Bounty Hunter Anon III

by Sunny Solaire

Bad News

After you all finished tidying up, Twilight took Spike out of your ship's system and decided to relax for a bit. Her and Fluttershy were in the main hold talking. Big Mac was in the back somewhere, taking a nap. He earned it.

You tried to nap too, but you weren't able to as long as you wanted. You were sitting in your seat up in the cockpit. Ray was no longer on your shoulder.

Fluttershy was worried that he was hungry, so you took one of the olbio logs you cut and set it on your bed in your room. He was latched onto it now. That's one reason why you weren't able to nap as long as you wanted. You were stuck in your chair. Not that you mind.

You just got Ray and already, you'd die for him. You don't mind sacrificing a little comfort for him at all.

The other reason was because a beeping sound on your console had woken you up.

You inhale sharply as you sit up and look at the notification. It wasn't the hyperdrive letting you know that you were at Concord Dawn. That wouldn't be for a little while longer.

No, this was an incoming transmission. From Anon.

You gasp softly and sit up straight, answering his call. "Anon?"

On the small holopad in front of you, he appears. No surprise, he's fully armored from head to toe. He's got a few nicks and scratches in new places, but he's okay.

"Sunset?" He says.

You smile wide at him. "Anon! You're okay!"

He nods slowly. "Yeah... I'm fine... I got your message. Are you okay?"

You nod at him. "Yeah, we're fine. The ship needs repairs. We ran into some trouble with HK droids and an old friend of ours. You won't believe this. We got here and-"

He holds up his hand, cutting you off. "Sunset, Sunset, wait. Listen... I have to tell you something very important... Something has happened, and I wanted you to hear it from me first."

You stop talking and look at him closely. "What is it? What's wrong? Are you okay?"

He shakily takes off his helmet and stares at you. He's... nervous.

"I'm fine, but..." He hesitates and looks away for a moment.

He slowly shakes his head and turns back to you with a somber expression on his face.


He's freaking you out.

"Anon, what is it? Tell me."

He pauses for another long moment before continuing.

"...Mandalore is dead..."