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This story is a sequel to Shout At The Devil: Road Trip

Picking up right where "Road Trip" left off, Rocky Pebbles finds himself in a whole new body, being now a unicorn. Brim, on the otherhoof, has turned into a goat to his dismay. They are let loose with the help of Sunset Shimmer to guide them before running into a familiar foe while visiting the new Princess Twilight. Leaving the Princess frozen in stone, it is up to Rocky and the gang to help save Equestria from being engulfed by the Hellfree Forest. All while learning to use their magic in the process. Sounds easy doesn't it?

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This story is a sequel to Shout At The Devil

It's Christmas time for Rocky and the gang. But there is only one problem; Rocky had forgotten to get a gift for Sunset. Not wanting to disappoint the love of his life, Rocky had teamed up with his best demon friend, Brimstone, to search around to find the perfect gift for Sunset. Can they pull off the Christmas time save of the year? Let's hope so.

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This story is a sequel to Shout At The Devil

After a few months of working non-stop, Rocky Pebbles is stressed out. The gang takes notice and wants to help him. With an unexpected phone call from one of her old friends, Sunset Shimmer and everyone's least favorite devil, Brimstone, plan out a road trip back to Sunset's hometown of Canterlot. A road trip back to Canterlot, sounds easy right?

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Rocky Pebbles, a college student in Manehatten, goes out for a night of stress relieving drinking and wakes up with the worst possible headache possible. Not only that, but he also wakes up to find himself not alone in his apartment. He finds out that he drank a whiskey named "Shout at the Devil", which literally let him shout at the devil to get his own personal demon from hell, Brimstone. The two share an adventure together to help Rocky get over his fear of standing up for himself and confronting the girl of his dreams. After all, shouldn't you let your demons help you sometimes?
Artwork done by Ebony Inkstone: https://twitter.com/EbbyInkstone

Once you are finished, check out my jokes and scene breakdown here

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