• Published 7th Dec 2020
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Bounty Hunter Anon III - Sunny Solaire

Mandalorians Anonymous and Sunset Shimmer prepare for war against the returning Sith.

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False Faces


Chrysalis opens fire on you. You pull up and fly away from her as she blasts you a few times in the chest and once on the leg, but her firepower is no match for your beskar. You take everything she throws at you. As you strafe in the air, you point your own blasters at her and fire a few times as well. She dodges your blaster bolts and flips around acrobatically as she avoids your assault.

To be honest, you feel like it's easy for her. Not because of her abilities in the Force, but because your shots are inaccurate. The fact that she looks like Sunset right now is severely distracting, and she knows it. Otherwise, she wouldn't have done it.

As she dodges another one of your shots, she stands upright and blasts you again. This time, hitting you square in the face. It knocks your head back a bit and you cease fire for just a moment. That was all she needed, because when you recover, Chrysalis is leaping into the air right towards you. She brings her legs up to your chest and kicks you as hard as she can.

You yell as you go off-balance, and your jetpack flies you around out of control. Thinking quickly, you kill the power and fall to the ground just as you fly upside down. You land on your chest with a thud and grunt hard. That hurt.

Looking ahead, Chrysalis has already recovered, and is on her way over to you right now. She's shrieking like a banshee as she quickly approaches. You try to get to your feet to block her, but she swings her foot forward and kicks your helmet hard. It's enough to make your helmet actually fly off your head and land a few feet behind you, at Applejack's feet.

You groan loudly as you try to get eyes on Chrysalis again. She spins around and reels her fist back to punch you in the face, but you activate your jetpack and slide on the floor, tripping her. She yells and falls to the ground while you pull up and take your place in the air again, looking down at her.

No more holding back, Anon. That's not Sunset. It will never be Sunset. Look past her disguise and take her out. You're better than this.

With a growl, you accelerate towards her and grit your teeth. You drag your metal arm along the ground as you fly, creating a shower of sparks that trail behind you for a second as you reach her. Before she can react, you clench your fist and punch her square in the face. Her eyes widen in shock for a moment before impact, and she cries out in pain as she flies backwards.

From behind, Pinkie starts cheering. "Nice one, Anon!"

Mandalore immediately scolds her. "Don't distract him!"

Cheering can be considered a form of interference, which is against the rules of a Mandalorian duel. This fight must be won by you, and you alone.

You double over in the air and look back at Chrysalis. She's still wearing Sunset's face, but her nose is bleeding. She looks at you in rage and balls her fists as she stands up. From behind her, she pulls out a lightsaber and activates it. It pierces the air in a red glow and she growls at you.

If she's resorting to that, then one-on-one fights must not be her specialty. Unsurprising, seeing as how she's not only a Sith Inquisitor, but also a master of disguise. She's likely used to fighting from the shadows and using deception and trickery to get what she wants. She's bitten off more than she can chew by challenging you. You're determined to make her regret it.

You take to the sky once again, firing your blaster at her as she expertly deflects them around the room. One or two of the deflected bolts hits the ground at Rainbow's feet, making her recoil slightly, but you continue shooting. After a few moments, you change tactics and fly towards her, just over her head, and pointing your flamethrower at her. You spray a steady stream of fire at her and she dives off to the side, shouting.

You turn around and descend to the ground before charging at her while her back is turned. She faces you just before you kick her in the face, making her fall onto her back and look up at you in shock. You grit your teeth at her as you reel your metal arm back and bring it down towards her head. Just before you punch her, she moves her head to the side and your fist impacts the metal floor, leaving a noticeable dent behind.

With an angry growl, you reel your fist back again in an attempt to punch her once more, but she brings her legs up and kicks you in the chest again, making you stagger backwards a few steps. She quickly gets to her feet and punches you in the face twice. She's about to go for a third punch, but you catch her with your right arm and hold her still. Her blows made you bleed through your gritted teeth and you glare at her like a feral animal.

She uses the Force to command her lightsaber to return to her again, and activates it, bringing it down towards your head, but you instinctively block it with your metal arm. The Armorer did not disappoint. Your arm takes her lightsaber completely without breaking, thanks to the cortosis-infused beskar. The blade flashes and sparks in a few places, but your arm does not break.

Now, Chrysalis wears Sunset's face in an expression of shock and terror. She brings the blade back in an attempt to kill you again, but this time, you catch the blade in your hand, actually squeezing the lightsaber. Your arm flashes and sparks wildly as you growl at her. She pants hard and starts to panic. She's done, and she knows it.

She shuts her eyes tight as she strains to regain control of her weapon before shouting. "Kill them!"

Your eyes widen as, from behind her, one of the holodroids disguised as Pinkie points its blaster off to the side and shoots towards your friends. The bolt goes flying towards Applejack and hits her in the arm, making her cry out in pain.

"Applejack!" You shout. You couldn't stop yourself.

In that moment you were distracted, Chrysalis reels her head back and butts yours with it, making you stagger backwards as you unintentionally bite your tongue. You release her in the process and she turns her hands towards you, pushing you back a few feet with a small jolt of Force Lightning.

In addition to the pain you felt upon impact with the ground, the feeling of electricity coursing all over your body was also unpleasant. It felt like you were on fire in a few places on the inside and outside of your body, while also being pierced with numberless hot needles. It was not a fun feeling.

You groan loudly as the electricity begins to subside and you look up at Chrysalis. She's now running away and pointing at you. "Kill them all!"

