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Applejack's week of protecting her farm from wild animals comes to a head. A very, very big head.

An entry for the Everfree NW Scribblefest 2017.

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The independent nation of Pinery is just that: Independent. Separate. Self-sufficient. Princess Celestia respects this, which is why when their head chef disappears without a trace, she sends three bright young members of her royal guard to settle some nerves.

On paper, the team makes a lot of sense: Captain Minerva the Brave, a stalwart pegasus with enough brawn to make up for her brains; Lieutenant Terrain, a cunning earth pony with enough brains to make up for his brawn; and Foghorn, who is determined not to screw it up for the other two.

Together, these three friends embark on a polite and respectful security mission to Castle Pinery. Together, they'll discover that just because it’s hard to keep secrets behind wooden walls, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there to be found.

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It's the morning of the Gauntlet of Fire, and Princess Ember is stuck looking after the Flamecano while her father is off making his final preparations. It seemed an easy, if boring job, especially considering how little bearing the competition has on her. But when a storm comes from the north that threatens to destroy the gauntlet before it even starts, Ember discovers that nothing involving dragons is ever that easy.

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Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library!

Once every month, a mare appears on a remote beach, far from her home. She plays, she reads, she sleeps, and she wastes precious, precious time.

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Rainbow Dash and her dad head to Windley Stadium to cheer on the Cloudsdale hoofball team. It's Rainbow Dash's first time, and her father is determined to make it count. After all, if this doesn't go well she might end up becoming a Wonderbolt.

Three cheers for Meridian Prime and Dark Avenger for helping me turn this story into something I could be proud of of which I could be proud!

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"1000 years ago there lived a great empire that contained a powerful magic. It vanished after a curse was placed on it by a hateful king, and only a few remember it ever existed at all. If the empire was filled with hope and love, those things were reflected across the entire world. If hatred and fear took hold..."

My name is Neon, and I invented The Neon Empire. I did it because he wished me to, but also because I wanted to see if I could. I suppose in hindsight I should have considered who I took in, and who I didn't.

That being said, watching the end of your world as it's torn apart by those who reflect you, well... I can only describe it as a tiny bit resplendent.

Just make sure you don't flicker, or you'll miss it.

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After Rarity's night in Canterlot is disjointed by an absent date, she and another luckless romantic head downtown to try and find a reason to not go home.

But when the music is this loud, how long will it be till the floor crumbles?

Pre-read by the strikingly handsome Meridian Prime and the handsomely striking Dark Avenger. Special thanks to AugieDog for helping me get it EQD-worthy.

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The following shorts are meant to accompany my longer stories. They feature first-person looks at the characters I've created at different times in their lives. Reading these isn't necessary to understand the original stories, and if I've done my job right, the reverse is also true. But, I certainly recommend both.

Be sure to hold ctrl and click the picture,



1 – Dealt Too Soon – Another Perspective of Up There
2 – Good Knights Write Home – The Aftermath of Stage of Discovery
3 – How To Not Get Killed By A Unicorn: A Guide – The sixth paragraph of Stage of Discovery from another angle
4 – Harriet and the Moose – First-person biopic of Harriet, from ?????

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Fluttershy's afternoon nap is interrupted by a lonely tortoise, and she decides to take it to her cottage to meet some friends from her stampede. A snail, a sloth, a salamander—so long as it's his speed.

Written for the Everfree Northwest Pre-con 2015 Contest!

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Featured on Equestria Daily, Seattle's Angels and EFNW fanfic Spotlight. Big thanks to EQD pre-reader AugieDog for helping me iron out the kinks!

I understand you wish to learn more about my dreamwalks, as well as what I did with my time on the Moon. Well, listen carefully when I say I do not entertain these types of inquiries lightly. My life and my work are my business alone, and no amount of sheer curiosity will get me to delve too deeply into them.

I also understand that you have been overthinking your actions, as evidenced by your performance, and that Celestia thinks I can help you. I'm not sure if you've met one Twilight Sparkle, but she usually handles these sorts of things. She must be busy.

I suppose I, of all ponies, would know a thing or two about spending too much time in one's own head, due to my rather famous imprisonment. I had it all, you see. Disrespect, loathing, nightmares. One nightmare in particular, actually... Yes... I suppose it's time I spoke of that night. I was not alone up there, you understand. I had my other half to keep me company. Sometimes, I would open my eyes and see her...

Well, perhaps you should pull up a seat.

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