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sorry · 7:21pm Jul 1st, 2012

sorry for not updating dear followers, my pc is in repair because it broke and i could'nt even connect to internet,so again im sorry for not updating

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Oh, neat! I'm glad that you are able to use my work as a template for your own. I'm glad that the work was beneficial a well as enjoyable. Best of luck with your own story!:twilightsheepish:


Hi, I really wasn't expecting that :twilightblush:

To be honest, I only found your story because I'm writing my own and someone directed me to your story as an example of good character development/"how to make a character endearing".

And I ended up LOVING your story, so... You're welcome. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks a bunch for adding my story Tangled Up in Blues to your Favorites bookshelf! I'm glad that you enjoyed the piece.:twilightsmile:

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