all look around the room for any movement. Behind the tinted glass that leads outside, you can see tons of Sith troopers gathered around the entrance. They're just standing there with their weapons raised, but none of them are making an attempt to enter.

Mandalore leads your group deeper into the building. You and Rainbow are walking backwards, covering the rear, while Applejack and Pinkie cover the right and left, respectively. You occasionally look to make sure you're still behind the group, but then you go right back to covering Mandalore's six. Rainbow's droid is hovering in the middle of you all.

After a few minutes of making your way through the darkened, silent building, your group comes to a stop. Mandalore is at an elevator shaft.

He shakes his head. "It's not working."

"Maybe we can find some stairs or somethin'." Applejack suggests.

"No. I don't want to walk." Mandalore says bluntly.

He raises his blaster rifle over his head and slams it down against the door. It makes a loud clang that makes everyone jump suddenly, but he keeps hammering away at the elevator door.

Finally, he makes a big enough dent in the door that he's able to shove his fingers inside and pull them apart, revealing the empty elevator shaft. The lights in here are also dimmed a bit, so you can see all the way up to the top. It seems to stretch for miles.

Mandalore activates his jetpack and goes through the doors, ascending up the elevator shaft.

You head there next. "Come on. Applejack, you're with me. Rainbow, take Pinkie."

Applejack moves in front of you and you wrap your arms around her stomach. She holds onto you and you activate your jetpack as well, following Mandalore up the elevator shaft. Rainbow holds Pinkie and follows right behind you.

Once you rise a few stories, Mandalore flies over to another set of doors and pries them apart. They open much easier this time, and he descends to the ground on this floor and deactivates his jetpack. You and Applejack land behind him while Rainbow and Pinkie do the same. Rainbow's droid continues floating behind her. You're honestly surprised that it hasn't run out of juice and died yet.

As you all gather your bearings again, you look around this floor. Like the ground floor, this one is darkened and silent. It's also much more pristine than the ground floor is. There is obviously a higher standard of cleanliness here. This must be where the laboratories are.

"Let's look around, but stay together." Mandalore says.

You all nod and follow him as he leads your group through the hallways. You turn a corner and come to a large, open area with research stations and testing facilities on your left and right. There are machines and electronic equipment all over the place. You recognize it from the security footage downstairs. This is the robotics lab.

Only question now is, where are the droids?

You approach a large cluster of equipment and research tech. Mandalore stops and looks around. "Look for a terminal."

The rest of you look around as well. You don't go too far, but you do spread out about six feet from each other as you search.

On your right, Pinkie stops walking. "Someone's here."

You all freeze and look at her. "Where?"

She looks at you for a moment before looking around again. "I don't know, but I can feel it... We're not alone." She walks forward and looks behind a piece of equipment before moving behind it completely.

You look around the darkened lab with Rainbow, trying to spot anything, but nothing sticks out. It's a dark, creepy, seemingly abandoned lab. If someone is here and hiding with you, they're doing a damn good job at it.

A few seconds later, Pinkie emerges from behind another section of equipment, still looking around.

"See anythin'?" Applejack asks.

Pinkie starts making her way towards her. "No, I can't see anyone, but there's definitely someone here."

Applejack turns around again to keep looking, but Pinkie doesn't take her eyes off her. She's not just looking at Applejack, but glaring. She isn't smiling, or laughing, or cracking jokes at all. Her lips are actually pulled up in a bit of an angry snarl.

"...Pinkie?" You cautiously ask.

She doesn't reply. She continues moving towards Applejack. Then, she reaches for her blaster and pulls it on her. Your eyes widen in shock as her blaster charges up.

Then, out of nowhere, another Pinkie sprints over to... Pinkie, and tackles her, just before she can kill Applejack. There are two of them now.

"No!" The other Pinkie shouts as she tackles the doppelganger.

The fake Pinkie drops the blaster as she turns her attention to the real Pinkie. They both punch and hit each other as they roll on the floor. Applejack runs out of the way and you all raise your blasters at the pair of Pinkies as they fight each other. In the confusion, you've lost track of which is the real one. They both look exactly like each other in every way.

Rainbow's aim shifts between the two. "Wh-Which one do I shoot?!"

"I don't know!" You reply.

The Pinkies continue fighting until one of them gets the upper hand and punches the other in the face. She goes down and shouts in pain while the other Pinkie quickly stands up and raises her foot in the air, about to drop it on the back of the first Pinkie's head.

You fire your blaster at her feet, and she stops to look at you. The Pinkie on the ground does as well.

"Which of you is the real Pinkie?!" You shout.

The one standing points to herself. "Me! I'm the real Pinkie! This one is a fake!" She says as she points to the Pinkie on the floor.

The Pinkie on the ground grunts and looks at you. "No, I am! That one is fake!" She says as she points to the standing Pinkie.

You aim at the Pinkie on the ground for a moment before turning your attention back to the one standing. "How do I know that you're real?!"

The standing Pinkie gulps. "You have to trust me, Anon! It's me! Really me! We- We met on Nar Shaddaa! Remember?! Then we tried to stop that bomb on Dantooine!"

The Pinkie on the ground growls and sits up before she raises her arm at the standing Pinkie. The standing Pinkie stops talking and rises into the air. The Pinkie on the ground slowly rises to her feet as she grips the other Pinkie with the Force. Droids can't fake that.

