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This story is a sequel to Bounty Hunter Anon II

With enemies on both the Republic and the Sith, Anon and Sunset must mend bridges and prepare themselves for a war that puts the entire galaxy at risk. The only hope for peace is to convince the Republic and the Mandalorians to form a truce.

Chapters (41)
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Comments ( 9 )

Glad to see this back, super excited!

Hey just a heads up the spoilers image in the authors note is broken, other then that love the story dude! All three of them are hidden gems, and you deserve way more recognition for them!

I appreciate that very much, thank you.

I’m liking this story serie a lot more with each new chapter, it’s not the standard “good guy is barely hurt maybe puffed out while while bad guy is barely alive” it actually take into account that anon was facing another mandalorian one with better skill and so he lost, sure he managed to hurt her quite abit as well but he still got his ass handed to him

i'll read this when its done. love the first two, and hope this one will be just as amazing,

Why do you keep reusing the cover art? I'm not complaining, mind you, it just looks weird.

Because that's all I've got, in the terms of cover-tier artwork that directly relates to this story. A friend of mine made it for me. I have a few other images for this story, but this one works best as a cover.
I'd love for him to draw more, but he only draws as a hobby. He's got a life of his own, and nagging him for more artwork would make me feel like a dick.

Why is this series so good

This is the way

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