Drop of Chaos

by Cupcakes Knight

First one to Fall

Drop of Chaos - Part 4

Written by Cupcakes Knight

Beta testers - WBGhiro, Druidshinobi, dat fucking writefag

Deep inside the Canterlot sculpture gardens something strange was going on. One statue, a statue representing Discord, had strange cracks. And the cracks were spreading rapidly. Soon small chips of stone started to fall from the statue and revealed flesh under them. And suddenly with a loud bang, the whole statue fell apart revealing Discord (let's call him Discord II) in his full glory. "It's good to be back!" said Discord II. After stretching for a while he opened his eyes and he couldn't believe them. Chaos was blooming everywhere. In one place he could see that apples were performing dancing competition with trees. In another place he could see cotton candy clouds chasing pigs. Discord II was happy with this turn of events, but he couldn't understand them. Chaos isn't exactly known for its logicalness, but this was too weird even for him. He summoned a pair of cool hipster shades, grabbed a cotton candy cloud that was floating around, created a empty glass, squeezed the cloud so chocolate milk would pour from it into the glass and with the delicious liquid in his hand he was ready to get some answers. He went to pay visit to one very old friend of his.

Meanwhile the original Discord was aimlessly flying around Equestria, looking for a good chance to spread mayhem. He couldn't see any good opportunity to do it. There he saw a Pegasus wrapped inside a cotton candy cloud, trying to eat his way out. On another place he saw flying pigs stealing carrots from local farmer ponies. And of course how could I forget the new world famous musical group Barking Apples (Apples did choreography, Trees were singing). "So boring, so dull...is there really nothing else to do? The Mane 6 embarked on their quest, well if they have more than a half of a brain cell then they did...should I somehow make it harder for them? GARGH! I hate it when I run out of ideas. I know what to do...I need to relax! What would be nice place to relax? Hmmm...well Everfree forest is surely relaxing. I guess I will see what I can do there." And so Discord glided to the Everfree forest. But first...he needs to put some obstacles into Bearers of the Elements path.

"Planes...planes...where did I hear something about that before?" Twilight mumbled for herself. "Did I read it somewhere?" She continued her mumbling. "Girls I need to go to the library for a while, if you will figure anything out, you can meet me there." Applejack stopped her : "Hold yah hooves there, we need to stick together now more than ever. Who knows what Discord would do to you if he would find you alone, you know what happened last time when we were separated." And so the Mane 6 raced to Ponyville once more. While they were running a lot of wonders could be seen. For example a hamster riding a fish as a flying transport, or a singing competition between pigs, bears and trees (while Pinkie Pie didn't want to say anything, she was rooting for bears). Of course Discord couldn't let them go so easily. When he saw the Mane 6 running, he snapped his fingers and the ground under Rarity cracked and she fell down a newly created hole. The hole wasn't too deep, but the fall hurt her anyway. "RARITY! Are you okay?" Twilight shouted into the hole. "I think I broke something..AAAAAAAAAAAAAH." Rarity screamed after her short sentence. "What is it?!" Rainbow Dash shouted and tried flying into the pit, but an invisible barrier prevented her from doing so. "I chipped my hoof" Rarity sobbed "and it's awfully dark in here." Rarity used spell that lighted up the pit, enabling her to see her surroundings. Her heart was overfilled with joy. There were gems everywhere, bigger and more beautiful than any gems you ever saw. Emeralds as big as an adult Dragon fist. Diamonds for which most ponies would even fight wars. As you could imagine the temptation was enormous. For a while Rarity was just staring at those gems, she was speechless and couldn't believe that so much beauty could be at one place. After she pulled herself together, and after closer inspection of the pit, she found out that it isn't a pit at all...it's a deep cave. "Girls, since you can't get to me, I will try to find another way out, this cave seems to go on for miles, maybe there will be an exit soon." Rarity told the other ponies before embarking on her journey. "Okay but be careful!" Twilight shouted, but Rarity was already too far away to hear her.

