Bounty Hunter Anon III

by Sunny Solaire

Don't Get Cocky

The snow whips around in front of your windshield as the blizzard continues to rage outside. Platoons of Sith march in formations on your left and right as you continue down the road toward the massive structure. Towering above you on either side are those statues of ancient Sith Lords you saw before. Their imposing forms looking down at you as you infiltrate the base.

Rainbow moves over beside you to look out the windshield as well. "That's a lot of Sith..."

"Sure is." You reply, not taking your eyes off the road.

Upon reaching the perimeter of the temple itself, you make a left turn. The temple has been gated off. A pair of Sith Troopers in black armor stand guard in front of it. They must be special forces or something. You've never seen Sith armor like theirs before.

Ahead, a series of lights softly illuminate the roadway. It seems to move in a circle around the temple. Buildings on your left side look like they house storage supplies, or weapons. One of the buildings look like barracks.

Rainbow clears her throat. "So, what happens next, Anon?"

"Pretty simple. We go in, shut down the factory, free the slaves, and get out." You say. "Preferably in one piece."

"How are we going to do that with all the security cameras and stuff?" Applejack asks.

You aren't sure exactly. From what you've seen, security here is top notch, and it just gets more and more complex with every second.

Rainbow scoffs. "We should be able to handle it no problem, Applejack. Nothing to worry about! It'll be just like the prison! Right Anon?"

"No." You reply flatly.

She looks at you and pauses. "No?"

You shake your head. "Not trying to downplay our skills here, but Applejack is right. We are in a very tight situation, and there are only five of us."

As you proceed down the road, you spot the large maintenance garage ahead, right where the Sith Trooper said. On the front wall of the building, you spot a security camera. One of many, you assume.

You continue. "This is much more serious than blowing up a prison, Rainbow. We need to be extremely careful here."

She sighs and rubs her neck, but doesn't say anything else.

Sensing her insecurity, you continue. "Just saying, we need to be careful. That kind of hubris is something we can't afford right now. You've learned a lot since the prison and I'm very proud of you, but you still have a long way to go."

"Anonymous is right." Mandalore steps forward. "Confidence is admirable, but take care that it does not become arrogance."

Rainbow nods. "Yes, Mandalore. I understand."

You continue driving forward, passing the maintenance building and looking casual for the cameras. A plan starts to form in your head on what to do.

"First thing I think we need to do is take out those security cameras." You say. "If they spot us and something is off, they'll send an entire battalion of troops on our position."

Pinkie comes up to you and looks out the windshield as well. She's removed her helmet again. "I can take care of that, Anon. I just need to find the security mainframe. That way, I can shut down all the cameras at the same time."

You look back at her for a moment. "You sure? I don't want to leave you high and dry."

She nods. "Don't worry, Anon. Breaking and entering is what I'm best at! Except pazaak, of course." She smiles and puts her helmet back on, making her voice sound robotic and garbled again. "I'll clear a path for you guys so you can sneak in. From the security room, I should be able to find out where stuff is."

You nod again. "If you say so."

She heads to the door and waits. Off to the right side of the road just ahead, you spot a darkened area. It looks like a perfect place to drop her off.

"Alright, Pinkie. Your stop is coming up. Get ready." You say.

She nods and opens the door to the transport, letting a gust of freezing air inside. Applejack holds onto her hat as the wind whips around.

"We'll be driving around the base!" You shout. "If you need anything, let us know! We'll spring into action!"

Pinkie nods. "Got it!"

Applejack looks back at her. "Good luck, sugarcube!"

Rainbow pats her on the shoulder. "Give 'em hell, Pinkie!"

Pinkie gives you all a thumbs up and leaps out onto the darkened sidewalk. Mandalore closes the door behind her. You look toward the road again and continue on your way. Hopefully, no cameras caught that.

You open your comms. "Pinkie? You good?"

She comes on a moment later. "Yep, I'm good!"

"Okay. Let us know if you need anything." You reply.

Applejack takes a deep breath. "May the Force be with you, Pinkie."

"Thanks guys! I'll be in touch!"

With that, she cuts her comms.