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Years ago, the world went up in flames. No-one wanted to die, and ponies would have done anything to survive. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that one pony with a lot of money and influence decided that he was too good to die. He decided that he should be the one to outlive the end of the world. He created a secret lab, and hired many scientist in secret to create a cloning process. One that would activate centuries later. But of course, as with all under the table deals, corners were cut, money was saved, and the process was rushed. So what happens when that clone, the product of an incomplete process wakes up in hell with no conscious memories having made it through the process. Will he remember? And what if he does, What then? Will he try to redeem himself, or will he use his knowledge to become another monster in a world already full of them?

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I think it's typically two hundred years but you are free to vary it in your own story. This is a uniqu concept you have got here by the way.

2297319 Okay, thank you, I wasn't certain. Also, thank you for the compliment.

Prince Blueblood the Valiant? Sign me up! I already like this fic for breaking away from the norm.

2298357 Thanks, I try.

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This story is not the greatest story in the world, however most likely not the worst. Also some things just make no sense. Fix that and I'll be a fan, until then, thumbs down.

Capitalization is inconsistent, some paragraphs should be split up, the spacing is a bit too open, but aside from that it's pretty good for a first time.

i loveing how this is going, know hem he mech have lanrd yrs of combat tarining

hmm this looks good :moustache:

waiting for the updates

Okay, so just gonna say, not dead. But I do have to wait for my new laptop. My old one bluescreened and I lost everything. But I should be able to post again within a month. And thanks to everyone whose liked the story so far. I've been kind of a crap author with how long of a wait I'm putting you through.

Why is this on hiatus?

5387821 Eheh, I may or may not be suffering from what some people affectionately refer to as writers block.

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