• Published 15th Feb 2015
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The Farmer and the Princess - Celestias Paladin

Love can transcend all bounds, whether it is time, space, or class

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The Dance and the Story

Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria there lived the Farmer. He was a strong as bedrock and as humble as the very trees he tends. He lived with his family yet he felt alone, though he has always felt that there was somepony out there for him.

Every year after the harvest the Farmer went to the Harvest Festival, and while his family danced or partook in the festival the Farmer just stood to the side and watched everypony else dance. One year when he was very young he sees a snow white filly watching the dance with a wistful smile. Something about the Filly stood out to the Farmer; like that she was a mirage and no pony was seeing her.

Years go by and dances come and go. The Farmer grew from a young colt to a large stallion, yet he never lost his strength or his humbleness. At the dance he still watched everypony else dance, and watched the Filly grow into a beautiful Mare. And she still did not dance, and just watched.

One year the Farmer decided to talk with the Mare, and asked her to dance. Her eyes grew wide and with a large smile she said yes. They danced through the night, and browsed the booths. For the first time in years the Farmer laughed truly, and the Mare laughed alone with him. They danced the fast dances, they danced the slow one, and at the end they laid together on a blanket and watched the fireworks dance in the sky.

The Farmer and the Mare slept together under the starts and the watchful eye of the Mare of the Moon.

Morning came upon the sun rise the Farmer woke to find the Mare gone and he tucked beneath a blanket. A note sat under the blanket, thanking him for the wonderful night and apologizing for leaving him. He tucks the note unto his yoke and folds the blankets up before taking them to his farm.

For days as he worked in the fields his thoughts drifted towards the Mare. Her smile, her laugh, and the feeling that he has met her before. That last thought ate at him, there was just something about her, something he swears brings up memories that he didn’t know he had.

Time passed and a letter came for the Farmer. It was in invitation to see Canterlot upon the mountain and for the birthday party for the Princess. The Farmer and his family are shocked at the invitation, why would he be invited? He has never met the Princess nor is he somepony upper-class, but he knows that he cannot refuse the invitation.
So with the invitation in hoof and a suit packed away he boards the train for the City of Spires. In the city he is greeting by winter like an old friend, snow gently falling from the sky. With the Guard watching every step he trots to the Castle and makes himself ready for the party.

He dons his suit and makes his way to the party, only to be stopped by his mother who sends him to the snow covered garden. Unlike the morning the sky is clear and the Mare of the Moon keeps her silent vigil over the land.

Minutes pass before he spots the Mare gazing up at the Moon. He stops short of her and notices that somehow she shimmers like a mirage despite the cold. Suddenly the Mare stops shimmering and she appeared for true.

Mane and tail for the palest aurora flitter in an unseen and unfelt breeze, a pale coat glow under the light of the Moon, ivory wings rest upon her side and mother-of-pearl horn gleam upon her brow. One thing truly catches the Farmer’s eye is the golden sunburst emblazoned upon her flank.

In the Farmer’s eyes that the Mare is in truth the Princess.

He starts to bow before stopping himself, this is still Mare isn’t she? Why would he bow to somepony he already knows? Still many questions ran around in his head, like why did she hide or lie to him?

But the looks of loneliness and longing that grace her eyes tells him for more than words. She was looking for him, and him alone. Somehow he felt that he was looking for her too without knowing it.

They quickly cross what seemed like an unimaginable distance and they kissed.

Then under the winter night they danced under the tranquil gaze of the Mare of the Moon.

And they live….

“… Happily ever after, The End.”

Big Macintosh finishes his story and looks down at the sleeping face of his daughter, Sunrise Gala. The light pink filly for the hundredth time wanted to hear how he met her mother, and for the hundredth time he told her.

He bends down and kisses her softly before he hears a soft cough. He turns around to see his wife leaning against the door frame. Mac gives his daughter one last look before silently walking out of the room and turning off the lights. Closing the door behind them he turns to his wife.

“Ah’m sorry,” he apologies softly.

Princess Celestia smiles softly and shakes her head, “don’t be, the fault is mine, and mine alone annwyl.”

“But Ah started it, Ah shouldn’t have accused you for those things.”

“And I shouldn’t have shouted at you at breakfast.” She sighs, “Macintosh I love, I truly do but we all make mistakes. And as any couple we have to grow past that.”

Mac nods, they vowed upon they wedding day that they will love each other no matter what. That day in winter he felt the bond they share, they are soul mates in the truest sense of the term, and that not even time will separate them. That doesn’t mean that they will not have their problems, they don’t always agree and sometimes they do fight.
She gives him a larger smile, “Come on Mac, let’s forgive each other and not continue this any longer.”

With a grin he bow to Celestia, “as you wish, Yer Majesty.”

“Oh I do,” she replies, “come on Mac, let’s gets some sleep we’ve got a big day tomorrow with the visitors coming in.”

She extends a wing and pulls him close, and the two walk down to their own chambers and while talking about their day. Watching them go Princess Luna, the Mare of the Moon, smiles at the couple. She has watched her sister for millennia and knows that Celestia has felt lonely, though she does have the strength to move forward. Macintosh is good for her, Luna knows, everypony needs somepony in their lives and Macintosh needs Celestia, and Celestia needs him.

Author's Note:

annwyl: Old Low Equinic (adj)- Dear or Beloved.

A short story for an uncommon paring. Though it was time to share it. Happy Valentines and Hearts and Hooves Day to you all.


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Comments ( 19 )

I'm here, where's the story?

It's short, and not much in the way of epic story telling

5626562 its just that there's "The Dance" in the chapter, so I'm looking for "the Story" to show up, because there is only one me...
Or is there?

The story is the last part, he's telling the story to their daughter



*pomp amd circumstance starts playing*

Thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank the academy and Momma Dancewithknives.

That was lovely. I wonder what's with all the downvotes?


I can only think the downvotes are from violating someone or other's one true pairing. Really, downvotes without comments are pretty much just trolling. :derpyderp1:

Or that I had the shear gall to make Celestia nice.

Thanks for the comments, Darth I take it you liked it.

I can dig it. All it needs is a little brushing up from a typo here and there and it'll be a pretty sweet little one-shot. Not that it isn't already.

Thank you, and if you can, can you point out the typos so I can correct them.

I liked it, yes. It was a sweet little story. :twilightsmile:

and( ) humble as( ) very trees he tends [as] [the] ???
family danced or partake in [ partook]
They dance through the night, [ danced ]
only to be stop by his mother [ stopped ]

Thank you, I'll get on making those correction. What did you think otherwise?

EDIT: Changes made

good story, does vary from cannon quite a bit but so what I like it .

It does since I think I set most of it before Luna's return, and I do mentioned Mac's mother.

It's rare when I find a story when Big Mac gets shipped with Celestia but I'm glad I found this story of yours. Loved it:heart:

Yeah not a common pairing, you will find LunaMac more often. And thank you

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