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A lost and lonely soul struggles through the fears of the past without much hope for a bright future, until a kind heart shows her what a life full of love is like once again.

Thanks to my good friend http://fairiegirl101.deviantart.com/ for the amazing cover art!

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Well written and enjoyable. A few small typos here and there but not enough to detract from the experience.

"It was five years ago, yesterday. That's why you found me at that memorial... Their... * sniff* Their names are on it."
Poor Scoots, at least you found your inner Harmony with fluttershy eh? :yay:

179592 I was wondering if you would find it :P And there are typo's? Where?

I owe you a cookie as well, good sir :)

"...And then she went on about being useful for once..."
"...Thats great to hear kiddo. Well I've got..."

The letters in bold were missing, there are a few others that I'm too lazy to find right now.
All cookies are to be of the chocolate chip variety or there will be problems... BIG problems :pinkiecrazy:

This story made my heart explode. Holy hell that was sweet :D

"The End of Ponies" is easily my favorite story out of all the fanfiction I've read. So it's nice to see other stories that have been inspired by it.

As for this story itself, I enjoyed it. It was cute and well-written. Well played, sir :moustache:

This is simply beautiful. That's the only way I can describe it. Thank you very much for writing this. :fluttercry: :scootangel:

Awww! Thank you! :heart: I'm very glad you liked it.


A sequel, eh? Possibly :scootangel:

1036594 awsome has anyone ever shipped Fluttershy and scootaloo?

Umm... Not to my knowledge, but it is certainly possible considering the amount of fanfiction for the pony fandom. I don't condone foal fiddling though, nor would I consider shipping these two characters, who now have a mother and daughter relationship, in any of my stories.

1036889 hmm not in your stories but i just had an idear thats it its settled im doing this just one question for you clop or no clop

I personally don't have any issue with clop, as long as it's tasteful. There needs to be intimacy and emotion to it, not just a physical description of the act like a good majority of authors who write clop do. Basically, there needs to be a point for two ponies to do such a thing, not just because they can.

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