Drop of Chaos

by Cupcakes Knight

Journey Begins

Drop of Chaos - Part 2

Written by Cupcakes Knight

Beta testers - WBGhiro, Druidshinobi, dat fucking writefag

"What in tarnation?" said Applejack as soon as Discord disappeared. "But how is it possible, the spell should last as long as the Elements of Harmony are bound to us" Twilight wondered. "Come on girls, we need to go to Canterlot sculpture gardens, maybe there we will be able to find out what the hay is going on" Twilight said. Pinkie Pie who was still lying under a cotton candy cloud, fully covered in chocolate milk, said with a sad voice "Do we really have to go?". Applejack tried to comfort Pinkie Pie "Yes sugarcube, but if Discord is spreading Chaos all over Equestria, there'll will be sure be some cotton candy clouds even in the sculpture garden". "Okey dokey lokey" said Pinkie Pie and she happily bounced to Canterlot sculpture gardens.

Discord summoned his favorite throne, created yet another interestingly looking pair of hipster glasses, put them on and laughed "Oh, it's always so nice to say hello to old friends". "Now what to do, what do to...OH I KNOW, how about some flying fishes and flying badgers...but I'd rather leave sharks in the water...ponies aren't exactly useful to me dead, are they?" and as soon as Discord finished this long monologue every fish (except for the poor sharks) and every badger began to fly around Equestria. "What to do next...it was so easy last time...I need chocolate milk to think!" and Discord rather than creating just one cup of the previously mentioned liquid worthy of gods created a whole pitcher of it. He drank the whole pitcher (not just the liquid...he drank the glass too), he was ready to continue spreading the mayhem.

The Mane 6 ran fast to the Canterlot scuplture garden to see if they will find any clue there to what is going on. Much to their suprise, the statue of Discord was still standing there, trapped in his terrified pose. "None of this makes sense" Rarity complained. And then Fluttershy asked rest of the Mane 6 "uhm...what if we would go ask Princess Celestia? She will surely know what is going on..if that's okay with you". Nopony could object against that idea so they quickly ran to Canterlot. As they ran to Canterlot they could see fishes swimming through the sky, badgers pursuing Pegasi, bears dancing polka in the streets and dragons reading poetry out loud. And I mentioned only few of the strange things that started happening around them.

Discord watched the Mane 6 from the distance. "How they can be SO predictable? There is no fun in that...well let's make it little harder for them". Discord snapped his fingers and as soon as he did it, the ground around ponies began to crack and randomly large pieces of land started to float, creating small flying islands. "Nah...still too easy" he snapped his fingers for a second time, and suddenly the whole sky became pink. The whole sky became just one big cotton candy cloud. And then the rain started. As you can imagine Pinkie's heart exploded with joy as she could drink chocolate milk and run at the same time, other ponies started to get worried. "This is really fun!" Discord laughed. "I wonder what is going on in Cloudsdale" And with that said...he disappeared.

"We need to hurry" Rainbow Dash yelled "Who knows what will Discord do next". The Mane 6 easily avoided the floating isles... those ponies that needed to avoid them anyway. For Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash it wasn't any problem since they have...you know...wings. Rarity was disgusted by the fact that she will get sticky from the chocolate milk, and she started to run much faster to Canterlot, where she could go shopping in Canterlot boutiques for fashionable and appropriate rain clothing. Then they finally arrived to Canterlot. Rarity was overjoyed to see this wonderful city again, but unfortunately stopping Discord was their highest priority so they couldn't go shopping (much to Rarity's dismay)...they couldn't even go to say "Hello" to their old friends. Very soon they arrived in Princess Celestia's castle. Twilight was delighted to see her mentor again. Unfortunately Princess Celestia had no idea what was going on. "My dearest student, I don't understand how could Discord escape his prison. What I especially can't understand is how there can be two Discords, one rampaging through Equestria and a second one still trapped in the Canterlot gardens. I am sorry, but I must ask you to wield the elements...again. And stop Discord....for the last time hopefully." after explaining the situation to Mane 6, Celestia started to open the door leading to the Elements of Harmony. Pinkie Pie was looking out of the window at cotton candy clouds. Princess Celestia opened the door and...

