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Love can transcend all bounds, whether it is time, space, or class. That is something they were always taught.

A short little story of Heart and Hooves Day. Something that has been sitting on my hard drive for some time. Not the best but I figured it was time to share it.

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As the Sun rises we honor our Princess with tales of her life.

100-500 word mini-fics based on prompts from Protect Celestia and the collaboration thread. Please feel free to join us in this undertaking.

-Celestia's Paladin, Admin and Founder of Protect Celestia of FiMFiction.net

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A collection of of 100-500 word scenes based on prompts within the Equestria Girls group collaboration thread. The chapter titles reflect the prompt and author name. Please feel free to drop by the group and join us.

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Once upon a time Sombra, the Dark King and Conqueror of the Crystal Empire, was an orphaned colt in the old capital of Xenophon. Adopted by Celestia and taught by the princess he becomes a powerful shadow mage.

Once upon a time Celestia, Princess of Equestria, heard stories of a orphan with a gift of magic. She adopts the colt Sombra as her son and student.

Shadows don't necessarily mean evil, but the path is dark and even the best taught of student can succumb to the taint of Darkness. Teacher and Student face each other for the fate of two nations. Sun and Shadow.

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