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The great earth pony alchemist, Arcadês, sought to discover the secret to immortality during the reign of Discord. Little is known about the legendary alchemist today during the Age of Friendship, as all records were believed to have been destroyed amidst the chaos of the Mad-King's reign. Now, so many years later, Twilight discovers a record that marks the last known location of Arcadês who, in that very book, is given the title "the Immortal." Twilight had followed the book expecting to find journals or perhaps potions. Instead, she found a story.

What follows is the tale of a troubled pony, seeking for their place in the universe. What do you do when your mind is shaped by your world and your world is one of insanity and chaos? What do you believe when nothing is believable? And how far would you go to reach an impossible, improbable dream?

Pre-Readers: RobiPony and duckboy416
Cover Art made by Spirit Shift. He's a very quick artist who wastes no time in completing commissions!

Given the Death tag because of the central theme in the story and the Sex tag for implications and clinical discussions about sex.

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Quillian B. Inkheart was at rock bottom. The love of his life was gone. His inspiration – his muse – was dead. He couldn't write like this. His friends, unable to stand his constant negativity and reclusive behavior, left him behind. That was the plan, after all. None of them understood what his heart told him. None of them could see. In fact, he didn't want them to see. After all, he didn't want them trying to stop him.

The taste of cold steel is bitter. The whispers of it's beckoning call are alluring. The soft feeling of completion in the darkness' embrace. The slow squeeze. The silence. Though he'd tasted it once before, he'd never embraced that silence. Now, he'd find it once more. This time, he wasn't certain he'd be able to resist the gentle whisper of the steel.

-:Disclaimer & Trigger Warning:-
This is a seriously depressing story that lends to the idea of self-harm and suicide. Don't read it if you're not up for some very dark themes, or if these ideas make you feel unwell.
While this story is based on true events, and I myself battle with depression regularly, but I am not at risk of harming myself in any way. Please, don't worry about my emotional well-being.

On a lighter note, many thanks to Black Paint and Vayne Hellslinger for Pre-Reading and Editing

Coverart by HoodwinkedTales

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A Changeling, saved from starvation or exposure after having been left behind when Chrysallis was defeated in Canterlot, is raised by his adoptive father an Earth Pony named Guiding Way. Raised with his father's morals, he grew up apart from the Hive mentality.

Years later, a grown Alessio leads a band of like-minded individuals, creatures of many races and personalities. Together, they formed the Black Parade, a band with the goal of spreading Alessio's father's greatest message; a concept of fairness.

This fic is very heavily inspired by the song 'Welcome to the Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance.

"This story is for all the dads out there who love their children and who's children love them. You will live on in memory, even after your passing day. Know that, no matter what, you will never be forgotten. You will never be alone."

-Quillian Inkheart

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Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch are musicians and the best of friends; despite this, the two couldn't be more different. But when Octavia leaves Ponyville to find her fortune, she learns that her friend might have been all she ever really needed. Meanwhile, Vinyl finds herself trapped in the shadow of her father, struggling to make her own fame.

Follow them, and many other Equestrian musicians, as they further their musical careers, meet new friends, find love, and experience loss. Together, they encounter dangers, challenges and, ultimately, face the greatest realization of all - what it means to accept one's own destiny.

Using songs of the fandom for inspiration, this story was crafted to show the love of music in all it's forms, but also the love music brings to those around it. This story follows the timeline of the show, trying to match it as closely as possible. This does not mean it's not without bumps.
Speaking of editing; a huge shout-out for Aburi, my editor. He may not be the fastest editor - life being what life is - but his suggestions have made my story that much better for everyone reading. Thank you, Aburi!

Bonus Chapters are not required reading, but are just fun little additions. They do include some development for side character, or fun scenarios I wanted to toss in, but many of them are just that: bonuses.

Cover Art by Little Tigress

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