The other Pinkie continues to rise in the air, screaming in agony as the real Pinkie uses the Force to crush her. The other Pinkie's skin seems to crack and sputter and her voice slowly becomes more distorted until finally, she flickers away and fades into one of those hologram droids. The droid continues to compress and crush in the air until finally, its yellow eyes flicker out and Pinkie drops it on the ground.

She grunts and breathes hard as she stops exerting herself with her use of the Force and falls to her knees again. You, Mandalore, Applejack, and Rainbow rush to her aid.

"Are you alright, Sugarcube?!" Applejack asks.

Pinkie breathes hard and nods. "Yeah... I'm okay."

When she gets to her feet, you hear another clang from the opposite side of the room, followed by the sound of metallic footsteps. You all turn your attention to where you came in and see more disguised droids. Doppelgangers. There are multiple Applejacks, Pinkies, Rainbows, Mandalores, and yous. At least three of each.

They all march towards you. The ones that look like Applejack and Pinkie all glare at you angrily. You can actually see their faces. The ones disguised as Mandalore, Rainbow, and you have their own false Mandalorian helmets on. Their fake faces are obscured.

You all get yourselves ready for another fight, when they all stop walking. They part in the center, and a dark figure steps between them towards you. It's wearing similar black armor to the Sith special forces you saw guarding the temple outside.

It stops walking and looks at you all for a moment before turning to the army of hologram droids behind it. "Magnificent... Aren't they?"


She turns back to you and removes her helmet, revealing her face. She's wrinkled and ugly. Clawdites usually are, when in their natural form. If they're normally hairless, then she's faking it right now. Her black-blue hair is draped over her green eyes, and she gives you a toothy grin.

You step forward. "So, I finally get to put a face to the name."

Chrysalis laughs. "One of my many, many faces, Anonymous. If you'd rather, I can become someone more familiar to you, if that makes you more comfortable."

She smirks again and her face shifts to become your face. Now, you're looking at yourself dressed in Sith armor.

"That's not a good look for me, honestly." You say. "If it isn't Mandalorian armor, I hate seeing myself in it."

Chrysalis speaks with your voice. "Oh, not to worry! I can change that too!"

She presses a button on her gauntlet, and her dark Sith armor glows blue for a moment before shifting its appearance to look exactly like your Mandalorian armor. The helmet in her hands also changes to look like your helmet too. You've never seen anything like this kind of technology before in your life.

She looks at herself as she takes your appearance down to the last detail. "There we go! Now I truly am the real deal! A Mandalorian through and through!"

You grit your teeth as you watch her steal your look. "You are no Mandalorian..."

She glares at you, grinning wickedly with your face. "I'm just as Mandalorian as you, Anonymous! To say I'm not, is to say that you're not!"

You don't reply. You just stand there, gritting your teeth as she flaunts your appearance in front of you.

She continues. "Hopefully I'm Mandalorian enough, because, as per your code, I challenge you to a duel!"

Your eyebrows shoot up a little. "What?!"

"You heard me." She replies. "A duel. To the death! One warrior against another! I've studied you. My Master, Lord Sombra, has followed your exploits ever since you killed his old apprentice on Tatooine. By defeating you here, then I will be worthy to become his new apprentice!"

He's looking for another apprentice? Why? What about Limestone? Rainbow didn't kill her on Cato Neimoidia, much to your annoyance. She should still be his apprentice.

Unless something happened...

She continues. "I wanted to give you a sporting chance though, Anonymous. Using my powers against your barbaric weapons would be far too easy. I want a challenge." She growls. "That's why we will do this in the traditional Mandalorian fashion. Just you and me!"

You hesitate for a moment and Applejack steps forward. "Don't you listen to her, Anon! You don't have to play her game!"

Mandalore speaks up behind her. "If he wants to keep his honor intact, he will."

Applejack looks back at him. "What?!"

You clench your fists silently as Mandalore steps forward. "As per the code, to deny a challenge, or to cheat is dishonorable. If he does not fight, he will be branded a coward."

Pinkie steps toward Mandalore. "That's not fair! None of this is fair!"

Mandalore glances at her. "I did not write the code. It has been passed down by our people since the days that the Taung inhabited Coruscant. On principle, I cannot make an exception in this one instance. Anonymous must fight. If he does not, or if we help him, he will lose his honor among the Mandalorians, and will be cast out."

You glare at Chrysalis as she grins at you, still wearing your face. "This is the way~." She taunts.

"Fine..." You reply. "You and me, Chrysalis. Right here, right now."

"Excellent!" She claps her hands together with glee. "Before we get started though, I can't help but notice that you seem a bit distracted by my look... Must be unnerving, fighting yourself. I wouldn't want you to hold back in our fight, so it seems only fair that I change it up, just for you."

She grins again and presses another button on her gauntlet. Your armor on her body flickers away and changes to a different Mandalorian design. Not your own, but still one that is horrifyingly familiar.

Your eyes widen as it becomes a shade of red that you know all too well. It's accented by yellow markings on the chest, and purple flames on the gauntlets. The helmet in her hands shifts from green to black, with red and yellow accents around the visor. Worst of all, her face changes too. She never takes her eyes off yours as your face fades away on her head and is replaced with Sunset's.

Chrysalis, now disguised as your beloved Sunset Shimmer, gives you an evil grin. "There, that's much better! Don't want you to get distracted, after all."

"Oh, you bitch..." You growl angrily as you glare at her.

Chrysalis laughs hard in Sunset's voice. "Come on then, Anon! Let the games begin!"

She puts on her helmet and grabs a pair of blaster pistols, pointing them at you. You grab your own blaster pistols before taking off in your jetpack and flying right towards her.