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I'm a goofy fun loving guy who likes to read, write and play video games. My favorite character is Twilight and my favorite CMC is Apple Bloom. I like Spike stories

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Long days tend to get boring, with Fluttershy out of town and bookhorse is busy. Discord finds himself bored out of his mind... then he meets a filly that would change his life forever, well by forever I mean for day and by life I mean boredom.

Since this stars Discord, expect references, fourth wall breaking, and other nonsensical nonsense.


The cover art isn't even slightly related to the plot. It looks good.

Credit to the artist?

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When a young orphaned dragon has to move to Equestria from her home little did she know that she would go on a life changing adventure.

Credit to the artist https://derpibooru.org/profiles/4eb7dfd86361643a6ec11a00

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Coco Pommel is visiting Ponyville to help Rarity with a project but will she spark feelings in Spike that were reserved for Rarity?

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Why is it that love can be so complicated?
Spike wants one thing to be with Rarity but he starts to grow feelings for someone else. Will Spike ignore these feelings or will he learn to love someone besides Rarity?

2/21/15 Edited chapter one so it would seem less forced.

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