Bounty Hunter Anon III

by Sunny Solaire

It Followed Me Home, I Swear!

It's been about fifteen minutes of wandering around the jungle and you haven't found any ysalamiri yet. You and Fluttershy had split up a little to cover more ground, but you were still within earshot of each other, just to be safe.

Fluttershy described what they looked like well enough. According to her, they were about a half-meter in length, and were dirty light-brown in color; almost a murky yellow. They also had black spots on their backs, four black eyes, and a large mouth with a row of small, sharp teeth. Based on that, you've got an idea in your head of what they look like, but it's hard to know until you actually see one in person.

As you step over another overgrown tree root, you look around again and sigh. This planet is supposed to be full of these creatures, but you still haven't seen any this whole trip. Where could they be?

You continue walking, admiring the scenery and the thick trees and jungle that surround you. This jungle was much, much safer than the ones on Mandalore. Even when the droids were after you, you're willing to bet that it was much safer here than in the ones back home. Anon would know for sure.

How's he doing? Did he ever get your message?

Once you're in the air again, you'll have to check up on that.

"Sunset! Sunset, come here!"

That's Fluttershy's voice. She doesn't sound scared or nervous at all though, she sounds excited.

You make your way over to her location, stepping through bushes and over logs along the way "Did you find some?"

She's speaking in a loud whisper about thirty meters away from you. "Shh! Yes I did! Over here!" She's waving you over to her and smiling wide.

As you head through another bush, you start to feel... weird. Like, you've lost touch with one of your senses. You can function just fine, but you feel like you're... off somehow. It almost feels like you stood up too fast and got a slight headrush. Ysalamiri are able to deter the Force from anywhere around them in an invisible bubble, so maybe that's what this is. You haven't felt like this before.

You push away the feeling and get closer. Fluttershy is looking up at a small olbio tree with a smile on her face. She shushes you and bids you to come even closer.

You follow her gaze to see a trio of ysalamiri hanging out on a tree branch just above your heads. They're just sitting there, doing their thing.

"Wow..." You whisper.

One of them is looking at you. He's smaller than the others.

He fits Fluttershy's description of them. Murky yellow with black spots and four eyes. The way his mouth is shaped, it looks like he's smiling at you.

You take off your helmet and set it at your feet so you can look at him face-to-face. He blinks at you once and cocks his head.

A smile grows wide on your face as you look at him. He's got to be the cutest little thing you've ever seen.

"Hey there, little guy." You say to him, giving him a tiny wave.

The other two ysalamiri look at you and Fluttershy curiously for a moment, but otherwise pay you no heed. That little one in the middle doesn't take his eyes off of you though. He flicks his tongue once and adjusts himself on the tree slightly, making a little grumbling sound.

He's adorable. You love him.

"Okay." You turn to Fluttershy. "How do we get them down?"

She giggles and thinks for a moment. "Well, it won't be easy. They live on these olbio trees to hide from the vornskr and feed on the nutrients. They rarely come off from them."

"What if we brought the olbio tree to them?" You ask. "Cut off a small piece so they can climb on to that?"

She hums. "That might work for now. We'll need something more long-term if we want to keep them fed though." She thinks for a moment. "I know where we can buy some of the olbio nutrients. I have a friend who also knows about animals and creatures all over the galaxy too. Dr. Fauna. She should be able to help us get what they need."

You nod at her. "Okay. I'll go chop some pieces up so they have something to snack on until then."

She smiles. "I'll work on getting these little guys down from here."

You look up at the little ysalamir one more time. He's still staring at you.

You smile and head off into the jungle a bit, taking your lightsaber in one hand. The next olbio tree looks clear of any ysalamiri, so you chop off a sizeable branch and start making a pile. After a few minutes, you manage to make a decent sized collection of bark, branches, and logs that are rich with nutrients for the ysalamiri. That should be good enough for now.

You deactivate your lightsaber before grabbing a thick branch or two and carrying them over to Fluttershy. She's somehow managed to not only gain the ysalamiri's trust, but she's also coaxed them off the tree and was holding all three of them. One of them was resting on her head. She giggles as she talks to them all.

You smile and stop in front of her, holding the tree branches in your hands. "That's incredible, Fluttershy. You've got a real talent for this thing."

She smiles at you. "Thank you."

On her arm, resting on her bandage is that same little ysalamir from earlier. He's still staring at you.

"This little guy really likes you, Sunset." Fluttershy says. "He hardly took his eyes off of you while I was up there getting him and his friends down."

Aww, really?

You giggle and set the branch down on the ground, stepping towards him slowly. "Well aren't you just a little ray of sunshine?" You say happily.


You like that name.

He cocks his head at you again. It still looks like he's smiling.

You giggle again and step closer. "Is it okay if I... pet him?"

Fluttershy nods and holds him out to you.

Ever so gently, you reach out to him and rub your finger along his head. He looks at your hand and backs away for a second, but leans in to inspect your hand further, flicking his tiny tongue on your finger to check you out.

You rub his head again and move down his back, rubbing him up and down softly. He grumbles a little and closes his eyes slowly before opening them again. He arches his back a little as you rub his back just above his tail. It makes your heart melt.


He's the cutest thing ever!

You rub his back for a few more seconds before holding out our arm to him and inviting him onto you. He looks at your arm for a moment before slowly waddling onto it and looking up at you again. He's still got that cute little smile on his face. You are so unbelievably happy right now.

"I'm going to call you Ray." You say to him. "You like that name? Ray?"

He slithers his tongue out again and looks at your arm for a moment before looking back at you. You'll take that as a 'yes'.

You giggle and look at Fluttershy. "This one's mine. End of discussion."

She giggles and nods. "Sounds great, Sunset."

You smile wide and look back at Ray as you and Fluttershy continue on your way through the jungle together to look for more.