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I speak Spanish, I'm from Argentina, sorry if my translations are incorrect at some point


Who doesn't know Rainbow Dash? The fastest pegasus of Equestria, the best flying that exists, representation of the loyalty, undisputed star of the Wonder Bolts. Everypony knows her amazing mane of rainbow color, her intense fur coloring of the sky, the same color of her right wing, and the soft yellow color of her left wing.

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Excellent story! I loved it! I can definately see Fluttershy doing that for Rainbow Dash too. The only mistake I saw is that half the time Rainbow Dash is referred to using he and him.

8059292 Really? I'm sorry, I speak Spanish and I translate it to upload it here, I thought I had arranged all "he" and "him", I got it fixed.
I'm glad you liked it, I was very pleased to write it too

8059687 I'm glad that it was fun to write. I look forward to more stories from you.

It's a nice idea, but it's got too many grammatical errors for me to favorite it.

Thank you. I know my translation has many errors, but I hope the story is nice anyway n_n

Once I get home, I may have the time to rewrite the story for you. I've recently begun rewriting stories for struggling authors, and I can tell that this story definitely has potential. :scootangel:

Comment posted by RedPegasus deleted Apr 4th, 2017

8068280 Well... Not exactly a real rewrite, but editing the story for grammatical errors. Rewrites are for stories that are far more broken.

Comment posted by RedPegasus deleted Apr 4th, 2017
Comment posted by TheMajorTechie deleted Apr 4th, 2017

8070181 It would help me, thanks n_n

You know, everything would have been easier to explain if Rainbow got a robotic wing. Sorry, but Fluttershy will never fly again.

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