When Discord finally arrived into the forest, he decided he will go for a relaxing stroll. He didn't expect for anyone bothersome to see him so he uncloaked himself and started walking. As he was walking his mischievous nature started to bubble to the surface again. He saw a flying squirrel eating nuts from a tree, so he brought that tree to life. As you could imagine the tree wasn't too happy about the squirrel actions, so he picked up that fuzzy nut eater and threw it across the whole Everfree forest. Since it was a flying squirrel no real harm was done, but for Discord it was great fun. On another place he saw a cow drinking from a lake, he smiled, whispered his sinister plan to the tree, and then the tree went and punted the cow into the lake. Discord was laughing so hard he couldn't stand and so he fell on the ground and started rolling on the grass. What he didn't realize was that certain pony-like being was watching him. One with stripes and odd taste for rhymes. The name of this pony-like being was Zecora. When Discord invaded her homeland she wasn't happy about that and she decided it's time to stop him. She threw her brews on the ground which made plants grow and they ensnared Discord. "Oooh this is FUN, it was too long since anybody stood up to me, come on show yourself, don't be shy! " Discord laughed and taunted Zecora. She walked out of the forest to the small meadow where Discord was trapped. "I no longer need to be shy, since you are not able to harm even a fly" Discord grinned and Zecora continued with her rhyme "It was a mistake to come to this realm, even for a being as powerful as yourself.". Discord face transformed into one big evil grin. "Oh, dear Zecora did you really think some salad would stop me from executing my will?" and with that said Discord tried to break from his bounds but to no avail.

Discord II arrived to the Canterlot. Because who would know more about current situation than our benevolent monarch Princess Celestia? Discord II politely knocked on the gate leading to the Celestia castle. "Yohooo, anybody home?" Discord shouted. The royal guards heard him first, they started to fly and tried to assault him. Discord II noticed them, snapped his fingers and one of the guards became very clumsy in the air and unintentionally tackled the other guard. They both crashed to the ground, which made them unconscious. "Princess should teach those ruffians some manners" Discord II snickered. He made himself invisible and started sneaking around castle trying to find Princess Celestia...Discord II decided she deserves a surprise. He found her pretty soon. He snuck up in front of her, made himself visible again and just shouted "BOOO." As you could imagine even our amazing rightful ruler was caught off guard and so she flinched. "DISCORD! What are you doing here?! Didn't you cause enough mayhem already?!" Princess Celestia shouted. Discord II wasn't expecting this. "Already caused? What in the hay stack is she talking about?" Discord II thought to himself. "Well, the Chaos outside is surely beautiful and well done, but I am afraid I have to disappoint you my dearest Celestia...I have nothing to do with it. I would certainly want to meet that fellow who made it. I am not sure if I want to break his hand or shake his hand though...you know, it's not nice when you do someone else's job. Same way as you rule instead of me. Remember overthrowing me, your grace?" Discord II started mocking princess. "Do NOT play games with me, I saw you spreading the chaos, and I even heard you bragging about it, what do you think of me? That I am completely dull?!" Princess Celestia snapped. "Saw me? Interesting" Discord II thought to himself. "Are you saying you saw me, being as magnificent as ever, recently? Has your mind grown weary while I was imprisoned poor Celestia? I hope you have not become senile, it would be impolite to make fun of the elderly afterall" Discord II mocked princess some more. "How dare you?! You show up here, taunt me and come back here just to play stupid and for a change of pace mock me?! Do you have no manners!!". Discord II recognized in Princess Celestia angry expression that she believes every word she said. "So you are absolutely sure you saw me some time back? Interesting. And I am not the one who sent my own sister to the moon, your highness so please, don't talk to me about manners." Discord II didn't even let Princess respond, since he already knew what she will say. She will be offended and will insist on the fact that she saw him.He vanished into thin air and left the castle. "So somewhere is either another me or a big phony...something isn't right." Discord II mumbled, while he went to find out what is going on.

