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timere de i sanguine simulacra viro

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Making Updates · 1:39am Dec 14th, 2018

So as you know I've made a lot of changes for Aftermath Bliss and I like the direction where it's going now but just recently I've deleted comments from the story since they kinda referred to the old chapters, hopefully that doesn't look as being rude just wanted to clear up so that what's new is instead there rather than old comments from the original draft so If I deleted your comment sorry about that but know that I did take the time to read through all of them when they contained advice or

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2390138 Really? Well that's cool.

In one of my own stories, there is acharacter who has the same name as yourself. How do you feel about this?

2276370 Thanks for the follow and i hope i see new chapter on aftermath bliss.:twilightsmile:

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