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Just a guy making his way through the world one day at a time, and trying to become a better writer. I usually write for the Fallout: Equestria universe.


Sharp Cut was already having a bad morning, waking up without any memory of the previous night. However, when it becomes obvious that something happened to his partner that night, its up to him to discover the truth behind the mystery of Glascolt.

Cover by Sterling Needle

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Fo:E Groundhogday? Sign me up! I would even say that it is a little sad that this story is so short, because it would have been awesome to read how each pony was convinced to leave the place, and the torture it would be if someone came back


I was playing with the idea of adding more eventually, but I wanted to see if anyone would like it. I do think it was solid enough for being a oneshot, but plenty of opportunity for future chapters eventually. Thanks!

Wow. That was really good. Creepy and morose, too. :moustache:

Glascolt wouldn't happen to be a reference to Glasgow now would it?

I like it left sort of unresolved like this. It's better than caryying on the story... show not tell, right? This is a really good story!:rainbowlaugh:

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