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Boxe doth Write like a Boar doth Pisse, viz. in Jirkes.

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The avatar pic is of one of my SL ponytars, Sparky Bolt, Jäegerpony and head brewer of Sweetwater Brewery.

When not strangling words, or strangling tunes as a DJ in Second Life, I spend much of my time either asleep, delivering mail, trying to find better work, and being misanthropic.


Attempting to write clop - do not disturb · 1:45am Sep 8th, 2020

Don't you hate dumb ideas that won't go away?

Another one I have is a sort of drum and bass thing based around this Scottish imgur post.

I think my brain is trying to distract me from the fact Dad's in hospital again.

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EA Simple Raid?
Beam down to the planet while the natives are asleep, get the crystals, beam out. Simple, right?
WhispersInTheDark · 3.1k words  ·  125  4 · 1.8k views

Thank you for adding my silly tale to your Library!

Thanks for adding The Last Party to your favorites and your One Shots bookshelf. I'm so glad you liked it.

Thanks for adding A Star Among Wizards to your library!

I saw your name, and this immediately this song was in my head.

Now your page has background music!

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