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All of the stories I'm writing will be updated at random, when I have the time to do so. If the story takes longer then a few weeks; trust me it will be updated again.

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This is a story of love, heartache, and fear. The young evolved Changeling Thorax, has fallen in love with a certain unicorn that has Twilight for a mentor, however, nothing is at peace forever in Equestria. When 2 old enemies re-surface once again, seeking retribution for what Twilight, and Thorax had done to them.

Soon after a rigorous fight against the evil corruption in their minds, Luna, Twilight, and Celestia, soon fall to the corruption, releasing their alter evils from their shackles. Turning them into Day Breaker, Midnight Twilight, and Nightmare Moon.

The fair ponies of Equestria, and Twilights' friends, are imprisoned and Equestrias in flames, yet not all hope is lost.

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Art Drawn By: Bronyprophet

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Co Author - Disappointment-incarnate

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In this story, after going out for a lunch date with Celestia, Celestia remembers a time she was Twilights young age, and what her heart desired. Soon after they finish eating, Celestia makes it her problem to help her student find love, with the help of her sister. However, this ends up putting Twilight into so many uncomfortable situations. Though Celestia does actually want her precious Twilight, to find happyness. That doesnt mean she cant enjoy the show while it lasts.

After so many Dates, Twilight feels like Celestias' Motives are nothing more, then for her mentors entertainment. Twilight decides that this is a two player game, and gets in contact with her brother, and sister in law, for her very own plot. What could possibly go wrong.

Bronyprophet: ~ This is a project I have been working on for quite awhile, and I hope you guys enjoy my labour. It's all for you, my precious followers. if you enjoy this story please consider becoming a patreon. Show the love friends. https://www.patreon.com/drebailey.

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This story is a sequel to Awakening Evil (Reworked)

Authors Note: This is the Sequel to Awakening Evil, and it will contain the death of some ponies you love, it will also include the shipping of a new villain and an old villain. This story will contain sexually explicit content, but no sex. I recommend for new readers to read Awakening Evil first. Although I will briefly cover the back story in this book.

Click the 'more' button to see the prologue.

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Skye Mist

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Authors Note:This story will contain the supposed death of some of your favourite ponies, that is why I deemed it worthy of the dark and tragedy tags these tags are mainly for the supposed death of Luna, Spike and Celestia.If you cannot handle this, then please stop reading here.

If you don't like anything about the story, please don't hesitate to PM me or comment, and I promise you that I will not become indignant towards you. As I understand that is your opinion, and I welcome your criticism, and I adore the comments/messages from people saying they liked it. So don't be a coward and hide behind the dislike button. If there is nothing stated in this note that worries you, happy reading. (Click the "More" button to see the summary).

Brony Prophet

Book summary: In this story, Princess Luna is faced with her inner demons, but she only has the will to suppress them for so long. Princess Celestia suspects something is happening with her dear sister, yet she can't figure it out. Whenever she asks Luna, Luna can’t speak due to a curse. However as Celestia questions Luna, Luna’s inner demons grow stronger.

She ends up entering her inner self and attempts to fight it, but when she loses, all hell breaks loose and this time the elements can't stop this enemy, because as Luna loses. The elements of harmony are destroyed due to an ancient and forgotten power that Luna’s inner demon knows about. It is left up to a single alicorn to fight off this terrifying antagonist. Will this be the end of Equestria as we know it, or will the single alicorn sate the disaster?

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Skye Mist

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