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The final hero of the Wasteland is dying. In the final moments of his life his attacker reveals secrets long hidden relating to a conflict that far outlasted the war that destroyed the Zebra Nation and Equestria. Is this the end or is it only another bloody chapter in this ancient conflict?

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That was pretty good! Personally I would have liked a bit less mystery because as it is, we aren't told much. However, what you've got here is still excellent. There's just enough character development and setup to carry the story all the way to the end thanks to the nature of the plot. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I guess the story did it's job then in setting up for the things to come. I do acknowledge that there's a lot of mystery here, but that's all intentional to create suspense and set up certain things for the other fic. I won't give away everything, but I can divulge certain information based on what I've written here if there is something particular you want to know about.

Thanks again TheBobulator for the encouraging compliment!

Thanks and don't worry; I am working on the full fic follow-up. It's just going to take some time due to the limited time I have to work on it.

It's pretty good, but I felt as if you were a little unclear on a description of the 'figure' (was he a zebra?). Besides that I would definitely love to read more from you! :pinkiehappy:

2878491 Thanks and sorry for the ridiculously late response. I'm working on it. My primary fic's attempt to incorporate as many other FO:E fics in it as canon is a bit difficult, seeing as many of the fics I want to incorporate are not yet complete. I may just put that on hold and work on a secondary tie-in project. As for clarity of the 'figure,' this fic's purpose was to raise more questions than give answer to open up into the primary story I have planned. I will say that he was once a Zebra and that he still resembles one in form.

You have something good here, but it feels more like a teaser or prologue then anything. Mostly due to the sheer mystery you give everything in it. We don't know the threat, or allies, or anything. But I'm always one for a project that connects the FO:E stories into a single canon. Good luck on the project! I'm sure it'll be cool

Thanks. You are correct, this story is a teaser/prologue more than anything. I'm probably going to have to limit the selection of stories that are canon in mine. It's a pain in the butt to just try and get a working timeline that shows the actions of multiple stories in conjunction.

I myself am quite intrigued about how this will unfold :coolphoto:

If its worth anything, I liked this and would read the story behind it.

Thank you! I do plan to get it out, eventually. Again, changes in fics that I had planned to connect to this fic have set this back. I've also got work and other fun life stuff that likes to take away my free time.

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