• Published 7th Dec 2020
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Bounty Hunter Anon III - Sunny Solaire

Mandalorians Anonymous and Sunset Shimmer prepare for war against the returning Sith.

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As you close the distance between yourself and the bridge, you tighten your grip on your blaster. You can see that this door is still unlocked, but it likely won't open automatically. Which means Discord is waiting for you to open the door.

Once you get up to the door, you move to the right side and grab onto the wall for support. Sunset hovers right in front of the door with her blaster raised. You're going to pry the door open and Sunset is going to start shooting.

You look at her. "You ready?"

She nods. "I'm ready. Open the doors."

You reach over with your mechanical arm and shove your fingers between the doors. With a grunt, you pull them apart and light spills into the elevator shaft and onto Sunset. Before the doors are open all the way, she opens fire. You can't see what she's seeing, but you hear some clamoring screams from inside followed by blasterfire.

Finally, the doors open all the way and Sunset flies inside. You follow right behind her.

A pirate falls to the ground a few feet in front of you. Sunset got him first. Just behind him, you see two more pirates retreating while still shooting at you both. Sunset shoots one of them before taking cover behind a wall.

You land on the ground and shut your jetpack off while firing at the other pirate, killing him after a couple seconds. Sunset comes out of cover again and the two of you scan the bridge for any other pirates. To the right, you see the viewport windows of the bridge. Geonosis is just outside, clear as day.

Three more pirates remain in front of the control consoles. One of them has thrown his weapon on the floor and was cowering on the ground and begging for mercy. The other two pirates were still trying to kill you. One of them gets lucky and blasts you in the chest, but your armor takes the blow. You kill him while Sunset kills the other pirate.

The cowering pirate is all that remains. You're not really in the mood to take any more prisoners besides Discord, especially cowards like this one, so you ignore his pleas for mercy and shoot him in the head.

You turn around and scan the bridge for anyone else. Other than Sunset, there's no one else alive here. On the back wall is a door. It's closed. There's nowhere else Discord could've gone.

You and Sunset quickly approach the door and it opens automatically. The two of you step inside, but freeze a second later.

There's Discord, standing there in his quarters, all alone. He's holding his slugthrower pistol in his right hand and pressing the barrel of it to his right temple. There's a crazed look in his eye as he stares at you two.

"You want me alive, right?!" He screams. "RIGHT?!"

He's going to kill himself...

Sunset lowers her weapon slightly. "It doesn't have to end like this, Discord."

Discord doubles over slightly and laughs hard. "HA! And how would you have it end?! With me in a cell for the rest of my life?! Or perhaps in a cell with you two?! I know about that senator on Coruscant! You think the Republic will forgive you just because you got rid of me?!"

Very slowly, you activate your arm's targeting system and aim your weapon at Discord's right hand.

Just keep him talking, Sunset.

"We're not talking about Coruscant here, Discord. You don't want to kill yourself." Sunset says. "Imagine how that would make you look."

Your HUD adjusts your arm slightly so it locks on to Discord's hand.

Discord's cocky smile turns feral. "I don't care! I'd rather die by my own hand than by the Republic or by you any-"

You pull the trigger and blast Discord's arm. He screams as his arm flings backwards and he drops his gun.

Sunset immediately charges toward him and grabs him by the horns. She pulls him down toward the ground as hard as she can while you swing your leg forward and kick him in the head.

He grunts and goes flying backwards as Sunset releases him. His legs give and he lands on his back, bleeding profusely from his nose.

You and Sunset both exhale and lower your weapons. "Good work, Sunset."

She chuckles. "Same to you, Anon."

The two of you holster your weapons and approach the unconscious devaronian. You turn him over onto his chest and Sunset binds his wrists together.

Once he's secure, you stand up and take another deep breath. "Before we take him back, let's look around. There might be more information on his gang, like names or something."

"Good idea." Sunset heads to a nearby terminal while you look around on the ground for his slugthrower.

It flew back into his quarters so you step inside and look around.

Discord looks like he's quite the collector of odd and unusual trinkets. He's got all kinds of rare weapons, treasures, gadgets, and souvenirs displayed proudly on shelves and tables all over the place. On the ground just beside a small jewelry case is his slugthrower.

You like this weapon. You're going to keep it.

Once you put it away, you look around at his little treasure room again. There are all kinds of cool things in here. Mounted on the wall is the head of a nexu. Its wide mouth open to show its array of sharp teeth. On the table just beneath the nexu, you spot something else. It looks like a lightsaber hilt.

