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Equestria has been attacked by foreign countries to the east. Celestia's sisters have been dethroned and replaced by King's seeking nothing but power. Unfortunately, Equestria is also in the line of fire. With no way to tap into the elements of harmony that have been lost forever, it all comes down to defending the front lines to the north. In this way, equestria has made it's last stand in North Everfree, the only way that the enemy can enter equestria besides cutting from the north or south. Among these brave souls is the 43rd pegasi battalion of the Royal Guard. Among the soldiers are Ace, and his newfound friends, future wonderbolts, Spitfire and Soarin, among the others is Blaze, Aqua Star, and Asteroid Run. Can these ponies survive this new threat to equestria or will they lose their land to the darkness of the kings.

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Hurricane and Winter Chaser's dream has always been to join the Royal Guard Air Brigade. In order to do so, they must make it through the Air Brigade Academy for Talented Pegasi. They have their signatures, reccomendations, and everything else that they need. All thye have to do now is walk through the gates, get through the academy, and reach their dreams.
However, will hurricane's father Storm Chaser, a respected member of the royal guard, stop Hurricane dead in his tracks out of envy? Will Hurricane and Winter Chaser make it through the Academy in one piece?

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