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This is just a short little thing I decided to do, for squees and giggles. After the mercs visits and assistance in saving Ponyville (and very well all of Equestria), not once, but twice, the ponies decide to do something for them. After making discoveries about the technology used to run the world the mercs live in, Twilight Sparkle manages to reproduce almost to a T and as a result, various locations across Equestria become battlegrounds (for fun, not seriousness) and hilarity (and various potential lawsuits) ensue. So, for one thing, I OWN NOTHING FROM VALVE. THIS STORY IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, NOT PROFITS. So, enjoy, thanks, have fun and I hope that this has been WORTH THE WEIGHT.

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The conversion itself isn't bad, but I'm not sure how well it explains things to those who haven't already seen the originals. I would personally have skipped over them entirely, assuming there's something else planned for the story afterward. It seems like a lot of work to verbally describe all the action in every Meet the ____ video, but not really all that interesting. If you want to keep doing it though, I would say put a link to the original somewhere in case people want to see it.

good idea. we can put youtube videos in stories now.
Also, There will be plenty afterwards, including princess involvement and a few mvm chapters.

Also, I plan on making 6 chapters, each of which will be battles on each of the original six maps.

applejack: Jacky(engie)
derpy: Sol-derp(soldier)
Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Scout
Twilight: Twi-per(sniper)
*blu counterpart:Spike-Spyke:moustache:
Pinkie-Pyro Pie
CMC-CMC(Cutie Mark Chaingunners)or just a plain CMH
Nurse Redheart-MedHeart(Medic)

I like those nicks to be used in your future fics(cause i love to use those nicks in brony servers) its up to you if you want to use it or not :twilightsmile:

You needn't worry, I will continue. I've been VERY busy with high school, so I haven't written anything in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I will return eventually, and there is more than just redos of the "Meet The" videos.

Kind sir, while I do appreciate the suggestions, I am the author here.

if i may... the I's should be Red and the A's should be Blu.seperation. as i found it somewhat hard to tell the difference between the letters, and the words. expentent reading you could say.

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