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They called me a monster, maybe I am one, but sometimes, in order to protect the innocent, you have to take a few drastic measures, bit that was the past, now I just want to build.

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I was sent to a strange land full of talking, colorful ponies, with a wooden mask that once put on, grants me powers that let's me bend the very laws of physics.

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Me and my friend have Displaced as two Pokemon, only one of went insane, and it's my job to stop her, if only those dang ponies stop getting in the way.

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I was around for a long time, kicking Kaiju ass and taking names, but then I was hurt, badly. I had escaped to rest and regain my strength, only to be awaken by enemies I had thought I had killed long ago. But that's not the worst part, the worst part is that something is coming to Equestria, something that makes even the most feared Kaiju, even me, shake in fear. I just pray that I am strong enough to deal with this threat before it wipes out my home.

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This story is a sequel to OPTIMUS PRIME VS EQUESTRIA

It's been 3 months since the War, and everything is going great, just wish Crlestia would stop asking for our Technology. Also looks like I have a mission in EQG universe.

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Waking up in the middle of a town, with ponies staring at you in shock, and the fact that the ruler here thinks I will make a good pet, is something I would really like to get away from, oh and I'm currently the Pokemon of the Sun, Solgaleo.

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Being stuck in a world with multicolored,talking,magical ponies who want to turn you into nothing than a statue,along with a pink pony who refuses to follow the laws of physics trying to stuff cake in me,is not how I imagined my summer would turn out,oh well,life is life.

Also if you want to do a crossover with me, PM me

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