"You know...as much as I would applaud to your resolve, and guts standing up to ME...I must say you are starting to get on my nerves. Are you sure you are ready to face my wrath?" Discord grinned as maliciously as he could. "Throw your threats as high, but I know you are harmful as this fly." and the fly that was passing by gave Zecora a stinky eye. "Sorry my little friend, I am trying to mock that one over there." Zecora whispered to the fly. And while Zecora was distracted Discord tried breaking the roots but he couldn't even budge them. "What was in the brew, that made the plants grow you foul witch?!" Discord yelled. " Did you get that mouth from your mother, you pile of every bother?" Zecora responded with a smile. "Why do I even bother arguing?" Discord thought to himself and tried to unthink the roots...to remove them for existence, but for some reason it didn't work. "Huh...that's weird...well that is what I get when I am messing around with chaos..." Discord muttered and then chuckled. He poisoned insects and all things small with chaos, commanding them to chew on the roots of the plant that trapped him. "Enjoy your victory while it lasts little zebra." Discord said with a grin on his face. "Only your wish isn't enough to break out of this." Zecora taunted Discord. "Oh my sweet Zecora, how true is that, wish is not enough, but my friends are sufficient to help me escape" Discord laughed, ripped apart his chewed up prison and after that he lunged at Zecora. That poor zebra didn't have time to react so she ended up in Discord grasp.

The walls of the cave Rarity was exploring were blooming with all kinds of gems. Each of them was magnificent in its own way. One was the most colorful gem, another one was the biggest, and the one next to it was the sparkliest gem you've ever seen and so on. Even though Rarity wanted to dig them all up and just hold them and hug them...she decided to move on. She couldn't let her friends down, not again. The tunnel in the cave seemed to go on forever, some gems even radiated light on their own, so Rarity soon gave up with her spell and just followed the gems. She knew this was Discord's trap, but what other thing she could do then press on? Riches that made adventurers venture all across Equestria, were there at her grasp, but she couldn't let her greedy side take over her, not again.

"Was it worth it Zecora? Trapping me for a little while?" Discord mocked her. "It's time to end this!" and Discord slowly squeezed Zecora, pushing the life out of her. When all of the sudden a huge glove full of chocolate pudding appeared and slapped Discord across the face. Discord flew a few meters away from the impact and Zecora fell on the ground, after recovering from the fall she decided it will be best for her if she ran away. "So you are the scoundrel who is ruining MY good reputation!" Discord II shouted, still levitating the glove in front of him as the pudding from the glove was slowly dripping on the ground. "Who, in the name of all things chaotic, are you?" asked original Discord the new intruder "AND WHY DID YOU INTERRUPT MY FUN?!" original Discord shouted full of rage. Discord II smiled and said "Even though I don't care much about what ponies think about me, I DON'T want someone else pretending to be me! You know...I like to AND I am able to make my own chaos, thank you very much". Original Discord wondered "Could it be that with the recreation of Equestria I created parallel version of me? I created everything that there was...why didn't I think of this possibility?!". He wanted some answers "And where did you come from anyway?" Discord curiously asked Discord II. "Well, you see when two ponies, or chaotic beings like each other they-". Original Discord looked at Discord II as he would want to murder him. "Not that it matters anyway, for all I care you are just a byproduct of my genius chaos" Discord mumbled. He stood up grabbed his jaw which was dislocated from the glove , and he put it in the original position. "Don't worry you will pay for that, but unfortunately I have places to be, and ponies to see, ciao!"Discord II tried to leap and grab original Discord but it was too late, Discord teleported away.

