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Hurricane and Winter Chaser's dream has always been to join the Royal Guard Air Brigade. In order to do so, they must make it through the Air Brigade Academy for Talented Pegasi. They have their signatures, reccomendations, and everything else that they need. All thye have to do now is walk through the gates, get through the academy, and reach their dreams.
However, will hurricane's father Storm Chaser, a respected member of the royal guard, stop Hurricane dead in his tracks out of envy? Will Hurricane and Winter Chaser make it through the Academy in one piece?

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lemme guess the title is from blazing angels right?:ajsmug:

2355162 no that didnt actually come to mind till you brought it up

Really nice story bud :pinkiehappy: I think it was a little bit rushed towards the end but apart from that there's nothing to fault about it, really solid and well written :twilightsmile:

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