• Published 24th Jan 2012
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Drop of Chaos - Cupcakes Knight

How can Discord overcome boredom in his stone prison?

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Path to the Mountain

Drop of Chaos - Part 3

Written by Cupcakes Knight

Beta testers - WBGhiro, Druidshinobi, dat fucking writefag

"Appleloosa...so calm...so beautiful...it's almost shame, that it has to change" Discord talked to himself. And while he was thinking, a pig bumped into his leg. This interrupted Discord's stream of thought. He looked at the pig, full of anger and then he calmed down, because he realized a nice way to spread Chaos further. He touched the pig and suddenly the pig grew wings and began to fly. He snapped his fingers and all pigs across Equestria started to fly around. "Why I didn't think of this sooner?" Discord wondered. He saw those majestic trees, the same trees from where the apples that made the Buffalo and the Settler ponies sign the peace treaty. "Oh, they put them right here in plain sight and they REALLY expect me to do nothing about it?!" Discord snapped his fingers once more and suddenly the trees came to life. They rose from the ground and started walking. And as soon as they realized that they are alive they started dancing. They didn't only dance, they singed too. Those trees actually performed whole musicals. It was an amazing sight. The ponies and buffalos weren't too happy about it though.

One of the flying pigs was happily soaring the skies, it was a new experience for him to be able to do that. He saw all those ponies and wildlife from up above...like they were ants. In one of the clouds there was a flying timberwolf relaxing. When he saw the flying pig, he all of sudden wanted to eat some bacon. He started to sneak (as much as he could while he was in the air) and wanted to ambush the pig. The pig saw the timberwolf and started to fly away as quickly as possible. The timberwolf didn't want the pig to fly away...he was hungry, so he started to pursue it. The pig was flying as fast as it could but the timberwolf was quickly catching up behind it. They raced from Appleloosa to Canterlot (well they didn't know where they would go...the pig just wanted to survive), and all of sudden they arrived to the Canterlot sculpture garden. The pig quickly looked behind him to see if the timberwolf is still pursuing him and as he was looking behind him, he logically couldn't look in front of him. So the inevitable happened. The pig bumped into the Discord statue. The poor animal was dizzy for a moment from the impact but in a few seconds, it stood up and flew away, and the timberwolf was quickly behind it. Only few ponies know that the Discord statue is Discord himself...and when a creature made from Chaos bumped into him something happened. Small cracks started appearing on the statue.

"Come ya'all we need to hurry to the mountain" Applejack shouted while running to the Dragon mountain with rest of her friends. "Do you...*gulp*...do you think that the Dragon is still in the cave?" Fluttershy asked. "I am not sure, but we have to go in there, I hate to play the game exactly how Discord wants, but we have no other choice" Twilight answered. After running for some time they arrived at the base of the mountain. "I will fly up and see if the Elements of Harmony are truly at the top, see ya!" said Rainbow Dash and tried to fly up but Applejack stopped her. "Whoa there, we don't know what is up there, do ya remember what happened last time we got separated?". "Oh...right" Rainbow Dash answered and Mane 6 started to climb. The mountain hasn't changed much, steep paths, dangerous roads, and a grim atmosphere. The ponies didn't talk much while climbing. They all worried what would happen to Equestria.

While Discord was laughing when ponies tried to subdue the trees, which were arguing who had the best poem, he decided to fly for a while. To see where he could spread chaos. He was flying for a while and he was proud of his work, there was plenty of Chaos everywhere. And then all of sudden he heard weird noises. Noises of a mechanical contraption. He decided to search for the source of that strange noise, while invisible of course. The search was soon over. It was a weird machine with two colts aboard. They soon arrived to Manehattan. Ponies started to leave their houses, to see where the strange noises are coming from. The machine stopped, those two colts stepped outside their vehicle and started to sing one of the catchiest songs you ever heard. They introduced themselves as Flim and Flam. Flim and Flam promised to make everypony in Manehattan the tastiest and most amazing cider they ever tasted. But to make cider you need apples. "Dear sir, could we borrow some apples from your amazing store to make some samples for these ponies?" Flim and Flam asked in unison one of the local ponies who owned a shop in the market. "We will give you two cups for free" the duo sweetened the deal. The pony selling apples couldn't object against this kind of deal. Discord smiled "Come on, how come there are so many great opportunities to spread chaos?" he snapped his fingers. Before Flim and Flam could lift the apples and insert them in their contraption, the apples came to life. Some apples started dancing and Discord felt sorry for them, so he summoned top hats and canes for them and the apples started their own little show. Some apples felt violent, they stole the little toothpicks ponies use to hold sanviches together, and they started a contest : where they would test their skill. They lined up pears, plums, peaches, everything except fellow apples and they competed about who can throw toothpicks and hit the most fruit. A few apples tried to assault the ponies the but best they could do was roll and bump into their knees. It was a very juicy and messy competition. Some apples tried to sing, but lack of vocal chords made it impossible for them. Some ponies enjoyed watching the Apples' little dancing show, some enjoyed the competition (a few ponies even tried to bet on what apple will win), and some started panicking and running around. Flim and Flam realized that in such a situation making any profit is impossible, so they packed their things and started riding to another town. Discord was again happy with himself. He managed to spread chaos even further. And he then he continued to fly, looking for more opportunities to cause mayhem.

