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I speak Spanish, I'm from Argentina, sorry if my translations are incorrect at some point


Sunset Shimmer has faced many challenges. Overcoming her dark past and stopping a group of evil sirens are just examples. Now, perhaps her biggest challenge takes place. A face as strange as familiar shows up. Sunset learned what friendship was, now it's her turn to teach someone else.

-This takes place, after my fic "Silent Dazzlings".
But you do not need to read it to understand the story-
-This story does not take into account "Friendship Games"-

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Sunset taking Sci-Twi a quiet place for a 'talk'

This takes place, after my fic "Silent Dazzlings".

Friendly word of advice, link to that story.


I hope I can keep it n_n

Sunny Flare and Sour Sweet are girls so why 'he'?

8204233 translation error, I fix it later

Sun is teaching the Rainbooms a harsh lesson: They must take this very seriously or even the smallest mistake will sent this world into self-destruction with all lives cease to exist.

Great chapter and great story, I can not wait to read the next chapters! But can I ask you a question? This story is the sequel to Silent Dazzlings and there has been a reference to the Dazzlings in some previous chapters, but is there a chance to see them in action in this story, Instead only a few cameo? Anyway I'm still complimenting you for the story!

Thanks Bro, I'm glad that my story is liking you n_n
About the Dazzlings, I'm sorry I do not want to give spoilers. But I think what comes in this story will liking you :)

I swear to you that for a moment I was getting a heart attack! At moments I thought Sunset was going to go forever, but in spite of everything in the end we found a solution. I'm a little sorry for the sirens, that when I read stories about where they are, they tie up friendship / alliance with the Rainbooms but in spite of everything, it was really a fine ending with much adoption by Celestia. I compliment you for this story that I followed from start to finish, I loved a lot and I enjoyed reading it, although sometimes I had some difficulties since I'm Italian, English is not mine first language. But despite all I really liked it. Many compliments.

P.S: What do you think of the last words in the chapter that a sequel is foreseen in the future?

Grazie mille per il tuo commento. Sono davvero contento che ti sia piaciuto la storia e grazie per averlo seguito fin dall'inizio. :twilightsmile:
Sono molto orgoglioso di questo lavoro e sapere che ci sono persone che ti piacciono mi dà la felicità. :pinkiehappy:
Grazie per tutto.

Non c'è certezza che ci sarà un sequel, ma ne penserò
Spero di aver tradotto bene questo messaggio, grazie ancora

For a moment I thought you were of Italian origin, then after reading the end of your comment, I remembered that in your biography, write that you are Spanish. However, the message is well translated and you know that if you ever decide to start a sequel to this story, I know that I will be among those who will surely read it.

I have to say, that this read was quite enjoyable, even though the translation problems were pretty noticable. I would gladly help you with correcting some of them, to give it a better flow. Just PMme if you're interested. :twilightsmile:

It's a decent story, though the grammar and characters need some work, Sunset acts really OOC in this story, otherwise, good story.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it

Yes, I don't have experience writing in English, that's why my grammar is like that.
About Sunset, the truth is that I wrote this story before the premiere of Friendship Games, when the personality of Sunset was not completely defined, so I improvised a bit.

But Im glad you like the story

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