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Hey there im a german student who recently got gripped into the world of MLP and it wont release me from it. Im writing 2 fanfics currently , both are kinda shippy-sad .


Rainbow Dash notices that Fluttershy isn't enjoying herself quite as much as she used to, so she persuades Fluttershy to fly some rounds together with her.

Things dont go as planned, and a dreadful incident occurs.

Fluitterdash shipping , because I love it <3

Sad ending? Happy ending? You will just have to see "muahahah"

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Well, friend, so long as you don't try and kill Fluttershy again, do whatever you want.

Very good so far, I really want to know what happens next.

Hm, this is pretty interesting. Can't wait to see what happens next!:raritywink:

196407 haha no buddy. I have this story idea from a dream and Fluttershy didn't die there, so you can be at ease :D

196731 pllllllzzzzzzzzz continue this it was enjoyable.

:fluttercry::applecry::raritycry: fuck, not enough baww faces
epic story mate

224355 tyvm, I try .

So sad. I must know what comes next!

237364 nah its not

Good, I have faith in this story.


i like this :pinkiehappy:
20 emoticons can't strip this lalala la la, la la ,lalala la la

oooooooooh, element origin?
I LIKE:yay:

Can’t say I didn’t saw it coming though," that should be see

Fluttershy fell of a cloud, but luckily Dash..." you need another f there off not of.

Great chapter looking forward to the next.

265115 Yay someone nothiced <3

265455 Thanks for pointing it out, glad you like it :D

266721 glad i could help :twilightsmile:

AHHH this is cruel damn youuuuuuu :fluttercry:

Awwww!~ You must make more!

Are you going to keep writing or did you give up on this fanfiction! :pinkiesad2: Because personally i really enjoyed it thus far. :twilightsmile:

516781 I will try, I have very imporatnt exams since 3 months and I am really busy, but I will try my best to deliver

Hmm, I've been reading a lot of these sadder stories, and this is already one of my favorites, I can't wait for more of these.

I'm guessing you won't continue sigh :fluttercry::fluttercry:

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