The path to the summit of Dragon mountain changed a little. It was steeper and more dangerous. There was even a moment when Twilight almost fell down from the mountain if it wasn't for Rainbow Dash who saved her. The whole journey to the top was in some way...grim. Even Pinkie Pie stopped bouncing and started walking normally. There was a dark atmosphere in the air. Then the Mane 6 finally made it to the top. It looked exactly the same as they remembered it, including the cracked rock caused by them being blown away from the dragon (except Fluttershy). The Mane 6 walked into the cave. Much to their surprise part of the Dragons treasure was still in there, the Dragon was probably eager to fly into another location to get his beauty sleep, so he didn't want to bother with all of his worldly possessions. Of course the first pony to notice it was Rarity. As soon as she saw the majestic sparkly gems, she couldn't resist and galloped to them. But as soon as she was just a hoof away from them, the gems started to roll away. Soon the gems were escaping Rarity, while Rarity chased them. The rest of the Mane 6 watched her in her futile effort to grab the gems and were looking for any sign of Elements of Harmony, but they couldn't see anything.

Discord was happily soaring the skies, when he noticed the Mane 6 is climbing the Dragon mountain. "I have to admit those ponies work fast, I wonder how Rarity likes my gem surprise" Discord giggled and then he teleported behind the Mane 6.

He teleported silently, nopony noticed how he is watching Rarity chase the gems with the rest of the Mane 6. He leaned over to Twilight and whispered "Priceless, isn't it?". Twilight wasn't expecting that so she screamed. "Where are the Elements Discord?!!" Rainbow Dash shouted. "My, my so rude! And did you really expect for it to be THAT easy? I just told you to come here if Elements are what you seek. You really thought the Elements will be here?" and after the last sentence Discord couldn't hold it and fell down on the floor laughing. Applejack was furious at Discord, for everything he did and she tried to attack him. Discord immediately stopped laughing and with one snap of his fingers he made roots grow and trip Applejack, and of course she fell to the ground. "Really? Attacking me? Great spirit of Chaos? I expected better from you Applejack" Discord said with slight disappointment in his voice. And while he was talking Twilight decided to take the initiative and started lifting rocks and pebbles with her magic and throwing it at Discord. "OW, stop it!" Discord snapped his fingers and Twilight lost her horn. "Now if we all could be mature for once, and don't worry Twilight I will return your horn as soon as you will stop behaving like a little filly, I just want to continue playing our little game.". No pony liked the idea, of listening to yet another Discord puzzle, but it was their only chance of saving Equestria. No pony except Rarity. She was still trapped inside her little world, hunting gems and not paying attention to anything else. "Oh for the love of Celestia!" Discord shouted and made the gems immobile, as they used to be. Rarity was overjoyed with the fact that she can finally touch them, and when she completed this little task of hers, she at last noticed Discord. Discord started to speak.

"Now that I FINALLY have your attention, let's take this game to next level shall we?" and Discord told them the riddle "Old Equestria was surely nice, but chaos is true spice of life. To understand where the Elements last, maybe even something little from the past, you must venture to the planes, that are touched by the same. Yes, I enjoy screwing with your little pony heads, but what is best, is to send you on a quest. Quest that might decides, where your true allegiance lies." Discord took a long breath "Now, you know what to do, and I can go spread chaos, sayonara!" and Discord disappeared.

"Do ya'll know what the hay did he speak about, or is it just me who didn't understand him a squat?" Applejack asked. "We can figure this out AJ, but I am afraid of what will Discord do, until we will be able to figure this out." Twilight told AJ. "Why should we hurry, come on, CHOCOLATE RAIN, am I only one who is totally hooked on that stuff?!!" Pinkie Pie, just being Pinkie Pie, told rest of the Mane 6. Discord, invisible of course, was still in the cave and watched the reactions of Mane 6 to what he said. "This will be even more interesting than I ever could hope for" and with that said he summoned glass of Chocolate milk, walked out of the cave and teleported to random location in Equestria, just for fun.