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Cherish the thought.


Silverstream has never been a half-measures kind of girl. So when Gallus returns from a rotten trip to Griffonstone in need of a pick-me-up, she's prepared to do whatever it takes to lift his spirits. And she knows exactly what she must do.

Hijack the Wonderbolts in his honor.

Cover Art by Hioshiru
Thank you to Meridian Prime and semillon for being handsome. And for helping me put this story together.

Chapters (4)
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How does one hijack a pony? A group of ponies? An entire aerial team of ponies?

Color me curious

This story was wholesome and fun...

I’m terrible at reviews.

You trade them a few times?

Then you have... a Hijack of a Few Trades?

Look, the feghoot contest is over, you don't have to do this :ajbemused:

But I didn’t get to submit my entry! :raritydespair:

Huh, so that's how.

This was a pretty fun little story, dude! It moved very quickly, perhaps a little too quickly for its own good, but I still had a good time reading it. Have a thumb!


God, Silverstream is so adorable.


Gallus is a sad griffon.


That could have gone better.


Spitfire (and Silverstream and Gallus, obviously) is extremely well done. You already know most of what I have to say but I just wanted to call some extra attention to these specific parts because I love them so much:

She found it easy to recall her favorite days. The week of her first friendship exams, for example, she dubbed The Days of Unmitigated Success, Parts I-IV. The Final Day of the Storm King’s Reign was another favorite, although it had taken several hundred mornings to get that one to stick.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Captain Spitfire replied. She hopped off the windowsill and flicked her fiery (but also sweaty) mane out of her face. “It’s me, cue applause.”

Sandbar started clapping.

“Not actually,” Spitfire snapped.

Sandbar obeyed. He rocked back and forth, his eyes shining like a foal’s.

Your sense of drama/things going wrong and irony and all that is very good and I had a blast reading this final, polished version

good stuff good stuff good stuff

Fantastic work, as you always do.

Good first chapter; enjoying another Silverstream original story and moving on to the next chapter. Can't wait to read on!:twilightblush:

The italics issue in Chapter 3 has been fixed and the person responsible has been properly shamed.

boiled a pot of halibut for breakfast

*tilts head* ....how do you boil a pot of anything underwater? :rainbowhuh:

Oh gosh, I went into this thinking it'd just be this silly little thing, but it's so much better than that! :pinkiehappy:

Very good read, glad I took the time to do it. :twilightsmile:

You've got me interested; wondering what's up with him. Moving on to the next chapter.:rainbowhuh:

Liking it so far; Silver was very kind to try to cheer Gallus up, giving up her free time all summer to make him happy for a little while. Loved the 'Wonderbolt-cola' detail; made me smile. Never suspected Silver like aviator sunglasses. Kudos for this chapter.:rainbowwild:

This was a great moment of character development; seeing Gallus letting a friend in on some of the tough times he had in his youth and Silverstream there to listen to him talk. I always enjoy story moments like this; seeing friends there for one another and not letting them deal with it alone. Bravo, my good writer! Big thumbs up for it!:twilightsheepish:


...how do you boil a pot of anything underwater?

That's what I was wondering.

How did it go so wrong? 'Gay-less' especially. The crude pictures were fine, abd the fireworks were fine, but mangling his name and getting Spitfire to broadcast it to a gigantic live audience is a disaster. I really can't imagine it could ever be intentional. Who screwed this up?

Honestly, if not for that, he very well could live out his fantasy of coming up to the window and showing thumbs-up to the crowd to deliver his approval. And that would be a moment that stayed with him for laifu. If not for one tiny detail...

You know... I only now understand something about these two. They have each been living each other's worst fear.

Gallus is terrified of being trapped. Silverstream was trapped all her life. Sure, not in a tiny space, but she was still trapped down there, in a dark, gloomy place, not knowing if she would ever see the sky again.

And Silverstream, her fear wasn't being trapped below the waves again so much as being trapped alone. She broke into tears when she mentioned how she'd never see any of her loved ones ever again. Gallus never had loved ones. He's been alone all his life. All the wide open skies (or oceans) don't mean anything if nobody is around who cares if you live or die.

Poor kids are messed up, yo. Someone give them a hug.

You might be able to if you had a pot filled with a liquid that's denser than water, and a non-combustion heat source.

...like kids fighting for possession of a conch shell.

You know, I read a story about that once. It didn't end all that happily.

An underwater volcano or a hot geyser of water

The problem with that is that it doesn't stay contained--if you boil one part of the water, the rest of the water around it tends to heat up as well, dramatically so, at those temperatures. So if a seapony's boiling a pot of water, most of the rest of the water immediately around the stove is going to heat up as well, quite likely to the point that it wouldn't be safe to be around without scalding yourself. And if you can't be at the stove to cook...it sort of defeats the whole point, right?

Further, there's also the problem of how do you keep it all contained to the pot, boiling or otherwise? I mean, you could just keep a lid on it at all times, but that'd greatly limit what you could do with it, cooking-wise, and it'd still be a problem when it comes to serving it. :raritywink:

Like what 9750267 said, you might be able to do it if the fluid if heavier than water, but...there's no guarantees that'd totally solve the problem.

More likely, the seaponies either cooked through other totally different means, or just ate their food raw, like most real life fish.

Question, how does one cook underwater

Great story! How Silverstream got her nickname (which is perfect for her, btw) was especially adorable.

Thank you for reading you beauty

What a wonderful little story, could almost see this as an episode.


Using geothermal vents as a heat source. Think of that brief scene in Titanic where the Chief Engineer is heating a pan of soup on a hot manifold in the ship's engine room.

In this instance you would also need to put a lid on the pot to keep the contents separated from the surrounding water.

That... ended up being a lot more poignant than expected. A good read, well done.

All I'm imagining right now is some pulling spitfire about calling gallus gayless or silver getting onto the bolts for the day

Silverstream perfected mornings a long time ago.

This is impossible. That is unless she is a witch.

“Complimentary breadsticks?” the waiter said, deadpan. “And no actual meals?”

“Yes, please!” cheered Silverstream.

This was adorable!

'Honest-to-Grover' is an interesting swear, considering King Grover was just a normal griffin who was the king. He didn't have any particularly supernatural elements to him, nor does he really lend himself to divine imagery/headcanon/etc really well.

It does have a nice ring to it, though.

Aww, this resolved with extremely fuzzy moments. The subtle character drama really coming to light here was great stuff.

There's only one way to know for sure.

Bring me a scale and a duck!

Pretty sure she is already part duck.

Wow silverstream I've always knew your a morning creature But I never thought that was the reason that's pretty cool

Awww poor gallus I wonder what's bothering him I guess silverstream is going to found out And hopefully it work out

Wow everything was just went out of control and I'm sure silver stream didn't mean too embarrassed Gallus like that And now he felt that for yelling at her I hope they both talk to each other and hopefully they apologized to each other and I got admit whats spitfire problem I know she Acts sometimes arrogant but this is just straight of kind of mean I'm not sure

Aww I seriously felt bad for Gallus And I'm glad he apologized to silverstream I'm sure she wasn't trying to humiliate him This was a pretty nice story

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