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Hey there im a german student who recently got gripped into the world of MLP and it wont release me from it. Im writing 2 fanfics currently , both are kinda shippy-sad .

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Rainbow Dash notices that Fluttershy isn't enjoying herself quite as much as she used to, so she persuades Fluttershy to fly some rounds together with her.

Things dont go as planned, and a dreadful incident occurs.

Fluitterdash shipping , because I love it <3

Sad ending? Happy ending? You will just have to see "muahahah"

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Twilight is being tormented by sorrow and guilt, she never intended to petrify her beloved teacher, but there was no other choice left, or was there?

At the same time Discord broke free from his stone prison, because the power of the elements have weakened, but why? And how are they going to stop Discord from taking revenge against Celestia?

This story plays in the same world as "Rainbow's Burden"

You do not have to read the story to understand the plot, but it can't hurt to know what happened in more detail, can it? ;)


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Unfortunately I do not have any prereaders or editors for this one, so I am sorry for any mistakes you may find. I'm trying hard to detect them all by myself.

Do not draw conclusions just yet. I dont want people to think this will just end in another "cupcakes" because it will not.

Pinkie starts having nightmares and she cant get rid of them. She is dreaming about herself, or better put some kind of herself, torturing her friends. Not being able to stop these nightmares she slowly descends into madness.

Luckily, she has her friends who are always there for her. But are her friends save from her?

Inspiration to write this fic came from the song "Something Broke" by "Tarby Rocks"

Thanks to VegaKS03 for helping me out with prereading and stuff <3

Oh and Im sorry for the formating on chapter 3,4. I tried to fix it but fimfiction refuses to cooperate.

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When Fluttershy tries to help a pony in need she gets lured into a cave deep within the everfree forest.

The cave however is not harmless , it is filled with an ancient poison which intoxicates who ever it encounters for too long . Its consequences are severe .

Luckily Dash is there to save Fluttershy and the mysterious Pony who was inside of it aswell . But it may be too late .

Can they find a cure for the Poison before Fluttershys time runs out?



Chapter 9 is the OFFICIAL! Ending.

Chapter 10 is for people who want to be sad!

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