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War is brewing in the northern reaches of Equestria.

Well, not really. Or at least, let’s hope not. Hearth’s Warming Eve is only a week away, and a war would really murder everypony’s holiday spirit.

Fortunately for Equestria, Princess Celestia has a plan to stop the war before it even gets started, just in time to save the holidays. Unfortunately for Princess Luna, her sister's absence means she has to dress up in a red suit, head over to the local mall, and listen to the children of Canterlot prattle on about their asinine wish-lists.

She'd rather be going to war.

Happy Jinglemas, Level Dasher!

Pre-reading thanks to Semillon, who is sensational, and Mousse, who is marvelous, and also provided the dope-as-hell cover art. Look at it. Looklooklook.

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Troubleshoes don't ask for much from Hearth's Warming. He don't need no gifts, no festive meal, not even a group of friends to share stories with. No, he's always been happier all by his lonesome anyways.

All he's ever wanted for Hearth's Warming is a nice warm house to spend it in. And this year is the first year he might not have a house at all.

Lucky for him, he's got a whole year to build himself a brand new one.

This was written for Vivid Syntax as a part of the Jinglemas 2019 story exchange.

Cover Art by SourSpot

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Silverstream has never been a half-measures kind of girl. So when Gallus returns from a rotten trip to Griffonstone in need of a pick-me-up, she's prepared to do whatever it takes to lift his spirits. And she knows exactly what she must do.

Hijack the Wonderbolts in his honor.

Cover Art by Hisohiru
Thank you to Meridian Prime and semillon for being handsome. And for helping me put this story together.

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Smolder is not a changeling. But sometimes she feels like one.

Being a dragon can be downright exhausting.

Cover Art by Dashy21
Thank you to Ice Star, Meridian Prime and Pascoite for their help putting this together.

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An eight-year-old Gallus is visited by a strange spirit from another world. He doesn't know where it came from. He's not sure when it appeared. And he has absolutely no idea why it chose him, of all griffons, to be its friend.

All he knows is that he never wants it to leave. And if that means hiding it from everygriff in Griffonstone, then so be it.

Cover Art by Sugar Morning

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Princess Cadance is rudely awakened by a crying child.

It's not who you think it is.

"This is an excellent comedy."

"I think it's the character work that really makes this one shine."

"This story [...] Good job!"

Cover Art by Blues LeSharpe

Audio version!

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Getting into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is no easy task. And Sunset Shimmer's chances have just become that much slimmer.

Cover Art by Phyllismi

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It's Building Inspection Day at the Wonderbolt Academy, and Spitfire has given everypony the day off to allow the building inspector an easy, routine check-up—free of accidents, free of injuries, and free of Soarin.

But when all three of these disasters hit the academy at once, Spitfire and Soarin must do everything they can to prevent the inspector from shutting them down.

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Hey, you!

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I was hoping to say hello this weekend. Meet me at 2 o'clock this Saturday evening at Canterlot Castle if you're up for it. Dress warmly, come alone, and bring stories!


"Solid tragedy. This is criminally underrated."

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The independent nation of Pinery is just that: Independent. Separate. Self-sufficient. Princess Celestia respects this, which is why when their head chef disappears without a trace, she sends three bright young members of her royal guard to settle some nerves.

On paper, the team makes a lot of sense: Captain Minerva the Brave, a stalwart pegasus with enough brawn to make up for her brains; Lieutenant Terrain, a cunning earth pony with enough brains to make up for his brawn; and Foghorn, who is determined not to screw it up for the other two.

Together, these three friends embark on a polite and respectful security mission to Castle Pinery. Together, they'll discover that just because it’s hard to keep secrets behind wooden walls, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there to be found.

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