• Published 7th Dec 2020
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Bounty Hunter Anon III - Sunny Solaire

Mandalorians Anonymous and Sunset Shimmer prepare for war against the returning Sith.

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Long Live the Queen

You pant hard and take cover behind a pillar as another holodroid shoots at you. Applejack is crouched behind Chrysalis' desk and it looks like she's waiting for her blasters to cool down. Mandalore is somewhere else in this room, but you aren't sure where. These reinforcements are holding their ground hard and keeping you pinned.

They all burst into the room right after Anon touched that holocron. A surge of Dark Side energy came pouring out all at once. You could feel it. It seeped inside his mind and made him go crazy. He was banging his head and all kinds of stuff for a few seconds. You wanted to help him, but you were too focused on the droids. That's when Chrysalis showed up.

She used Force Fear on Anon's mind to make him see his worst fears. It's a very dark, very evil Force power. Anon must've saw through it after a while though, because the next time you looked over at them, he was chasing her through the office and roaring like an angry rancor monster. It's like he was in a frenzy. Hopefully he's okay. You want to check on him when you get rid of these droids.

You peer around the corner and blast a few more droids in the torso. Two of them that look like Applejack and Anon go down and turn back into their normal selves. A couple more start blasting at you and you're forced to take cover again.

"You alright Pinkie?!" Applejack shouts.

You nod. "Yeah, I'm okay! I wish I had a lightsaber or something now though!"

She chuckles and looks over the desk to take a few more shots at the droids before taking cover once again. Then, you see a flash of orange reflected on the window behind the desk, and the blasterfire around you slows down some.

You peer around the corner to see Mandalore rushing the droids and spraying a jet of fire from his gauntlet at them. He shouts as he slams into one of the droids disguised as himself and uses it as a shield while the other droids shoot at him. Then, he literally tears the droid's head off its shoulders and throws it at the others. They stumble and stop firing for a moment as he closes in.

Using the headless droid, he lifts it up to grab it by the ankle and swings it at another droid, knocking it off to the side before shooting it. The remaining droids all shoot at him, but the blaster bolts deflect off his beskar armor. They frantically step away from the Mandalorian as he moves on to the next closest droid.

You and Applejack take advantage of this to help him by shooting at any other droids you see while they keep their attention on him. One by one they go down, and within a few seconds, the rest of the droids are destroyed.

Mandalore growls through his panting as he throws a droid's severed arm to the ground and turns to you and walks towards the desk.

"Whew! Remind me to never make you mad, Mandalore!" Applejack compliments.

"You needed a reminder?" He says unhappily as he moves to the desk.

Applejack deflates a bit at the blunt rebuttal but you smile at him. "Aww, don't be such a grump! You did great!"

"I don't need you to tell me the obvious..." Mandalore growls.

Now your smile fades a bit and you look at Applejack. She looks unsure about being in the same room as him now, and you don't really blame her. He never seemed like a pleasant guy to be around, but he especially doesn't seem happy now. The whole situation you're all in, as well as Gilda being here now must be getting to him.

He moves to the terminals on the desk and starts looking at them. "Applejack, go find Anonymous. Look out for Chrysalis. Pie, come over here and see what you can do to get that information. We need to get out of here."

Applejack nods. "Sure thing."

She turns away and runs into the direction Anon went with Chrysalis, and you call after her. "Be careful, Applejack!"

She doesn't say anything or turn around, but she waves her hand to acknowledge that she heard you. When she leaves, you turn around and head over to the desk to look through Chrysalis' terminal.

Mandalore makes room for you and you crack your fingers as you look at the screen. "Now, lets see what we can find!"

"Listen to me, Pie." As you begin scouring through the terminal, Mandalore places a hand on your shoulder making you look up at him. "When the time comes, I need you to do something for me..."


This room is full of all kinds of machinery, tech, treasures, and Sith artifacts. It's not as large as the tech lab is a few floors below, but it's still quite spacious. It would be easy to hide in here among the trinkets.

You grit your teeth as you look around the large room. You lost her in here somewhere. She's probably hiding in plain sight and you just can't see her. Apart from your breathing and heartbeat, it is silent in here. Being a changeling has perks, to be sure, but you're still not going to roll over and give up just because she has an advantage.

