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A long time has passed since Princess Twilight ascended. Her friends have grown into historical figures and heroes, harbingers of a peaceful era. Magic flourishes, with the elder mages teaching new apprentices.

One such filly learns the principles of magic from a wizard who has... unorthodox methods. He pulls stories from the journal of an ancient and powerful mage, teaching through the critical points in his life. She is immersed in the tales through powerful magic, able to see the events unfold with amazing clarity.

Something in the spell reacts to her, though - bonding to her in profound ways. She can interact with the protagonist to change events. What she doesn't know is that her teacher and these "stories" are not as clear-cut or simple as they appear. Her actions will change Equestria forever.

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this is actually quite cool for such a young story:pinkiesmile:


Thank you very much! I'm still working on the next chapter, but I love the feedback!

Jet, this is pretty much fantastic. It's incredible to see your improvement through your stories. Keep it up, I'll be watching for more.


In such a community, it is hard not to grow. Thank you, and my thanks are also extended to those who have supported me thus far.


Thank you, Doctor - I'll see if I can uphold, if not raise, the standard with the next chapter.


Stop stalling and get back to work. :pinkiehappy:

*loves it already*. Need I say that you must do more? :flutterrage:

Alright-alright, I'm working on it...

Hah hah hah! The second chapter is forming already, just let me fit it around this hectic week.

Sorry it took so long! My first draft mysteriously vanished - I had to rewrite quite a lot. Nonetheless, the continued story of stories...

hahaha reading your author comment at the end made me smile, after all a unicorn that spends that much magic just to make tea is good in my book! :pinkiehappy:

Heh... an awesomely powerful wizard calling upon vast forces of the cosmos to create a beverage... There was a bit in the 1980's "Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game" where, when explaining the magic of the Marvel Universe, Doctor Strange invokes the Flames of Faltine, the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, and Ymir's Frozen Sea to do just that - then compares it to using nuclear weapons to swat flies. :P Thank you for a childhood flashback. >:)

Comment posted by JetGrey deleted Apr 3rd, 2013

It is done! A full week after I had first hoped, but life caught up to me. :unsuresweetie:

Right. Well, enough excuses - have story!

"Your lesson is much better told in story from, and stories are much better experienced,"

I would be remiss if I didn't point this out.

Quite the little literary jaunt good sir and I am anxious to see in what direction it goes. Will it be more lessons/stories of magical misuse, each gaining in magnitude of both feat and fall, or shall it be a more subtle collection of anecdotes? Time shall tell as it strips away the layers of mystery!

A huzzah and a hearty hoofshake for a job well done! :twilightsmile:

- so wrong fro what was happening around her.

Again, I'd be remiss not to point these things out when I see them. Another good chapter, and for now I'll keep my wild, unhindered, even rampant speculation toned down.

Another chapter, another success.

Then again, he did not much appreciate the last time he say this entry - so long ago.

This seems to be becoming a habit good sir. I'm guessing you meant 'saw'.

All in all, quite good, and I think my suspicions have been confirmed a bit. We'll see how these plot lines pan out. You're a writer for a reason and I'm guessing you've got this planned out like a grandmaster: always a few moves ahead, with the possible twists and turns all wrapped up nicely.

Till next time.



Blast! I've missed them again. Well, thank you for finding these suckers - and for your input!

Edit: The errors are now fixed.

New coverart for the fic! This took me way too long to make, but I feel it complements the tale.

The fourth chapter is taking shape as well, hopefully it will be out by Wednesday.

short and friendly that's my name i am a friendly comment:derpytongue2:

I am enjoying this story immensely. Personally, I feel that you have given away exactly enough, and I'm curious now not only to see the full results if Eventide's "editing," but also how she decides to proceed, now knowing that she may be changing history.


Well then, I must finish the next chapter swiftly! :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks again for the support!


Short and sweet, is my reply - I am a grateful writer

bring me here to help himt, then turn around

In true fashion, I felt that a comment from me would not be complete without an editorial note :rainbowwild:

That aside, a secret is only intriguing so long as there's not enough there to work out the secret itself. After that point, it is nothing more than a burden that is best shrugged off. I'd wager by now most of your readers guessed who "Old Grey" was (even if they knew not his name), as such it was a cumbersome burden to keep his identity in the dark and would serve no purpose.

As always, I suspect there are things hidden in the shadows that you've either yet to reveal or only hint at that will come into play soon. This chapter was 'conflict light' so I suspect your next one will be much more action packed.

Here's to the next chapter! :yay:


How the heck did spell check pass "himt"?! Well...

Yes, I still have plenty of loose ends and secrets to address. Stay tuned, readers!

Oh, what a story I have for you, these next 5 chapters! :trollestia:

I sure hope so. You don't want to disappoint, after all.

You know what I'll do to you if you do.

Remind me when I'm not using my tablet to point out errors... infuriatingly impossible with this thing. back to reading now.

And I return like a child to a rigged carnival balloon pop game!

For one thousand years she had shaped an era of piece

For it is not a chapter without a correction from me! With that out of the way, I felt there were a number of awkward phrasings and that your pacing was a bit rushed. You could have benefited from adding another 2,000 words to slow it down a bit (I get it's supposed to be "fast paced" but this was rushed, not fast). Also, the awkward phrasings detract from the pacing. The material is there, but it, like Silver's spell last chapter, could stand to use a bit of polishing.

Not your best work so far, but still perfectly enjoyable (loved the Chrysalis bit by the way). Polish it a bit and add some length to remove the rushed feeling and this one will be a real gem.


Bwa hah hah hah - I almost wish that that error had been intentional. Oh well.

And yes, I will be re-writing much of that sequence.

Update: There, a bit that I had originally left out has been replaced in the story. There's more of a transition leading into the fight - I hope that settles much of the initial rush.

Hrm - something new this way comes

Because you caught me around to preread before you released it this time, I'm going to stick my comment in early :rainbowwild:

You fixed the only error I saw, so Huzzah on that front! :pinkiehappy:

Another plot twist being introduced to foil your poor readers attempts at guessing where this is going. This should get interesting...


*Bops Dark*

No Spoilers! :flutterrage:

The end is nigh?

I’m very much interested to see how this goes. I sense it’s about to become very complicated.


Glad to see some faces again despite my over-long hiatus!:pinkiehappy: I've cut down on a lot of the tangled mess that the first edit was, but my biggest problem now will be in writing the convergence of two timelines without loosing the reader. I've had a ton of help, though.

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