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The Tomorrow King.


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Scootaloo never had an easy life. Not only was she orphaned at a very young age, but she is also a pegasus doomed to never attain flight.

But her life changes forever when she meets Fang, an eccentric magician who is not what she seems. Fang keeps many secrets, but Scootaloo will soon discover that she too carries one – a dark and terrible secret, hidden away in her own heart. One that even she herself was not aware of.

As the two grow closer and more secrets are revealed, Scootaloo must find the courage to open her heart, learn the mysteries of magic, and discover what it means to be a familiar.

Act 1 completed. The story is on hiatus for the time being until I have more chapters written.

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Teleportation - the best way to travel! Not many unicorns master this ancient spell, and even among those who do, the details of how exactly it works remain a mystery. Some even fear what it may or may not do to the caster, but nopony knows for sure.

After much studying, it is time for Twilight Sparkle to perform the spell for the first time. A simple test: Just move from Point A to Point B. But Twilight is about to find out that there is more to teleportation than she thought.

A lot more.

Set prior to the show canon.
Inspired by (but completely unrelated to) Ocalhoun's story Blink.

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Twilight Sparkle never seemed to notice Lyra Heartstrings. She didn't even remember Lyra's name.

They were friends back in Canterlot and even went to school together. Yet Twilight didn't notice that Lyra just happened to move to Ponyville the same day she did. She didn't even notice when Lyra appeared at her welcoming party. Nor did she ever seem to spot her old classmate passing by in the background on any other day during her stay in Ponyville. Some days she could look right at Lyra and never realize that they knew each other.

Lyra isn't a very noticeable pony. She has put a lot of effort into that.

Set in late season 5, after Amending Fences.
Note: Lots of spoilers in the comments.

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There once was a little filly named Diamond Tiara. This is the story of how she died.

...No, that's not quite right. For there was in fact another filly by the same name. Another Diamond Tiara, who lived. She was the second one. It's confusing, I know, but I promise it will all make sense in the end.

It all started on a perfectly ordinary day in Ponyville, when Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends were trying to stop an insane magic-powered golem from destroying the entire town.

This is the story of two little fillies named Diamond Tiara. The one who died, and the one who lived.

Takes place during season 4, shortly after Twilight Time.

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Filthy Rich has a problem. His daughter, Diamond Tiara, keeps breaking her promises to treat her classmates with more respect. In fact, she doesn't even seem to really understand what a promise is. Since punishing her does not seem to have much effect, Mr Rich is forced to consider a more creative parenting method. But how can he make such a spoiled, materialistic little filly as Diamond Tiara see the value of a promise?

With money, of course!

Now has a dramatic reading on Youtube! Kudos to DRWolf.

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Cutie Mark Crusaders Time Travelers, yay! ...Wait, what?

When older versions of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Spike appear from the future, Twilight and her friends are in for the time of their lives. The Crusaders have gone back in time on a mission that may decide the fate of time itself! They are fearless, they are resourceful, they... completely messed up right from the start, huh?

Now it's a literal race against time to set things right, as powerful enemies from the future attempt to claim the past for themselves. So join the Elements of Harmony and the Crusaders of tomorrow in an epic story of danger, hope, despair, betrayal, revenge, love and swashbuckling high adventure!

Just remember the golden rule: Time travel doesn't make sense!

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It is Twilight Sparkle's first night as a princess of Equestria, and she cannot sleep. As the excitement she felt during coronation fades away, it gives way to a deeper anxiety. The young alicorn lies awake, her thoughts dwelling on her new destiny, her responsibilities, her fears, and her own mortality.

Or, as the case may be, her lack of it.

As morning draws nearer, Twilight leaves her bed haunted by a question, and so she decides to seek out the one pony who can answer it.

Now has a dramatic reading on Youtube! Major props to Goombasa.

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Twilight Sparkle is having a stressful day. She has agreed to organize Rarity's surprise birthday party, but all her friends seem troubled one way or another: Applejack is overworked, Rainbow is fretting, Pinkie is acting even weirder than usual, and Fluttershy finds herself distracted by thoughts on a certain somepony.

On top of it all, Cadence sends Twilight a mysterious jewel suspected to possess magical abilities. What is the purpose of this enigmatic stone, and will its dark secrets be uncovered before it's far too late?

Rarity, meanwhile, is simply looking forward to her birthday party, even though she is technically not supposed to know about it. What she doesn't know is that she is in for a birthday she will never forget.

This story was my contribution to the Writer's Group Contest.

Chronologically, it is set at some point in the middle of Season 3.

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It's not easy being a couple when you're the exact opposites of each other. Fed up with Applejack's carelessness, Rarity loses her temper and the two part in anger. Rarity knows she has to patch things up, but is distracted when a very important customer arrives. The last thing she needs now is an embarassing marefriend.

Applejack has other plans, however. How will Rarity react when she learns that what she asked for isn't what she wanted?

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Scootaloo is worried about her wings. They're so small - what if there's something wrong with them? Worry turns into anxiety. What if she'll never be able to fly? That thought scares her more than anything.

Rainbow Dash isn't the most eloquent of ponies. Can she find the right words to cheer her honorary little sister up?

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