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I speak Spanish, I'm from Argentina, sorry if my translations are incorrect at some point

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Sunset Shimmer has abandoned her studies, and has crossed a portal into an unknown world.

But the place she has come to is not the one we all know.

It will be the Crystal Prep students who will have to deal with the influences of Sunset

And Princess Twilight will have to face the new challenges that Sunset and this school will have for her.

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Sunset and Twilight (SciTwi) have faced several challenges, but now they have the biggest one: Educate a magical android who acts like their daughter. And yes, it's as crazy as it sounds.

- Credits to Crydius, creator of the OC and "plot" used for this fic -

Chapters (1)

Anon-A-Miss, a mysterious internet user who corrupted Canterlot High School. Everyone have accused Sunset Shimmer of this betrayal, even her friends have abandoned her.
Now Sunset is alone, as she once was, and depends only on herself to start again, among shadows ... New faces, and not so new ones, will come to her life.
Will Sunset be happy again? Canterlot will ever know the truth? What will happen to the magic of friendship?

- "dark" label due to psychological conflicts and a certain degree of physical aggression -

- All chapters have been editing and correcting by icecreammac-

Chapters (34)

Who doesn't know Rainbow Dash? The fastest pegasus of Equestria, the best flying that exists, representation of the loyalty, undisputed star of the Wonder Bolts. Everypony knows her amazing mane of rainbow color, her intense fur coloring of the sky, the same color of her right wing, and the soft yellow color of her left wing.

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Sunset Shimmer has faced many challenges. Overcoming her dark past and stopping a group of evil sirens are just examples. Now, perhaps her biggest challenge takes place. A face as strange as familiar shows up. Sunset learned what friendship was, now it's her turn to teach someone else.

-This takes place, after my fic "Silent Dazzlings".
But you do not need to read it to understand the story-
-This story does not take into account "Friendship Games"-

Chapters (15)

-This story takes place after Rainbow Rocks, and does not take into account Frienship Games.-

-It is an idea widely used ? yes.
but I wanted to do it anyway.-

A few weeks have passed since that night.

Since her jewels were destroyed, the Dazzlings not been able to feed themselves.

Hungry and weak, they ask for help from Sunset and her friends.

But it is difficult to help those who were your enemies.

Can the magic of friendship , help the sirens?

And most importantly, it is good idea to do?

Chapters (10)
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