Discord was flying happily around Cloudsdale, spreading Chaos everywhere where he could. There he made one cloud disappear, another cloud he transformed into a cotton candy cloud, in another place he made the pillar fall down, simply doing what he can do best. To cause mayhem of course. Some Pegasi tried to stop him but to no avail. Some he sent flying away wrapped in cotton candy clouds, some were abducted by flying badgers...everything was done so Discord could enjoy the Chaos uninterrupted. "I haven't had so much fun in months!" Discord was laughing so hard he couldn't even stay still. But I am not sure if he would stay still even if he wouldn't be laughing so hard. "I wonder how my favorite ponies are doing" and with those words he teleported to Canterlot. He teleported just in time to see how the Mane 6 stepped inside Celestia castle. "I guess this is my cue" Discord snickered.

All ponies, including Princess Celestia, walked inside the chamber where the Elements of Harmony are kept. It was majestic, the chamber was one of the most beautiful chambers the ponies, even Rarity, has seen. The biggest gems you have ever seen, sparkled like the most majestic frozen rivers of Equestria, set all over the walls. Rarest fabric, most beautiful of all, hanged from the ceilings and from the walls. The ponies walked through this majestic chamber to their prize. Rarity was speechless , she felt like she died and went into heaven. "So much beauty and majesty...but why is it in this room, where ponies go only in case of highest emergency?" Rarity asked. "That's for the effect my loyal subject, this chamber was built only recently, after Discord's last incident we felt that the Elements were no longer safe where they used to be, so we had to fortify the defenses. These walls, while they may look beautiful, are fortified with magic. " Celestia replied and no pony asked about it ever again. They finally arrived to the gate where the Elements are kept. "The box isn't here, behind that gate is small portal to the location where we are keeping the Elements of Harmony now, I hope that this defense will be enough to confuse enemies who would wish to harm Equestria." Celestia opened the gate and with magic tried to pull the box to herself. Nothing happened.

"Well I shouldn't keep them waiting should I?" Discord whispered to himself. He tried to appear in front of the Mane 6 and Princess Celestia but the magic prevented him from doing so. "That is quite rude...why must everything be so complicated?!" so he appeared in front of the door that leads to the chamber, where the Elements are kept, put on yet another pair of hipster glasses, and walked there instead. As soon as he saw Princess Celestia he shouted "It's quite rude you know?! To force your house guest to walk on his own. Where are your manners?!". "What did you to with the portal?!" Celestia replied. "Straight to the business eh? Well did you really expect me to leave the Elements where they are?! So you can trap me again? Is there no brain under that mane?" Discord replied. "Tell the Princess what you did or ELSE!" Rainbow Dash shouted. "Ah Rainbow Dash...how did I miss you..with your attitude, how you are always so loyal. But why must there always be so many threats when we meet? Why can't you ponies just enjoy little bit of Chaos?" Discord asked. "Maybe because we are made from Harmony?" Fluttershy tried to help Discord. Discord laughed and said "You have no idea what you are made of". No pony understood what he meant. "Tell us where the Elements are!!!" Twilight shouted. "You lot are no fun, fine if you want your Elements so badly go where Fluttershy found her courage" and with those words Discord made himself invisible, slipped away and then teleported.

"Where Fluttershy found her courage, what could he mean with that?" Twilight wondered. "Fluttershy do you have any idea what Mr. Big Meanie Pants could mean?" Pinkie Pie asked. "umm...I don't know, could it be when we fought the Dragon?" Fluttershy replied. Applejack said with her honest smile "I'll reckon its worth a shot". Celestia stayed in her castle "I would be just a burden since I no longer have control over the Elements of Harmony, I will rather stay here and try to solve the situation in Canterlot and other towns, any way I can." and so Princess Celestia explained why she can't join the Mane 6 on their journey. And thus the Mane 6 embarked on a journey to the mountain where the Dragon used to rest.

"You got to admire their perseverance, the danger of them succeeding makes things so much interesting...of course I am not going to let them imprison me again. But why not let them try?" Discord mumbled to himself. "I am bored of this scenery...I think I will go spread some mayhem in Appleloosa"