You breathe heavily as footsteps approach from behind you. "Anon?"

You whip around to spot Applejack standing there, looking at you with worry.

"Applejack?" You ask. "Is that you? The real you?"

She nods and holds her hands up softly. "Y-Yeah... It's me..."

You pause for a moment. "...Cross your heart?"

Applejack blinks once and nods again. "Yep... Cross my heart, it's really me."

...No it's not.

Your eyes narrow beneath your visor as you stare at her for a moment before turning away again, pretending to look around the room suspiciously with your blaster tight in your hand.

"Chrysalis is still here..." You growl. "She's close..."

Very close, indeed...

"Applejack" looks around the room as well, worried as you scan your surroundings. After a few long seconds, she approaches you nervously.

"Come on, Anon." She says as she moves next to you. "We gotta meet up with our friends."

She's on your left side, the same as your robotic arm. You're looking away from her with your blaster in your right hand, still scanning the area. After a moment, you lower your blaster somewhat and exhale.

"Yeah... I know..." You reply. "There's just one little problem..."

In one sudden motion, you reach up and grab Applejack's neck with your robotic arm and squeeze hard, while simultaneously bringing your blaster around to shove into her stomach and pulling the trigger. Applejack's eyes widen in shock and she gasps hard as she reaches up to your arm and tries to pry your metal fingers loose, but she stops when you blast her stomach. She breathes in a shaky, panicked breath as you tighten your grip on her neck.

"...You're. Not. My. Friend." You growl through gritted teeth.

As you raise her into the air, "Applejack's" eyes change from her normal emerald color to a sickly reddish-cyan, her skin turns orange, and her hair changes shape. You continue to tighten your grip around Chrysalis' neck, creating the muffled sounds of her bones shattering. She squirms around frantically as she tries in vain to escape, but it's no use.

Finally, her skin and physical features revert back to their normal, ugly state as she exhales what little air she has left and drops her arms. The rest of her body goes limp, her mouth hangs open, and her eyes stop looking at you as she dangles by her neck in your robotic grip. The Sith Inquisitor is dead.

You exhale and release your grip on Chrysalis' neck. She falls into a lifeless heap on the ground at your feet and you look down at her in disgust. You think back to those images that she made you see of your broken, bloody family. What she was going to do to Sunset. To everyone you love and hold dear, most likely. What you did here was absolutely necessary.

You take a look at your hands as you realize what she would've made you capable of. Your robotic hand makes your memory flashes back to the fear you felt when the rakghouls infected you. That thought was nothing compared to the horror you felt when you saw Sunset and your children dead at your feet. At Chrysalis' feet... What she would have done.

Without thinking, you turn your blaster onto Chrysalis' body and fire a round into her. You fire again, and again, and again, a growl in your throat growing louder and angrier as you blast her lifeless body multiple times. Finally, you let out a roar as you actually throw your blaster at her head before bringing your leg down on her back to try and squish her like a bug. She's already dead, but you're so livid right now that you don't even care.

You bring your leg up and kick her side as hard as you can and her corpse slides across the floor away from you, leaving a small trail of blood behind.

"RRRAAAAAAGH!!" You throw you head back and yell loudly before dropping to your knees and panting hard.

You stay there breathing hard and thinking to yourself about everything you have and everything you're afraid to lose. Sunset, your friends, your family, everything. You can't believe how close you came to losing them to this... thing.


You whip your head around to see Applejack, the real Applejack, enter the room and look at you with concern.

"You alright, Sugarcube?" She asks.

You pause and take another deep breath as you get to your feet. "Yeah... I'm fine."

She approaches you slowly and looks ahead of you. "You got her, huh?"

"Yeah, I did..." You reply. You pick up your blaster from the ground and put it in your holster before turning to face her completely. "Where are Mandalore and Pinkie?"

"They're in Chrysalis' office lookin' for the info on the droids." She replies.

Another rumble booms beneath your boots and you look around a little. The lights are starting to flicker on and off too.

"We need to get out of here." You say.

She nods and the two of you run back through the way you came in, leaving Chrysalis behind.

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