• Published 24th Jan 2012
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Drop of Chaos - Cupcakes Knight

How can Discord overcome boredom in his stone prison?

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The Beginning of an End

Drop of Chaos

Written by Cupcakes Knight

Beta testers of the story : WBGhiro, Druidshinobi, dat fucking writefag

Inside the majestic Canterlot sculpture garden stands a statue like no other. It looks like you would literally take everything you could find under a sink and smash it together. It has the head of a pony with a deer antler and a goat horn, arm of an lion and all sorts of body parts from different creatures. To be accurate that statue represents Discord - Draconequus (or Chimera...whichever you prefer), Spirit of Disharmony and Chaos. Few ponies know that it isn't just a statue representing Discord...it is actually Discord himself. He is imprisoned in stone so he can't hurt anyone and/or spread chaos. Thanks to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna he was imprisoned once but he managed to escape. Then the Mane Six trapped him inside the stone prison for a second time, and now everypony slowly forgot about the mayhem that Discord spread. But inside the stone prison he is still alive and well...bored. The spell that trapped him works on both levels - physical and mental. We can see Discord as a statue but what Discord mind sees is a big plane of... nothingness. Just an infinite white plane where Discord is alone.

"Here am I once more" Discord thinks, "Why couldn't those meddlesome ponies let me enjoy the Chaos for little bit longer?". "Now I am trapped here, possibly forever, and there is nothing here except me, white, and some more white...what would I give for just a glass of chocolate milk!" And as soon as Discord thought about chocolate milk a glass of that delicious liquid appeared in front of him. "Interesting...I couldn't do that last time...I wonder..." and then for about 2 hours Discord thought about all kinds of things, stars, balloons and even silly things like a cat-a-pult. And everything Discord thought about appeared right in front of him. There is no explanation why Discord had these powers in his prison reality, but do we really have to know the reason for everything?

After having fun with creating random objects and then destroying them Discord decided it's time to have even more fun. "To enjoy chaos I first need somepony to spread the chaos on. Where is the fun in chaos if I am the only one who will see it?". And thus began Discord's attempts to create life. Even though he is the Spirit of Chaos and wants to create everything to be...well like him : twisted and wicked. His first attempts were too bizarre even for him. We could see, if we would be in Discord mind, amazing creations like the bunnyshark, the snakepony, the dragonmouse and of course the lionbird. But nothing Discord created satisfied him. "What is the point of spreading chaos on beings that are already made of chaos?". And then Discord realized what he must do. He must recreate Equestria, exactly how it was in the real world. Equestria from which he was banished twice. Because when he transformed Equestria into his own chaos land, then he was truly happy, as he could spread chaos on all beings made from Harmony. He wanted it to be perfect. An exact replica of Equestria, every detail had to be same. Even those ponies that banished him. "Where would be the fun in spreading mayhem if there wouldn't be tiny chance of me losing the battle, right?" Discord asked himself. "But now that I know what those ponies are capable of, I am prepared, and as much as I dislike it...I must be careful".

First he recreated Ponyville in every tiniest detail same as the true Ponyville. Sugarcube Corner, Sweet Apple Acres, Carousel Boutique, Twilight's Library and everything else there is in Ponyville was there. When he inspected the whole of Ponyville and he decided it's in perfect Harmony (Because what is opposite of chaos? Well Harmony, and to spread chaos fully, everything must be in Harmony) he continued creating rest of the Equestria. Canterlot with its majestic beauty, Everfree Forest ever so wild and untamed (Discord's personal favorite), Cloudsdale where Pegasi live, Froggy Bottom Bog - A land where foul things live, Appleloosa which was just a barren wasteland "Not for long though" Discord smiled. Next in line was Fillydelphia where parasprites struck hardest, and then he created every other land there is in Equestria. After creating those lifeless lands (Discord wanted to create the world first, and then to create life), Discord rested for a while enjoying cotton candy clouds and chocolate milk. After resting Discord continued with the re-creation of Equestria.

"Now the stage is set, the playground which will make my prison a little less unbearable, let's make this FUN!" Discord snickering put all of his newfound powers into a single spell...to create true life, pure and full of harmony. Surprisingly he managed to do that on his first try. In front of him stood a pony, exactly the same pony as we would find in the real Ponyville. After the pony saw him he screamed and ran away into one of the many houses of Ponyville. Discord smiled, he summoned a glass of chocolate milk once more, he put on his freshly summoned cool hipster glasses and he started to bring life to his Equestria. Everything from ponies and bunnies to dragons and manticores. After recreating life in his Equestria Discord shouted "It's time to spread some chaos...FINALLY". He shouted it so loud it seemed almost like a thunderstorm, everypony heard him...at least in nearest vicinity such as Ponyville, Canterlot, Everfree Forest and Cloudsdale.

Pinkie Pie was sleeping in Sugarcube Corner, when suddenly thunderstorm wakes her. "Hey, that isn't nice Rainbow Dash told me there will be no storm today" Pinkie Pie angrily said, but as soon as she finished being angry (which lasted for just few seconds) she was again smiling and happily jumping downstairs for breakfast. But what Discord didn't expect, what he couldn't expect, was that his spell was too perfect. He didn't just create replica of Equestria. He created exact copy of Equestria. Everypony looked same as they did in Ponyville, they had same memories, and they were simply identical to their real Equestria counterparts. One could even say that from this point on there was no fake/real Equestria. Discord managed to create another reality, a reality that will probably continue to exist even after Discord breaks from his prison once more (but that will most likely never happen). Pinkie Pie being silly as she always is ate a whole cake in one bite, said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Cake and heads out to Ponyville.

Discord decided he will first see how good his creation is and he made himself invisible as he stayed high above Ponyville, watching what his creations were going to do. He couldn't help but to smile when he saw Pinkie Pie, one of the ponies he could thank for imprisoning him. He then scouted the whole of Equestria just to make sure that everything went smoothly and that there is life where it's supposed to be. After making sure his god-like act went...well perfectly, he returned to watch what was happening in Ponyville.

All of the ponies who participated in second imprisonment of Discord were outside playing with their pets, even Spike was there. They were enjoying the sun, having no idea what will soon happen. How could they expect it anyway? For all they cared Discord was safely trapped in his stone prison and there was no danger whatsoever...how they were wrong.

"Its time to spread some chaos" Discord laughed. "Where should I start? Oh I know let's start with good old chocolate rain clouds". And all over Equestria, not just Ponyville, cotton candy clouds started appearing from which chocolate rain begins to fall. Pinkie Pie noticed it first. Her heart almost exploded with joy as she ran, faster then anypony ever ran, under the cloud because she remembered how delicious that chocolate milk from the cotton candy clouds was. Twilight realized what appearance of cotton candy clouds means, but she didn't want to believe it...Discord is free once more.

Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack realized what it means too...everypony the from Mane 6 realized what was happening except for Pinkie Pie who was too busy lying under cotton a candy cloud. With a big flash Discord appears in front of the ponies. "Did you miss me?" says Discord with a big grin on his face. "How did you...how could you escape?" asks Twilight. "Dear Twilight Sparkle where would be the fun in that? In knowing everything? All you have to know I am back and this time...the chaos will be even MORE SPECTACULAR than the last time. So if you excuse me I have to go make some chaos" and as soon as Discord finishes the sentence he disappears as quickly as he appeared.