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For a second time Discord is trapped and while he may seem immobile, his mind is still active and bored. But something went wrong when the Mane 6 imprisoned him and he gained interesting abilities. He can use them to create anything, his little world, bunnies, even chocolate milk. What will Discord do? Will he be able to finally enjoy some Chaos?

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A world within the mind of Discord. Hopefully he didn't create another Discord with the same delemna causing INCEPTION.

Also, I can see him telling some of the Copy Mane6 about they are figments of his imagination at some point since it would crush some of them.

Feel free to post any suggestions or opinions you have about the story. That is one of the reasons the first chapter is so short. I couldn't wait and wanted to see what you think about my fanfic :pinkiehappy:

I think I will enjoy this... Ah wat am I kiddin, I will definitely enjoy this! :pinkiesmile:

Glad to hear it :) I already started working on next chapter and I will finish it soon...hopefully...

When I read the description, I thought it to be a Discord/Minecraft crossover. Why can't anyone do that...

But, wishful thinking aside, I think I will like this, so tracking. Do not fail.:pinkiecrazy:ILLGETU:pinkiecrazy:


And then he ends double trapped, isn't it?:derpytongue2:

waiting to see more

New Chapter is here and I ask you dear readers...what do you think? :moustache:

I think you are doing a good job with this! Although i can possibly see in the near future two discords.


YOU!!!!! you my friend are epic!


I am so happy that my first fanfic left so strong impression on you :raritystarry:

I loved this, You rarely get fanfic's like this that have a such a great concept and story-line.

Normally due to the fact I'm a jerk and rarely give out praise i'd leave it there, as I have little experience giving GOOD reviews, but I'd just like to say that when I give out reviews, I'm ALWAYS BRUTALLY HONEST, therefore you can see that your story is actually really good, when the likes of myself are saying this.
I'd hate for you to get discouraged by an endless wave of short and meaningless "it was great" and nothing more (no why it was great), Also I'd feel bad if I gave you a mindless comment due to how much I've enjoyed this fic.

(Yes... I realize that was utterly weird and unnecessary).

It's pretty interesting to see how discord reacts now that he as semi ultimate power, you even included a dilemma, because now the main 6 must stop him or some carp. great story-line.

Also can't wait to see how the fact that there are TWO discord will have an effect on this story.

I want flying pigs please.


LOL I really enjoy this story, I can't wait to see what chaos is brought upon the poor fake Ponyville.


discord in Discord:fluttershbad:


Just you wait :). Expect new chapter next week. :ajsmug: and I am really glad so many people enjoy the fanfic, I was little worried since it is my first one.


Thank you :) One of the reasons I like writing so much is reading comments :D. And I am really glad you like it, and I hope you will like what I have planned for the future. :trollestia:


I am glad too see you enjoy the story :) and who knows maybe Discord heard your request and in Chapter 3 there will be few flying pigs.

I am sorry you didn't like the turn of the events :fluttercry: I hope you will change your mind after you will see what I have planned.

New chapter is up :rainbowkiss: told you it will be here this week. Sorry, I kinda rushed it, but I promise that next chapter will be much better. I had to go through this slightly boring passage to make way for new and better things :raritystarry: .

And feel free to leave your feedback and in most cases I will onto your ideas, issues and concerns. :moustache:


No,no not at all. :fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

Just liked the icon and used it.


Awaiting for more,:pinkiehappy:

you weren't joking when you said you rushed this, you let your story down with this chapter.
Why don't you get some beta readers to proof read and help you, because i'd hate to have such a good story go to waste.


I have proof-readers but due to problems in real life, I had to keep the story waiting until last minute. And sure I could spend the weekend otherwise, but I promised you guys new chapter this week and I keep my promises. Don't worry, after Wednesday my personal troubles will magically disappear and I will focus on writing :pinkiehappy:


And you have good reason too! I will try to make story in next chapter as good as possible.


2 discords? oh this will be fun :pinkiecrazy:

I really like this story
ESP cuz discord gets trapped

Next chapter is ready and published. Sorry I kept you waiting so long, but I wanted for it to be as good as possible. :ajsmug:


somehow i feel like the princess and discord 2 will work togather to beat discord 1

Sigh* such a good concept and story, let down by terrible writing and style...

Then don't read it :derpytongue2:
Honestly I am happy for every reader and fan, and I hope those people enjoy it. But if you are gonna do nothing else then waste your time by reading this fanfic, which clearly isn't your style and then badmouth it? :ajbemused:
Save both me and yourself some time and go to another fanfic.

This is a great idea. Does this mean that Discord is going to get redeemed? Maybe some friendly pony love will point him in the right direction? The ponies are basically his daughters, after all, and they naturally should love each other. :pinkiesmile:

Since it's your first fanfic, I tried to overlook all of the issues with punctuation, grammar, and so on. That was rather hard, though. I guess if I were you, I'd look up some of the most popular writers here (I'm not talking about myself; I mean the super cool writers with countless fans) and read their stuff. :rainbowdetermined2:

Review like this always warms me at my heart. Actually on advice of one of the reviewers I am currently reading more books to...absorb better writing style and sense of grammar (reading Terry Pratchett Discworld). And I will try to improve my grammar so it will be more enjoyable for awesome readers like you.



He's telling you that your idea is good, but it's executed poorly. And I agree, there's plenty of grammar and pacing problems in this fic, enough that I myself am unwilling to continue reading. For starters, you're supposed to create a new paragraph whenever the person speaking changes. You aren't doing that, so you've got huge blocks of text walls that make reading a chore, not to mention make finding out who's saying what very confusing at times.

Sure, and starting by next chapter I will be improving my writing style...and I all up for criticism, but it has to be constructive one. Just coming and saying "Shame, good idea but your writing style made it horrible" isn't much constructive is it? :rainbowlaugh:

Well, sorry everypony. Almost for a month I took break from writing. But guess what? I am back in business! :D
Next chapter coming very soon.

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