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Purple horse doing what purple horse do :twilightsmile:

Notice Trixie! Please!

"For realsies?"
"- Sonata Dusk, Rainbow Rocks 2014..."

"For realsies? Like, woah."

The Graveyard

Lack of Tact
2018 - 2020
"Peace fuckers!"

2017 - 2018
"Prep thy butts, grab thy forks."

Tactless Trix
2016 - 2017
":twilightsmile: Enjoy! :twilightsmile:"

Surely Trixie is noticed now!

Snippet of Reality

Hiya, I'm twilightsmile or tact, if you know me and my lack thereof.

I'm just a hippie who lives in his van. When I'm not working on some recent fuck-up or jamming out to classic rock and roll, I'm writing. What do I write? Well since I'm here, horsewords obviously.

  • Romantic horsewords
  • comedic horsewords
  • horseshit horsewords
  • and I'm even diving into horror-sewords lately!

Eh? Bah, no one is any fun. If any of those specific genres catch your interest, you came to the right guy, er... ish.

I'll try not to spoil any moods with my mediocrity lmfao.

:twilightsmile: Enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Ain't much, but it's honest work... ish.

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Brony on!

Jeebus! All the Twily-smileys!

Thank so much for the add! It really means a lot to me. Love your comment by the way. Please let me know what you like about it, or you can even PM me. No worries if you don't. Either way, you have a good day!

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