You walk toward it and pick it up, inspecting it in your hand. It is indeed a lightsaber, but it clearly once belonged to a Jedi. The Sith lightsaber you had was more menacing in its design, whereas this one looks more traditional.

On the table to the left of where you found the lightsaber, you see a small, black-brown metal ingot that immediately catches your attention.

"No, it can't be..." You say.

You pick up the rock with your right hand and take a closer look at it. It's cortosis. It's been refined, so it isn't deadly to touch, but it is definitely cortosis.

You inspect the ingot further. Cortosis is extremely rare. Where or who did Discord get it from?

Sunset calls to you from outside. "Anon? Come see this."

You look to the doorway and head toward Sunset, still holding the cortosis and lightsaber in your hands. She's leaning over a terminal and looking at the screen.

"What did you find?" You ask.

She stands up straight and points to the terminal. "Details about a huge stockpile of cortosis they stole."

You read the entry on the terminal. It looks like Discord and his little gang managed to make off with a shipment of cortosis from some mining company they hit a few months ago. The shipment had been stolen and hidden on some moon somewhere near the Unknown Regions.

"That's a lot of cortosis..." You comment.

Sunset nods. "I wonder if that's what put Discord at the top of the Republic's list."

"It probably helped, if anything. Cortosis is very valuable. Probably more so than beskar, in some places." You finish reading the entry on the terminal and stand up straight. You look down at the ingot and lightsaber in your hands and think for a moment. "I wonder..."

Sunset looks over at you as you think. "Where did you get that?"

"In his treasure room. He's got lots of good stuff in there. Help yourself." You change hands so that you hold the cortosis ingot in your left hand and the lightsaber in your right. "I want to see something for myself real quick."

Pressing the button on the lightsaber, it activates and hums with an orange glow. Orange is a new lightsaber color for you.

You look down at the cortosis ingot in your left hand and carefully bring the blade down to touch it. Upon contact, the lightsaber makes a crackling sound and immediately shuts off by itself. You're a bit surprised, even though you were expecting that to happen.

Cortosis was very resistant to energy. It was weaved into vibroblades, which is why they could stand against lightsabers. Pure cortosis could shut off lightsabers. This lightsaber isn't working anymore, despite how many times you press the button.

You grin slightly under your helmet as you press the lightsaber button again. "I think we could use that shipment of cortosis, Sunset. I'm going to download those coordinates. We'll pick it up later."

She chuckles. "Not a bad idea, Anon."

"I have my moments."

You walk back over to the terminal while Sunset heads into Discord's room. You look for absolutely everything and anything you can find about this shipment of cortosis and download it all.

"Wow! He's got lots of cool stuff in here!" Sunset exclaims from the other room.

You chuckle again. "Pick something out! Anything you want! He's not going to need it anymore."

Once you've finished browsing through all the info on his terminal, you transfer the data to your ship before wiping everything. You pause for another long moment as you look back at the ingot and lightsaber in your hands.

Your mind begins to wander a little. This cortosis could be used as ammunition for your new slugthrower. You might even be able to weave it into your robotic limb.

There's a war just beyond the horizon, and you'll need to be prepared against both lightsabers and the Dark Side of the Force. Cortosis means that the lightsabers are taken care of, now how would you get around the small obstacle of the Force?

You'll research that later. For now, you put the lightsaber and the metal ingot away and follow Sunset into Discord's quarters. She's looking around at some gadgets on a far table.

She looks over at you for a moment as you enter, but returns her attention to whatever she's looking at. "Get everything we need?"

"Yeah." You nod. "I don't want the Republic, or the Jedi, more specifically, sniffing around at something we can use against lightsabers though, so let's keep this shipment of cortosis our little secret. Just between us, and Mandalore, when we meet up with him again."

Sunset looks at you again and nods. "That's a good idea."

You activate your comms and contact Pinkie and Applejack.

"Hiya, Anon! Did you get him?"

"Hi, Pinkie. We got him. We're doing another sweep up here to make sure we got everything we need, then we'll be right back down." You reply.

"Yay! Good going, guys!"

You smile at Pinkie's enthusiasm.

"Nice work there, Anon!"

"Thanks, Applejack." You turn to look at Discord, still laying on the ground.

If this was happening a couple weeks ago, you and Sunset would be 500,000 credits richer right now. Instead, you're going to use him, his crew, and all these spoils as a big bargaining chip to prepare for a war with the Sith Empire.

Reality is often disappointing,

"Stay put, you two. We'll be down in a bit." You deactivate your comms and get ready to move Discord.

Author's Note:

A bar of pure cortosis.