She forfeits the duel, as well as any pride she may have had before it began. If you weren't mad before, you sure as hell are now.


With a growl, you get to your feet as the holodroids begin opening fire on you and your friends. You return fire, destroying one of the droids that looks like you. It sputters and your image fades away as it goes down.

Mandalore and the others have began to return fire as well. Applejack is shooting with her injured arm and holding it with the other. The expression on her face is enough to tell you that it really hurts. Kudos to her for powering through it.

Chrysalis runs through the back door as her droids continue firing at you. She turns to look at you one last time before escaping. She's about halfway between looking like herself, and looking like Sunset. She still has her red and yellow hair, but her eyes are green and sickly, and she looks absolutely terrified. She should be, considering what you're going to do to her when you catch her.

You raise your metal arm in front of your face to protect yourself as you fire at the holodroids. Rainbow moves in front of Applejack to provide cover while she strains to fight. Mandalore and Pinkie are still shooting as well. Your helmet is closest to Pinkie.

"Pinkie! My helmet!" You shout.

She looks at you real quick and then at your helmet. She points to it and then to you. Your helmet vibrates for half a second before flying across the room towards you. You catch it in your hands and quickly put it on.

Now that you're in one piece, you target the droids and move over to help Rainbow give Applejack cover.

"Applejack, are you okay?!" You ask.

She grunts and nods. "Yeah, I'm fine! He hit my armor, but it packed a punch! I'm okay though!"

You nod and turn your attention back to the droids. A Mandalore holodroid goes down as you shoot it in the face.

Behind you, the real Mandalore presses a button on his gauntlet and fires a missile from his jetpack. It screams through the air and careens towards the droids. One or two of them try to dive out of the way, but it explodes and incinerates many of them, making robotic limbs and heads fly all over the place. The few that remain try to recover before being barraged by blasterfire from you and your friends.

"Anonymous, find that changeling! Kill her!" Mandalore commands. "We'll handle the rest of these droids!"

"Got it!" You nod.

You take off in the air and fly towards the remaining droids. Your friends keep their attention while you land beside them and follow Chrysalis. She couldn't have gone too far. You make a right into the hallways and exit the research lab, leaving the droids and your friends behind. The battle starts to die down a bit after a few seconds.

You are so absolutely livid right now. She set the terms of your fight and broke them almost immediately. Spineless Sith coward. If you had more time, you'd make her suffer in the most cruel and unusual way you could possibly imagine when you caught her. She's weak, and the weak deserve no mercy.

As you're running, you hear muffled booms from somewhere outside. Explosions. The slight vibrations beneath your boots are enough to make you stop in your tracks.

"What the hell?" You ask.

You look around. You can hear a slight rattling as nearby loose objects seem to wiggle in tandem with the tremors you feel. It sounds like bombs being detonated outside. Everyone in your group is somewhere else inside the building with you, and the Sith wouldn't risk bombing their own base... Was there an accident?

You turn on your comms. "Can anyone else feel that? What's going on?"

Applejack comes on next. "We just finished wipin' up the droids when we heard the first one. There's a bunch of fireballs goin' up outside! Someone's bombin' the hell outta this place!"

You look to your left and see a window that looks out to the base. A faint orange light comes into the building for a moment before disappearing again. You run to it and look outside. The remnants of a fireball are fading away just below you, and another series of explosions are happening all over the base.

"Who is it?!" You demand.

Rainbow comes on next. "I don't know, but Tank is picking up a FRIENDLY contact on his scanner!"

Before you can respond, your comms crackle for a few seconds as static fills your ears. Then, another voice comes on. The last one you were expecting to hear...

"You're a pitiful sight, Anon..."

Your eyes widen in shock as the Griffon flies over another building in front of you and drops a payload of bombs on the rooftops, making another series of explosions.

"Gilda?!" You shout. "What are you doing here?!"

"We need to talk." Gilda replies, matter-of-factly. "I'll draw the Sith's attention while you kill Chrysalis. Once you're clear, I'll hit the gas tanks and blow this place."

"Might want to work on finding an escape route too, Anon." Limestone adds. "We're firing pretty indiscriminately up here."

The Griffon flies into the sky and vanishes into the darkness as a couple Sith fighters scramble after her in the air and a dogfight ensues up above. She hits one of the Sith ships, and it plummets from the sky.

As you stand there in shock, Mandalore comes on your comms. "This does not change anything, Gilda. You are still not welcome among our people."

"I don't care about your people, Mandalore!" Gilda snaps. "I am acting purely on self-interest by being here! Now shut up and get to work! All of you!"

At that, she cuts her comms and resumes attacking the Sith outside.

Multiple questions are going through your head right now. Why is she helping you, of all people, against the Sith? Limestone too? Can you trust her? Of course not, but what choice do you have right now?

You shake your head and push those questions away. None of them will matter unless you kill Chrysalis and find a way out of here. Gilda will handle destroying the virus and distracting the rest of the Sith, but stopping Chrysalis is your primary concern now. After that, you'll need a way out of here.

You turn on your comms again. "Rainbow, get back to your ship! Use your jetpack! Avoid the bombs and try to fight against the blizzard, but get there now and take off as soon as you arrive!"

"Got it!" She replies.

"Everyone else, get back to the elevator shaft! Chrysalis is probably going to head upstairs to escape!"

"We're on our way, Anonymous!" Mandalore says.

Author's Note:

Sorry about the delayed update. Work, school, and lovelife getting in the way, you know?
Either way, I'm not dead.