Rarity started to get paranoid. Maybe because she was walking for so long. She could swear those gems were watching her. But in fact it was Discord, as soon as he got away from his other self, he wanted to see how Rarity was doing."I wonder why she doesn't want to grab all those gems and drag them to her Boutique...did she actually learn from my old tricks?"All of the sudden Rarity saw beautiful glow, she was intrigued and she went to see from where was the glow coming from. And there on a pedestal made from pure gold adorned with rubies red as blood, emeralds green as majestic wild forests, sapphires blue as deepest levels of the sea, and amethysts in magnificent purple, same purple as Rarity's mane. And on top of the amazing pedestal made from those grand gem stones? Rarity's old love...Tom the diamond. Rarity couldn't believe her eyes, she had a hard time convincing herself to press on, but in the end...she did it. Discord started to feel the bitter taste of failure. He uncloaked himself right in front of Rarity. "Oh, come on! Last time it was so easy, where did you find so much will all of sudden?! I offered you untold riches and you just...walk past them?!" Rarity giggled "A lady, is above all this nonsense, now if you could be a dear and step out of my way". Discord was stunned, he couldn't believe it...his old tricks didn't work. Rarity walked past him with a smile and continued exploring the cave.

Rest of the Mane 6 were still waiting at the crack through which Rarity fell into the cave. "Shouldn't we go, you know, look for her?" Twilight asked others. "uhm...but where? We have no idea where she could have gone, the caverns could go on for miles." Fluttershy presented reasonable argument. "I think we should go and try to find her, not sit here and wait" an impatient Rainbow Dash muttered. "Before ya'all will do something we will regret. I have an idea. We will wait little longer here. If Rarity won't show up, we will go to the library, she aint stupid, she will know where to go, deal?" Applejack suggested new plan. While that plan wasn't perfect, nopony could think of anything better. They waited for Rarity to show up.

Discord was walking with Rarity while he was thinking why his plan didn't work. Sure, it wasn't his most original idea, but still...he counted on the fact that Rarity will be greedy. "Are you sure you don't want to take even one gem? As a memento of our beautiful times spent together?" Discord was holding in an maniacal laughter as he said the last sentence. Rarity snickered as ladylike as it was possible. "And what exactly was beautiful at those times when we were in same place...darling?" Rarity tried to say the sentence with as little mockery as possible, but it was very hard for her. Discord suddenly got brilliant idea how to turn Rarity against the Mane 6. "You know what they say pride is only step away from greed...well, maybe nopony says that...but it could be a nice proverb...now just to find ponies who would like it too, give it few years and it could even became folk wisdom. FOCUS DISCORD. Now to execute the plan." when finally Discord made a bit of peace in his head, stopped arguing with himself, he started talking to Rarity again. "Well, for one the fact that you were in those moments, such magnificent pony. I honestly never saw a mane so neatly kept, colorful and simply beautiful. And your smile brings smiles to everyone's hearts, well...even mine which is rotten to the core. Pinkie Pie swear". Rarity smiled but pressed on. "She smiled, its working! If I could I would just hug myself...maybe I should forget my other self...I will try explaining everything to him later. Just so I could know how does it feel to hug myself". Discord's mind was again racing with all kinds of thought, but he had to focus. He had to complete this malicious plan of his. "I mean, I am not very big flatterer but you outshine even the sun itself. There are a lot of shiny, grand gems here, but not even one reaches your level of fairness and they can't be compared to your beauty." after this Discord sweet talk Rarity blushed. Discord decided it's time to make his move. Discord began to hypnotize Rarity while poisoning her mind "Those ponies are not worthy of your presence. Ponies of your magnificence should be in a palace or castle, not in some boutique with common folk. Ditch those villagers and go away from them. Far away." His plan worked, he poisoned Rarity mind with an idea of her being above everypony. Discord was once again proud of himself. He snapped his fingers. The wall crumbled, revealing amazing staircase leading to the surface. The whole staircase was decorated with the most beautiful diamonds you could ever see."Now you have a choice but be careful of what you choose, you can either take this staircase and try to find castle suitable for your beauty...or you can go through that tunnel back to your friends who don't appreciate you enough and they will bring you back to normal."Discord could see Rarity had hard time deciding what to choose. He decided to let some things for Lady Luck. "My job here is done...for now" Discord laughed and then disappeared.