Bounty Hunter Anon III

by Sunny Solaire


You are Pinkie Pie.

Ooh fun! You get your own part in the story, even though you aren't a Mandalorian! It's about time you got the spotlight! You weren't even in the first part of the story, which is TOTALLY unfair! That's okay though. This part of the story will be super, duper fun! You should throw a party for yourself as soon as possible to celebrate!

Wait, that's right. You can't right now! You've got a job to do!

This is cool and all, but you should probably stay focused on sneaking into the Sith's base and destroying the cameras! The party will have to wait.

As soon as you cut your comms, you watch Anon and everyone else drive away. They'll be busy keeping a low profile, so you're pretty much on your own right now. Which is fine! Friends are great to have, but no one else can keep up with you when you need to be sneaky and stuff. They'd just slow you down.

'Okay, first thing's first.' You say to yourself. 'Gotta find out where the security room is, and how to get there.'

Across the street, you spot the maintenance garages. Building E-12, just like that Sith said. You shrug. Might as well start somewhere.

You hold your rifle at the low-ready and march across the street.

'Left. Left. Left, right. Right. Right, left.'

You sing a fun, random marching cadence to yourself as you walk across the snowy street. There's a few funny ones you know that make you giggle quite a bit, but you can't be too silly. There are probably cameras all over the place watching you right now.

The Sith are serious and boring and evil and stuff all the time. It's a nightmare, but you have to blend in as best as you can. Good thing you have this armor. Even if it is super ugly. Mandalorians are so lucky.

Once you reach the opposite side of the street, you round the corner to the garage and look around. You see a few more of those troop transports all resting on one side of the lot. They're parked beside a wire fence that blocks off access to another section of vehicles. Mostly air transports, from the looks of it. This whole corner of the base must be the vehicle depot.

You look to the building itself. The massive garage doors are all closed. No surprise. There's a blizzard going on right now.

You make your way over to the personnel doorway. No one else is out here right now, but you need to keep moving. The Force is telling you that you are being watched.

As you approach the personnel door, you stop and take a look at the keypad. The door's locked and you don't have a passkey, but luckily, you came prepared. This keypad doesn't look very complicated. You can probably slice into it.

You pull out a security spike and quickly slice through the door's electronic lock. It opens for you and you step inside. You close the door behind you and shake some of the snow off your hands.

"Brrr! That's better." You whisper to yourself.

A quick look around the maintenance garage shows a few more transports, with one of them being worked on by a pair of Sith mechanics. They haven't seen you yet. A couple other Sith are in the back corner of the room, talking to each other.

Both of them have blaster rifles, but they are slung on their backs. You copy their mannerisms and sling your blaster as well. It's probably a regulation or something.

On your right, next to the door, you see a few small cargo packs that match the configuration to your Sith armor. That could come in handy. If there's one thing about disguises that you've learned, it's that you should change it up often, if you can, to keep yourself incognito.

You discreetly pick up the pack and put it around your shoulder so it hangs off the right side of your hip as you walk into the garage.

'Okay, Pinkie. Find a way to get to security.' You think to yourself.

You casually walk past the troopers and into another hallway at the end of the room. Finally, you're alone.

You take a deep breath and look down the hallway. There's another door at the end of it, so you might as well head there.

As you walk, you gulp nervously. Usually, you have no trouble sneaking into places you aren't supposed to be, but this time feels different. You're really scared, even though you don't have any reason to.

You are one of the best thieves in the Outer Rim. There's nothing you can't break into. So why are you so nervous?

As you take a deep breath and try to focus, you get your answer. The Dark Side has a very strong presence here.

'Oh right...'

You can feel the hatred and fear that covers this planet like a thick vapor of fog. It's stronger than anything else you've ever felt before.

In your mind, you can see yourself walking through an empty field of darkness. The fog is so thick that you can't see more than three feet in front of you. You try to focus on something in the darkness. Something to hold onto. Any ounce of light at all. Whenever you think you find something, the dark fog clouds your mind again and you lose it.

You're getting frustrated. That little bit of light you need to hold onto is right there, and you can't focus on it. You know it's there, but no matter what, you can't get to it.

'Come on...'

You try again to clear your mind of the dark fog and focus on where to go next, but it only gets more and more dense. You grunt to yourself as you start to run forward through the fog, pushing it out of your way and trying hard to find the hope that you're so desperate for.

Your breathing quickens and your heartbeat thumps behind your ears as you keep running. The fog only continues getting thicker. It's now an actual effort to push the fog away. You can feel it resist you.

You push the fog away harder and harder as you continue to advance forward through the field of darkness. You're slowing down though. The fog is practically tangible. It seems to be moving on its own.

That's when you realize that it's alive...

Now, all you care about is escaping this fog. You have to get out of this field. You swing your arms wildly around you in an effort to push the fog away, but it only encircles you more.

It's now that you also hear the sound of voices in the fog. The fog is talking to you. Men, women, children, all of them screaming, crying out in fear around you.

They're in pain. They're all suffering and dying. You can't hear anything else besides their screams and cries for help. It's almost deafening.

You grip your head and fall to your knees, you begin looking around, desperately trying to find them. You call out to them, but your screams are drowned out by the sheer number of theirs.

'Please...' You think to yourself. 'Please, no...' You beg the fog not to take you.

As you begin to cry in the field of darkness, the fog seems to recede from your view and condense into a singularity in front of you within a matter of seconds. It takes the screams with it.


You gasp sharply and blink your eyes a few times as the vision fades away. You're standing alone in the hallway again. There's no fog, no voices, no darkness, just you. You've barely taken a few steps toward the door at the other end of the hallway.

Behind you, you hear footsteps approach and you turn around to face one of the Sith troopers from the garage. His armor is stained with grease in a few places and his forearms are bare. He's a human, but you can't see his face behind his helmet.

"What are you doing here? Where are you going?" He demands.

Uh oh.

Think of a lie, Pinkie. Think of one quick.

You clear your throat. "Sorry, Sir. I'm... a new transfer. I-I just got here."

You stay still, but prepare yourself mentally to take him down if you have to. You really don't want to do that though. There's no place you could hide his body here.

He cocks his head some. "Transfer? Oh, you must be one of those communications specialists that Command ordered."


Sure, why not?

You nod. "Yes, Sir. I am."

"Well, what are you doing over here in vehicle maintenance?" He asks.

"I'm looking for the security office." You say. "My commander said there was a... clearance problem or something I needed to clear up, and told me to talk to the head security officer... I guess I'm a little lost."

The Sith nods in understanding. "Well, the security office is in the main spire, just behind the temple. You need to head back outside and work your way around to get there. No way to avoid the blizzard, unfortunately."

"Darn." You give him a little chuckle.

He continues. "Just head there and talk to one of the troopers inside. They'll point you in the right direction."

You nod at him. "Okay. Thank you very much, Sir."

He returns the nod and the two of you head back into the garage together. You split up and head back to the personnel door and brace yourself for the cold again.

On your way there, you quietly swipe a wrench that was laying on a nearby workbench and put it into your cargo pack. Blunt objects can be very helpful if you need to knock someone out.

The door slides open and you step outside into the blizzard again. You make a left and head back the way you came, using the base's massive spire as your reference point.